The 6 X Games Real BMX Entries Are Incredibly Creative

Aug 24, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Gold Medallist: Garrett Reynolds & Filmer Tony Ennis

Silver Medallist: Nathan Williams & Filmer Peter Adam

Bronze Medallist: Erik Elstran & Filmer Walter Pieringer

People's Choice: Julian Molina & Filmer Darryl Tocco

Finalist: Simone Barraco & Filmer Ryan Chadwick

Finalist: Lewis Mills & Filmer Ben Norris


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 No helmets required!?!?!? OMG....


Oh and Garrett Reynolds getting gold... dude is the GOAT for BMX street.
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flag 5afety3rd (Aug 24, 2020 at 17:40) (Below Threshold)
 Oh hush your mouth. Helmet is riders choice and most street riders don’t wear them. It’s real bmx not safety bmx.
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 @5afety3rd: User name checks out.
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flag ATV25 (Aug 24, 2020 at 19:26) (Below Threshold)
 @5afety3rd: I grew up with out a helmet, I am just fine ! It is about personal choice people . That being said I ride moto and atv with helmet on, my bmx & mtb it's probably 50 / 50
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 Agreed, the GOAT of street! He's like a fine wine
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 @ATV25: you should google "survivor bias"
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 @ATV25: I rarely wore a helmet riding my bike in the 90s as a kid. I look back and can’t believe what an idiot I was. After I got my first really MTB in 99 I started wearing a helmet all the time. It’s not worth the risk.

That said, it’s these guys’ choice, just so long as I’m not paying their hospital bills when they get injured.

Forget safety for a minute—the silver and gold entries especially—the control they have over their bikes is unreal.
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 Have yo seen 'Pull up,Go fast" ? It's on red bull TV at the mo. Give it a watch
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 @nojzilla: Just did. Good call. Will be recommending it to others
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 Sorry but it's more rad when you don't wear a helmet.
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 Yikes! Man I cringed when I saw Nathan bash his bean. Rider's choice...sure. However, when a rider receives a cavitation brain injury, and ends up in hospital, that's when the Go Fund Me account surfaces asking for help with medial costs. Moving on. These riders are crazy good. I'm trying to get some work done, Pinkbike!
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 Maaaaaaan we all know what happened to Dave Mirra, Colin Winkleman, Paul Buchanan. Biggest reason to look after to heed an put a helmet on
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 that Julian Molina edit. May not be pulling the same stuff as the other guys but sooooo sick to see him not holding back
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 It's just awesome to see Julian pushing it and it should be a huge lesson to all of us, complaining about stuff that doesn't matter at all. He will become one of the sports biggest icons. Oh and it's a really good moment for some brands to step in, it's gonna be an excellent investment...
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 So much grit and determination. Kudos.
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 Erik Elstran had the most interesting part but Garret is the GOAT for a reason. So much fun watching!
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 Oh my god. The slam at the start of Williams' part. Was not ready for that one.
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 Nathan is a fucking ANIMAL
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 Was rooting for Erik Elstran ... coming in from bmx, his is the most freestyle of the bunch. What we all should have been aspiring to. At a certain point in bmx, all the tricks started to look the same. All the bikes. All the clothes. But guys like Erik really show what bmx is all about. Go watch him!
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 I have to agree. The winner’s video was not super exciting. It seems like the exact video I have watched for the last decade, while Erik’s video was actually creative and entertaining. To each their own.
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 Gotta love skating and BMX culture for still not giving a fuck if people don't wanna wear helmets.
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 I personally would disagree. As much as I like watching what these guys do, I'd rather not see a guy get severely injured doing it, even if it is ultimately their choice and their risk to take.
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flag ryys Plus (Aug 24, 2020 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 @sino428: it's his choice. And in terms of safety - it's better to stay home anyway, right?
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 Go ask Van Homan what he thinks of people riding without a helmet.
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 @ryys: yea totally, because wearing a helmet and staying home are basically the same thing.
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 @sino428: plenty of bmx guys that have had life changing injuries with or without helmets on. Obviously, the helmet is safer but I’m curious how much safer it is at the gnarly levels of riding some of the pros are at. When I was younger and riding bmx I rarely had a helmet on but now I feel naked without it.
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 Really enjoyed the Simone Barraco edit. Very unique style.
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 Simone had the best spot selection for sure, Erik Elstran being a close 2nd.
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 @nyhc00: I'd say Simon 3rd and Erik runner up, he was good.. but a bit too much stop-start ground tricks (footjams etc) closer to trials in some spots. Simone's and 1st & 2nd were raw, more old school style with speed and big transfers. Love them all ????????
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 @steviestokes: I see what you’re saying, I was just commenting on the uniqueness of the spots they rode.
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 just call it what it is... X Games "try and beat Garrett reynolds competition"
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 Elstran for the win! Most creative rider ever
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 But how can they do such things without suspension forks ! surely this must be trick photography !?
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 THIS especially in the MTB DJ an street street scene, super stiff forks that barely move an negate the of suspension at all! Can save a lot of wieght an €£$ with a good rigid fork.
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 Ah the old helmet argument, it’s kind of comical cause there really isn’t any defence for not wearing a helmet other than I just don’t want to. Ask anyone who use to not wear a helmet who than has had a brain injury because they weren’t wearing a helmet, everyone will say it wasn’t worth it 100% guaranteed.
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 Plenty of BMX riders that have had serious brain injuries with a helmet on though.
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 Its not just about you, it's your family and friends you should also care about. They will be the ones who have to suffer if you have a serious injury or worse by not wearing a helmet. I get the freedom issue but its no different to wearing a seat belt. Why turn a minor accident into a major disaster just because it's a bit uncomfortable to wear a helmet?
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 The level that BMX street and dirt is at these days - I just can't get excited about watching anything with 26" wheels. It's just so far behind.
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 Oh really? In what way bmx dirt nowadays is so far ahead of the current dirt/slope scene?
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 Went to college with Walter Pieringer. He's an amazing filmer/photog but also an incredible rider. He's sacrificed a lot for BMX, including a couple of front teeth, a kidney, an ankle joint. Great to see him on the podium!
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 Wow! Julian Molina! F-ing awesome.
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 it's incredible to see Garrett Reynolds still dominating after all these years. He's not just squeaking these moves out by the skin of his teeth, he lands solid and in control.
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 1. I think being from both sports back in the day!, I feel and can not believe these sponsors are supporting these guys riding at that level w no protection...smashing faces on the ground is cool kids! You can be the man one day because you survived!!!
2. Thank you GR for a manual longer than 1ft, “I mean how many times can you bang your peg on that rail bro!?!”
3. Madd PropS to the dude w one leg! He straight up got robbed for the win,,,”ONE LEG
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 Love bmx. Always have. Chin strap to prove it. Have kids now. No helmet, no watch, not interested. Too bad. It’s amazing the level of these guys/girls.
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 All awesome and Elstran is perhaps my all time favourite rider but Reynolds totally ruled with that display of wizardry (sp?)
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 That Nathan Williams opening crash almost had me choke on my lunch!! Ouch!!
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 Riding as a teen in the 80's on quarters, drainage ditches, street, pools and dirt jumps, nobody had helmets. The one time I did wear a helmet at 17, I hung my front wheel on a quarter and fractured my skull due to not being used to wearing one. BUT, the shit you kids do now, a helmet is probably a good idea. I love the progression that has happened and very much appreciate how tricks are linked, just mind blowing to watch.
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 Garret is Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX in real life
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 What I learned from this video is that helmets limit creativity.
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 First rule of bmx street: it's not a banger if your cap doesn't fly off...
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 I came here because the headline read ETNIES HAS 6 NEW SHOES
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 Helmets are cool.
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 Don't know if they are "cool" or not.

