Video: Sneaking Out for a Joyride on the New Marzochi Bomber DJ in 'Fork Envy'

Oct 3, 2020
by Fanatik Bike Company  
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By Djambor
We can understand why Branham wanted to get a ride on this beauty of a fork.

Parley orders up the Bomber DJ from Marzocchi, but when Branham sees those shiny red lowers on the neighboring work bench, he decides to sneak it out for a joyride.

By Djambor
By Djambor
Who rode it best, Parley or Branham?

Video by @Djambor, featuring Parley Ford, Branham Snyder, and then new Marzocchi Bomber DJ


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 No matter what, i'll always have big love for the big M, dj's,monster triple clamps,55's,66's , even 120 marathons ,had them all,that lovely squish, so smooth, even if they did weigh a ton Smile
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 55rc3 ti weighs about half a pound more than a modern fork. Avy carts still sell a bundle. An Avy cart is based on an open bath 55 damper but has mid stroke support and hydraulic bottom out.
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 My 2007 66 is going strong, buttery smooth, all RC2 adjusters still working like Day 1. Best.Fork.Ever
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 when i tune my suspension incoherently next, i'll just whisper to myself, i'm just looking for "that lovely squish"
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 @DirtbagMatt: i had a couple of 66s. They felt amazingly plush, but both suffered from bushings that had more and more play until i finally pulled my last one off the bike and put it on the wall because the bike would flex forward and back so far i was afraid to ride it
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 @deepstrut: I’ve heard of that trait w the fork, I’ve been fortunate to not experience it. I’ve cased hard and HEAVY dozens of times on it- still going strong without much play. I’ll consider myself fortunate!
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 Marzocchi is mispelled in the title! That fork looks awesome, though. I want one.
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 Indian giver off the table...
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 Parley Ford wins it with the 'Operation Ivy' track.
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 That's (one of) my local bike shop's! and I have talked to him before. I am actually going there today (open 10am-3pm on Sundays, Folks!) to get a lower crown race pulled from an old Fox 36 Float and put on a slightly newer one, and I may buy a set of new red Chromag Dagga's...
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 I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, and I saw a blue heron down by the creek.
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 Taking a bike off the stand and pushing on the forks are the equivalent of every day going to lift the lid off of the Weber and clicking the tongs together
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 clicking the tongs is scientifically proven to add flavor
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 @T4THH: it all makes so much sense now
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 Parley for sure!
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 Dude Bro, I got hella 20mm hubs for sale!
Who says hording is a bad idea...Smile
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 Great change of pace and cool video. Fun!
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 Nice bar humps
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 Bike is 100% pregnant
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 Selling fork. Manuals as much as possible.
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 Would be nice if a single 2021 dj fork was in stock anywhere
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 Great that it's finally out however still disappointing to see how high the price has to be for a dj fork.
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 Manitou circus. But the top mode argyles 10-15 years ago still went for around the same amount as this fork.
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 @diegosk: The point is that Marzocchi is now marketed as having a more budget-friendly structure, but it's still quite expensive (especially for a DJ fork). RockShox is a top-end brand and the top-end Argyles were marketed and priced as such.
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 Oh here we go with the price whiners again...
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The original Argyle was actually a very basic fork, sold in Rockshox’s low-end ‘302‘ and ‘318’ nomenclature for like $4-500, putting it on the same level as the higher-end, (but still very basic) MZ DJ 1/2. It had a coil spring and simple damper, and heavy steel stanchions and steerer tube. Eventually the ‘409’ got an air spring and Motion Control, but retained the steel uppers. This was back in the days when ‘urban’ 26” MTB riding was still popular, and almost every MTB manufacturer sold a DJ or ‘tough’ street bike.

Thing is though, all through the Argyle era, a lot of dirt jump riders elected to ride lowered Pike models, and other trail/AM forks instead. Turns out burliness wasn’t that necessary, and riders favouring the lighter weight, and better dampers. Rockshox must have noticed this, because the final Argyle RCTs were basically factory-lowered 32mm Pikes, and priced accordingly. Eventually they replaced the Argyle with the new 35mm Pike all together.

Marzocchi may be ‘entry level’ in comparison to Fox, but they are still a premium brand. Serious slope/DJ riders have shown over the years that they aren’t actually that interested in simple low-end forks, and RS and Fox have left that dwindling market to the Manitou Circus.
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 @jaycubzz: why don't you compare it to its brother the fox 36 831 which retails for over a grand. Comparing it to a 32mm argyle that's obsolete is just dumb!!

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