Video: Smashing Loamy Corners with Sam Cofano

Mar 31, 2024
by Burgtec Limited  

Cannondale and 50to01 rider, Sam Cofano and Burgtec, have been stewing a project over the last 6 months to showcase Sam's fast and hard hitting riding style on some of the best riding the UK has to offer.


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 Thank you, UK & Europe — first you gave us the Techno Viking, and now you gave us Techno Biking. Keep up the good riding, and keep raving!
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 BTW, there are rumors the Techno Viking was a mountain biker...
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 Chris Akrigg is a viking on a bike listening to techno
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 @otolo: And it appears Chris may have gone Biking Viking berserker on that dog that doesn’t re-emerge at 3:42 =P
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 @otolo: Got inspired to smash some loam tonight, myself! I cranked my favorite techno BBC Essential Mix to probably 105 decibels on the way there (DJ Fergie, Boxing Day 2003, from the King’s Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland — the single best techno set I’ve ever heard in my entire life), and the kept up the 145bpm techno energy on the trail, haha...oh and I / my family is 10% Viking, from the east coast of England =P =)
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 Loam : the least sustainable riding surface on God’s green Earth.

NGL my friends and I partook of this guilty pleasure on a pristine loamy trail that later became a rutted mess.
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 Such turns, many rad.
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 Cracking video, bois! Exc3lent filming and riding. Must be all the minerals in that bowl..
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 He really looked like he was enjoying the contents of that bowl! Beautiful dirt!
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 love to see riding the same corner in different views... great edit, sick riding!!
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 Literally skiing on a bike!
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 So good
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 I like to think i can ride like that!.....
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 Why do you need to smash them?
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 She likes it rough sometimes..
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 YES Boi, On the GOLD TOP, hope thats the unhomogenized one.
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 fuk da nature…
not naise
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 Class. Fair play boys that was quality!
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 How nice!
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 So sick boys!

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