Video: So You Got A New Bike, Now What? - Set Up Tips & Tricks with Christina Chappetta

Sep 29, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Bikes are pretty dialed these days but incorrect set up can lead to issues on trail. Christina Chappetta runs us through some tips and tricks to remember when setting up a new bike.

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 That's why I buy used bikes, cause the bikes already been setup by the previous owner, so I don't have to waste time on setting it up.
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 so you buy your bikes off other people who are the same Height, weight and riding style as you?........How convenient is that!
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 You're assuming that they know how to set up a bike????
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 Sarcasm noted.. not by all apparently.
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 @kcy4130 Giving out the pro tips
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 @slickwilly1: a lost art
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 @slickwilly1: You also heard that "woooooosh?"
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 @wildthingdh1: Sad but true. I have set up my whole families bikes and extended family, but two years later my bike still has the same settings as the previous owner. Seems to work, but by now suspension needs full service anyway ,sigh, bike dad issues.
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 @slickwilly1: ????????‍♂️
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 @slickwilly1: many would benefit from a special font
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 I only go to YouTube for right wing science denying conspiracy videos.
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flag ricochetrabbit (Sep 29, 2020 at 7:12) (Below Threshold)
 I’m amazed how many liberals are on pinkbike.
Back on topic. She left a ton of exposed steerer tube.
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 @ricochetrabbit: for resale value
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flag ricochetrabbit (Sep 29, 2020 at 7:22) (Below Threshold)
 Looks silly. Personally I don’t give a crap about resale. Aesthetics are worth more to me. I cut all my steerer tubes as low as I comfortably can. @viatch:
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 @ricochetrabbit: being an ex racer she probably wants to be able to adjust it to the terrain she rides. High stack for steep terrain and lower for more mellow stuff!
In the end its all down to personal preference and therefore i wouldnt judge people (who who do this for a living) on how their set up should be. Smile
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flag ricochetrabbit (Sep 29, 2020 at 7:28) (Below Threshold)
 Adjustability I get. Resale value? Poor reason @gentlebermslaps:
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 @ricochetrabbit: @ricochetrabbit: 10mm extra steerer when setting up a bike is not very much. It gives me the opportunity to adjust things as I get used to the bike AND being only 5'4"... when the bike moves on a slightly taller rider can still move the stem height if needed Smile
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 @ricochetrabbit: I feel like human powered cycling is a sport that typically draws in people that lean to the left. All my republican friends are into motor sports - dirt bikes, UTVs, Baja trucks, Jeeps.
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 Good stuff. Thank you @christinachappetta:
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flag ricochetrabbit (Sep 29, 2020 at 8:01) (Below Threshold)
 I have noticed that also. I have always enjoyed two wheels, but never got into dirt bikes. Mountain bikes, motorcycles and bud for me. Been a republican since high school. @diegosk:
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 @christinachappetta: I always tell people: you cannot see the aesthetics of your bike if you're riding it haha! Great video, just the right amount of information and well delivered+
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 @ricochetrabbit: apparently it's the liberals who push that extra exposed steer tube on us, boost spacing, super boost spacing and and all those other standards that people don't like,
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 @gentlebermslaps: what does she do for a living exactly?
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 @ricochetrabbit: I'm actually politically independent but am bothered that Trump has forced Republicans to become dumber than your average 4th grade student. Saying climate change is a conspiracy from China and that he thinks the world is actually going to become colder? Complete and utter idiot.
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Hill-billy america, right?, my RN "buddy"..the place of dreams. ❤
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 @ricochetrabbit: There are at least 52
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 @nvranka: tricks with Christina: Paul the Punter
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 @christinachappetta: you don't have to say only :-)
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flag timmyelle (Sep 29, 2020 at 20:30) (Below Threshold)
 DoubleCrownAddict: Shut up and put your face diaper on!
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 @timmyelle: Way to verify the stupidity.
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 @ricochetrabbit: likely she sells her race bikes after every season. Kinda tax free bonus. Wink wink.
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 I love videos like this. I always find little gems to try on my bike, despite having ridden for many years. Quality content Christina!!
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 Thank you! Of course, every time I watch a video I think of 5 more things I could have added! Look out for a follow up haha
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 @christinachappetta: Every Trek I have owned I run +10 psi more in the rear shock then what is recommended, lol Good video BTW!!
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 You are courageous woman Christina. You know the PB peanut gallery is going to have a lot of supportive and helpful comments to add to this How To segment.
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 She has you though...
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 -"It's not a new bike, honey! Get serious. It's the same old murdered black bike that I'm riding for the past 15 years.
Ok, you see that writing on the tyre? What does it say?"
- "DHF?"
-"Right! DHF. You see? It's the same old bike!"
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 FIRST thing to do before riding a NEW bike, drop the lowers, grease the seals and put the right amount of oil.
Fox (So Marzo), Rockshox, you know what I'm talking about..
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 Amen! And don't forget to give the foam rings a proper spa-time in the oil. Smile
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 Is this still true? New Fox 38 170mm and Float X2 on the way!
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 This is fantastic. I ride with some older folks that have never been set up on their bikes by the shop they went to to get their bikes. It’s awful. One fellow was complaining that he couldn’t reach his shifter properly. I rectified that quickly. Bike shops have a duty to help a customer set up the fit of a bike including controls. I will be sending this video to my older friends.
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 Christina is the bomb and an awesome addition to the PinkBike team!! One question I have that could make a fun video for all of the editors is why they chose the bike they did. If Trek offered a good deal on your Slash, and no one else did lol well then that may not be such an interesting discussion, but bike choice IMO is super interesting especially when you're as knowledgable on the bike industry as the editors here.
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 Bike fit, can we get some an article on bike fit. With all this seat angle talk and the kick back that the slash got on its 76 seat angle, it would be great to talk to steep seat angles and the impact on knees etc of riding something like that. Some of us out spend a lot of time perfecting that fore aft position after injuries, overuse etc etc and steep seat angles are no friend to your body.
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 Actually it all depends on your body shape and you can use rails of the seat to adjust;

