Video: Snowshoe World Cup DH 2019 Race Recap with Ben Cathro

Sep 8, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro breaks down all the action from the final World Cup round of the year.

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 Good call on Pink Bike working with Ben Cathro.
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 Agreed, it adds so much extra depth to PB's coverage. Also like how Cathro's work for PB and his channel have different vibes to them but the same style, means they're not competing with but actually complementing each other. The great skill is you can watch juts his channel or just the PB videos and you still get a boatload of info to use during the live feed. Of course watching both does make it even better.
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 Cathro better start clonning himself... or he did allready?
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 Good call on Amaury for chugging that moonshine. I hope he survives, that was almost as insane as his run.
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 @scott-townes: Didn't even realize that's what he was doing without it being in a Mason jar. And I want to see the team video once it's up because he has NO idea how much he just hammered and if it's good stuff, he's RUINED!!! Big Grin
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 @bizutch: Oh yea, it showed in WynTV. Hammered Big Grin
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 Fantastic! All season long I have enjoyed your program.Spot on. I enjoy your track analysis. I enjoy your interviews. I enjoy your character and some times your dress sense. Any chance you could do a riders view track preview. Keep up the great work I'm looking forward to seeing your hard work next year.
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 will they let Cathro ride for the pov preview himself? can he talk as much as Gee and Finn while keeping solid pace?
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 "I enjoy your character and some times your dress sense."
You mean NASA shirt and purple shorts?
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 Cathro makes the largest views by far on his channel with such small budget... I imagine quite a threat to Redbull investing so much and then the solo guy taking the revenues of their show... We are luckly is clearly peoples favorite and PB protegee...
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 @PauRexs: umm, RedBull does not care about youtube monetization - they actually ignore youtube altogether with their Red Bull TV app. So if someone gets a million views covering an event that they sponsor, all the better for them. You can't miss their logos everywhere throughout the venue.
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 @f00bar: Redbull has YT channel as funel to drive audience to their TV. Anyone who does better than them is taking audience and impact from their show... Cause you once seen Cathro you are not so keen to see similar videos produced by them with much more resources... Hope there is peace and they tolerate well... It's a war in my eyes cause if Cathro keeps growing he will became a monster if he isn't allready and RB then will be forced to pay a fortune to him to join him... So at the end his cap I m telling you it will be worth it... The guy started so humble but he might end being one of better paid in this circus ... Well done budy you deserve it!Wink
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 @PauRexs: Cathro would have to set up his own live stream of the entire race to actually compete with Red Bull TV.

What he does is something completely different and it simply does not threaten Red Bull in any way. Actually, the last thing that Red Bull wants is for the youtubers to leave and stop producing content that directly promotes the Red Bull brand.
Imagine what Rampage would be, if nobody cared about the event.
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 Thanks Ben
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 A lot of chat about how pro riders are, gone are the glory days of Peaty and Warner and SP going large during and after the event. Think Amaury was born 10 years too late, such a dude on and off bike!
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 Haha well no-one told PomPon obviously
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 Go check Wyn´s recap...
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 French cycling federation media training:

1) “it’s crazee”

2) “I’m really appy”
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 I think the French guys are great on camera, Loic especially. They come across as very genuine, very nice guys, and in a foreign language to boot.
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 "blah blah blah"

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 Spot on mate
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 That shotski you see in the video was mine. Took shots with a lot of the best guys and girls and the mechanics. Was awesome!!! ....Except Danny Hart, he wasn’t ready and the shot spilt before he could get it and he embarrassedly took off running away, no joke.
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 Saw that, was really weird. Hart seems like an odd character
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 Was he already rot hole?
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 Great work all season long Cathro, exactly the sort of coverage the fans want to see imho. Clearly the racers agree too given the way they speak with you. Hope you got your bike back from the airline eventually!
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 I love when the riders ask him what they should do, particularly Rachel Atherton is always like "I will just wait for Cathrovision to come out to see what to do in this section."
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 Thanks Ben for adding a whole new layer of understating to DH racing. Watching the live event is now much more exciting as we know what the tracks is really like. And what the riders are tackling. Screens flatten everything out.
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 It's been also an amazing season thanks to these videos, thank you so much Ben Cathro !
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 I just realized, Danny rides a DHR in front? 16:37?

I watched every race this season, and this race was super emotional for me. Following the riders all season long, doing my best for the Fantasy league really added to the excitement. Hopefully I will see a race in person one day (most likely Mont Sainte Anne, considering I am in Ontario).
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 lots of people are running DHR2 front and back, better braking than DHF and better mud clearing but slower rolling.
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 @striveCF15: Aren't rear tires supposed to be faster rolling? Seems odd that a DHR would be slower rolling than DHF? I can see better braking though.
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I read somewhere that R stands for Race and F stands for freeride (rather than rear and front).
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 Had the chance to go to MSA last weekend. Unbelievable event and the fans were incredible! Highly recommend you make the trip from Ontario next year! I live in California and hope to make it back again in the future.
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 I feel fortunate, for the first time in many years there will be a race here in Portugal next seasson,will be there for sure.
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 @Ryan2949: fon't get hung up on their names, they are both great front tires.
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 It used to be Freeride and Race, and morphed to Front and Rear over the years...
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 Mirroring all the positive comments above, thankyou soo much for the top coverage this season, ben. Always enjoy the content and really helps to build the tension leading up to the races themselves ( plus kills soo much time on slow days at work! ) . Please can you link to your donations page as would like to chuck a couple of quid your way. Cheers
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 Is that khabib Loic Bruni nurmegomedov?
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 Redbull Helmet gives you wigs!
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 Please Pinkbike send Cathro to Red Bull Hardline for some track analyses!!!
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 Killer videos Ben. Your input really upgrades the whole experience. One correction though - when Bruni crossed the finish line, frustrated, he was third, not fourth. Had he crossed fourth it would've changed everything as far as Hart's run is concerned. You're correct he eventually got bumped down to fourth, but the fact he crossed third is what kept all the tension still at 11.
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 Amaury looks well oiled!! Cracking season, can’t wait for next year when injuries are healed and the younguns move up to shake the tree
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 Ben, I hope you enjoyed the Heady Topper. Thanks for all the time you put in at these events.
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 It was a treat to be at that race yesterday. Is it the 2020 season yet?
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 Cathro should do the red bull track preview!
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 Thanks for another great season Ben.

Everyone should be giving the guys a few $$$ via patreon for this awesome work!
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 fantastic coverage- a gem to have on PB, proper race breakdowns and Ben is a solid guy.
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 I can't believe it's all over.
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 How to get a WC-winner to fail a doping test:

Give 'em Moonshine.
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 Are we ever going to get a race highlight vid?
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 Ben Cathro for Redbull Track preview... #Just Saying
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 Thanks Ben!
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 Well done Ben Cathro!!!

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