But I know not cracking my skull, splitting my head open, and reducing/eliminating concussions to ride more in the future is pretty cool. In fact, pretty awesome I'd say.

(I have a friend who cracked his skull riding without a helmet, and know a guy who would be missing most of his jaw had he not worn a full face that day.)
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 @ocnlogan: I agree with everything you said but helmets absolutely do not prevent concussions.
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Totally agreed.

I think we'd both agree that they help reduce the severity/number of concussions/TBI's though?
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 Just to quote one of the most important snowboard movies -
"Yeah, why not put on a f*cking helmet by the way? Because then, it would look like a sport.
To a certain extent, they're willing to put their lives on the line, just for the beauty of it"
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 @ocnlogan: @scott-townes - I know they haven't been on the market for long, but the Hedkayse helmet that I use will help prevent concussions. And you don't have to throw it out every time you crash, or drop on the pavement. They don't make a full face though.
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 @ocnlogan: Not so much, unfortunately. You can get a concussion without a head shot. They've done tests on hockey players who received concussions from body hits and the whiplash effect resulting from that. The damage is done before their head impacts anything. Its all about that brain moving in a bowl of liquid surrounded by a bone cage. There's not much that can be done to prevent the brain from impacting the wall of your skull when enough forces are introduced which isn't as much as I thought.
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 @scott-townes: the only way to prevent a concussion is to slow the rate at which the head decelerates when it hits something. And the only way to slow the deceleration is to increase the distance over which the head has to slow down (think crumple zones in cars). Unfortunately the only way to apply this to helmets is to make the helmet itself bigger and thicker with softer material on the inside which would make it fairly impractical to actually wear while riding.
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 @scott-townes: you mean like brushing your teeth doesn’t prevent cavities or eating doesn’t prevent hunger? Yeah man, you got this.
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 @nurseben: You're welcome to educate yourself which you seem to clearly need.
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 @scott-townes: Totally agree,I have had 3 C’s with a helmet.
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 So sick of the spins, grinds and little jibs, just sick to the big stunts.
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 That’s the fun stuff...
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