Video: Snowshoe DH World Cup #1 Recap with the Fox Suspension Team & Racers in 'Dialed'

Sep 16, 2021
by FOX Factory  
We have arrived at the final stop of the World Cup season in Snowshoe, West Virginia! It's a big week of racing with a double-header on tap. Fox athletes are working hard to dial in their bikes and mindsets to a tricky and physically demanding track.

With one race down and one to go, the scramble for the valuable remaining race points intensifies, as the battle for the World Cup overall leader is still up for grabs for Elite Men and Women.

The Fox team gets set up in Snowshoe while the double-header race week begins with track walk.

bigquotesYeah, it looks really good actually. It reminds me a little of Windham (NY), just with the small rock gardens and similar dirt.
I think it's going to be super important to maintain speed, especially through the rock gardens and the bottom half of the track. I'm looking forward to it, it's going to be good. -Brook Macdonald, MS Mondraker

It's the first day of practice in Snowshoe, and the rough track is requiring some adjustments.

bigquotesI think the track is an interesting mix of pretty smooth purpose-built bike park stuff and then it goes into really rough flat-ish rocks at angles the
bike's aren't really used to attacking. Stiffer fork, stiffer shock, more compression, more air. -Jordi Cortes, Fox Global Race Dept Mgr.

For the first day of qualifiers in Snowshoe, final tweaks are made to make up time in the flat rock gardens.

bigquotesIf this were a normal race week, tomorrow would only be track walk day. But, with it being a double-header, we already have a race tomorrow.
It sounds like athletes are focusing a lot on resting and making sure they're fully recovered. But I know that doesn't mean anyone will be holding back. -Jake Frew, Videographer

It's the first of two races in Snowshoe, and things don't go as hoped for the Fox team.

bigquotesI don't think we've ever lost that bad. Tomorrow we start over again. People are going to ride better, I am going to tune better
and have better advice. We got practice, then we got qualifying, then we have race day. Tomorrow is a new day. -Jordi


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 I am so surprised by the lack of more complex suspension in this sport. Surely there is a way to have electronic "learning" suspension when riders are essentially riding almost the same lines multiple times. At least something that could auto adjust at certain points after it has learnt the track, say a flat section at the top then a long rock garden.
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 You mean like Fox Live Valve? Think the XC racers use it but don't think its there yet for the DH suspension.
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 You're somewhat describing Fox live valve.
  • 1 0
 I really hope this doesnt happen. Live Valve is amazing tech, but it's so expensive that it would create a gap between the tech the pros use and the tech we normal people ride. Just because the tech exists doesn't mean it has to be used at the top tier of competition, just look at wooden bats in MLB.
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 No need for all that tech. Just stop by the fox tent and ask Jordi.
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 I swear it's all placebo..Jordy does one click here or there..or nothing..oh yeah feels good ..kinda like real estate agents ..a whole lot of bullshitting ..
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 They definitely don't hide the fact that it is mostly placebo for a lot of riders. Jordi often jokes about it.
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 Rider: Turn it down.
Jordy: Ok try now.
Rider: Turn it up.
Jordy: Ok try now.
Rider: Perfect!
Jordy: That's where it was at the beginning a*shole.
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 Unfortunately Jordi can't tell them, "That's as good as it gets"
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 Does Jordi have a lover in his life? I mean, what's going on with that slick new hair style Smile
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 Good tunes!!
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 Fox has to put out the Marz mojo valve

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