Video: Slopestyle Winning Runs - Crankworx Innsbruck 2019

Jun 17, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Dawid Godziek, Emil Johansson and Brett Rheeder's top scoring runs from Crankworx Innsbruck.

Video: Red Bull

MENTIONS: @redbullbike

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 What a contest! So stoked to see Dawid Godziek going for the win on his first Crankworx, not surprised though!
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 I am quite impressed with that run. If he can add some more spiced out flare in between his big tricks and not just backflips/360 bars on whale tails and stuff, he's easily going to end up on top in these comps. I enjoy Emil/Rheeder but I thought Godzieks was probably the most difficult run to throw down, and is going to give Nicholi a run for his money in the future. That twister no hander looked perfectly executed.

Edit: Rewatched all the runs again, I'd say for the most part I agree with the judging. Flat drop tailwhip into frontflip bar from Rheeder looks f*cking rough. He's been working on that a lot at his new compound and it's nice to see them executed. His bar in his cork 7 is looking real nice too.

Overall, just a f*cking good slope competition and these riders threw down. Well done to all.
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 commentator like a biiiiiiiiiiggg backflip.
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 Feel like I just played ''Dave Mirra freestyle BMX'' game.! UNREEEEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 @anchoricex: I might have put Godziek tied with Emil.
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 @scotttherider: Yeah except Emil threw down oppo and tech combos on every feature whereas Godziek did not so...
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 That was the most impressive slopestyle contest I've seen in a while. The announcer combo of Cam and Martin is perfect, you get so much more insight on how difficult or rare tricks are. Love it!
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 That commentating combo was best since Warner and Page on DH on Freecaster in 2011! Please RB, make that happen again Smile Or is Martin going to race again??

Also DAWIIIIIDDDDDD ! Yes man!! Farkin' proud Big Grin
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 Great finish. Once again we are the true winners! Thank you RedBull and all the people who drink that stuff so we can watch this for free! 3
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 ^^Funny Smile
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 Godziek is amazing! Had he not used a couple of features solely for setup, I think he takes this. I'm still not convinced he shouldn't have won anyway. No handed twister? Unreal riding and awesome to see a new face pushing the sport.

Emil is the most graceful thing on a bike ever, perfectly smooth and beautiful style and super technical. I thought he deserved a higher score than Rheeder.

Rheeder was not nearly as smooth as normal this day, especially his first run. Have to give him credit for throwing madness on the first drop though, something everyone else plays it safe on.
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 did Johansson´s superman at the end count?
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 It should have been +0.75 there
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 I'm pretty sure they counted it because he landed clean before hitting the fence...
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 Godziek: Ridiculous!!????
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 Yeah I was gonna say, how where the other two runs better than this guys run? I mean, that was a super wild ride.... Rheeder was kindda boring
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 @stefanfresh: exactly! Putting the runs on after the other like that Emil’s run had more in it than Brett’s... and Godziek’s was definitely pushing the limits!
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 @stefanfresh: Rheeder's may have looked less exciting or easier to the naked eye but he did switch cork 7 to regular cork 7 bar, and flat drop flip whip and oppo flip double whip ect. His run was super technical and really well thought out. My favorite individual trick was Emil's 3 one foot euro table to downside whip! Never seen that before and kicking off the back wheel, so cool!
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 I still think that he deserved the win. The Trek rides kept washing out, Godziek had some Semenuk precision in him on his runs.
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 @stefanfresh: Yeah a flat drop flip whip, flip oppo dub whip and both way cork 7s... like total snoozefest....
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 What an amazing show of all the riders and inspirational comeback of Emil. So stoked!
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 Tough to call the order there, the no hand cash roll pretty exceptional!!
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 Emil crushed it! Watching him in slow mo was a work of art. He will dominate the future.
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 Godziek's run was just insane and his landings on a hardtail were simply perfect. Emil's run was nice but the Pole clearly won this one, such an exceptional run!
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 This was soooooo good. The stuff all these guys do on bikes is absolutely unreal to me.
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 Backflip opposite double tailwhip to Moon Lander
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 That was insane!
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 why isn`t Semenuk competing anymore? does anyone have an idea whats up with him? I know he`s doing awesome video parts but what about CWX
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 He chose to step back from the contest circuit in order to focus on filming.
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 he's crushing rallys. Talented mofo
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 He was just too good.

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