Video: Smart & Focused with Martin Maes at EWS Tasmania

Apr 1, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

Martin Maes continues to ride the wave with another incredible win at the EWS in Tasmania. How does he do it? By riding smart, and staying focused.

EWS Tasmania



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 Dude looks so smooth all the time. That being said - I'm probably better.
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 You probably have an engineering degree as well? I know most pinkbike users do.
  • + 16
 @chillrider199: I actually have a PhD in suspension kinematics from MIT and a PhD in materials science from Stanford.
  • + 23
 I have an itchy ball sack right now..just got home from a ride..haha
  • + 8
Two Phds?
What, couldn't get a real job with just one?
  • + 3
 @dirtyburger: learning is dumb. Gotta settle for the most shit real job possible and work as much as possible for someone else
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 Good April fools joke PB, no way someone can be that good at riding bikes
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 Why is there no prize money??..1000 bucks is nothing
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 Yeah it almost seems humiliating.
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 Lol yeah what a joke
  • + 2
 Definitely doesn't cover travel expenses..
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 Why is 1000 for the win a joke? There are no spectators paying gate fees, it's not like there is fat TV contracts, nothing. At the end of it, the promoter has as good a chance of loosing money as they do making enough to pay for pizza and beer for the crew. The only entities that get something from EWS and most mountain bike racing is the brands that are paying the racers to be there. So, hurry out and buy a GT so that they can justify their marketing budget, keep the circle of money flowing.
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 did he SERIOUSLY only get paid $1000 euro for winning first place at EWS? what a total Fukin' joke!
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 It is a free event, remember? Wink
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 It’s not only that he is winning but he is one hell of a nice guy, exceptional professional and mature for only being 21 years old. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions and he is genuine, real and generally stoked to be a bike racer
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 Martin was drinking a Maes with his shoe:
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 Got me thinking about trying a 29er fork on my 27.5er now
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 The bike industry will happily sell us every potential combination of parts.
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 Do it! Been rocking similar setups on both 29/27 and 27,5/26. Works great! :-)

People are so afraid to think out of the box and experiment. Just look at the other response you got and the number of likes from PB users too afraid to try new stuff...
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 His style is all over the back wheel pushing it down for traction and letting the front do its thang.
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 mint start for the dude...i do hope he gets pushed especially once Sam is healthy. Hope to see Richie amongst it too. Gonna be a good season
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 Does anyone know if he rocked the Mullet 29 / 27.5 bike again?
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 He did
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 I like how Maes wears the HRM-Tri like he's going for a swim mid-race
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 ma dude lookin smooth af at 1:33
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 The Terminator!

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