For me ( long les short body) the stepaer seat tube the better
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 @nickmalysh: Completely agree. But from what Ive been told by physios and bike fit folks, it would seem a 80 degree STA for instance would place your knees too far forward of your pedals, which while can be powerful, will eventually cause injury.
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 @noplacelikeloam: Perhaps on flat ground, but few fits account for riding up steep slopes, especially with rear suspension that sags due to weight shift! In that context, a seat-tube that measures 80° on flat ground, without sag, may be less likely to cause injury than a seat-tube angle that seems more reasonable on flat ground.
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 @noplacelikeloam: MTB typically being ridden on uphill and downhill, this bro since for roadies
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 @R-M-R: Yeah good point and makes total sense, would love to see if this is true though. (Coming from countless overuse injuries.)
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 @nickmalysh: until you literally cant walk from overuse, I agree. But then you start looking for answers. I dont know either but love to get some convo on it as there is literally nothing on this.
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 @noplacelikeloam: I can't comment on your specific situation or whether 80° is the right number, but that's the general idea behind why steeper seat-tube angles work for mountain bikes. Two main factors:

1. We're seated when climbing, we alternately sit and stand on flat terrain, and we stand on descents. The time- and exertion-weighted average ground slope when seated is significantly uphill.

2. The more rear suspension travel, the more the bike pitches rearward on climbs and, therefore, the steeper the seat-tube angle has to be to compensate.
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 Knee problems are just as likely to be caused by inadequate arch support, too-squishy midsoles, or too-short shoes. If one's shoes don't fit, one's bike never will. I don't know about @R-M-R, but when I'm climbing something tricky, I'm just as likely to be out of a dropped saddle with shock in climb mode. STAs have steepened because reaches have increased because wheelbases have increased, but ETTs have been conserved. Slash is on the long side at 61cm for a Medium, so more difficult to fit if you're looking for a short rider compartment. Too slack and too steep are equal enemies.
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 @ceecee: I was addressing a question about seat-tube angles. If you're standing to climb, it obviously doesn't matter what the seat-tube angle is.
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 @R-M-R: the topic was fit, and your remarks were restricted to dynamic fit. I don't think this is the only reason STAs got steeper. Otherwise e.g. Chromags, which don't pitch rearward much going up, wouldn't have received steeper STAs. Shall we split the difference?
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 @ceecee: I'm not convinced the seat-tube angles on hardtails should be as steep as they are. Long-travel suspension frames, yes, but hardtails always seem to cater to fringe tastes and I think some of them have gone too far.
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 @R-M-R: That all makes sense and makes me wonder how differences in sag makes all of this pretty academic anyhow. So if one STA is 0.5 degree stepper but runs 35% sag vs another running 25% sag, I'm presuming it sort of is the same by the time you start pedalling. Too much overthinking on this one. :-)
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 @noplacelikeloam: The sag you're talking about is measured on flat ground. Yes, it makes a difference, but it's often the case that a rider who prefers more rear sag also prefers more front sag, so it may not greatly change the chassis attitude.

What I'm getting at is the dynamic sag on a climb. Rear sag be around 50% on a steep climb, while the front end is essentially fully extended. This slightly slackens the seat-tube angle of a hardtail due to front extension, moderately slackens a short-travel frame due to front extension and rear compression, etc. A long-travel chassis slackens considerably, in addition to the slope of the ground. Thus, a long-travel frame needs to have an extremely steep seat-tube angle, measured unsagged on flat ground, to compensate for the considerable suspension sag (and extension) when climbing, plus the slope of the ground.
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 @R-M-R: haha this is so true - it sums up most PB conversations!
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 @R-M-R: Good points!
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 How is no one talking about her truck... Eek War Rig.
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 Right! :-)
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 Quite a long commercial :o
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 I'm a bike nerd and will spend probably more time than necessary tweaking anything and everything that can be adjusted on a bike... But the majority of riders don't do that. This is a great introductory video, and you can absolutely expand this topic into more depth for setting up modern bikes for modern riding. Most of the fitting/setup videos online are at least 4-5 years old and don't necessarily apply to 2020 bikes and riding styles. @christinachappetta
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 @christinachappetta one specific example: almost every fitting video uses KOPS (knee over pedal spindle) which goes out the window with modern MTB geometry. Steep seat tubes and longer reach are great but the bike needs to be set up differently than it was 5-10 years ago.
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 @pnwpedal: True, though KOPS has always been a coincidental relationship with no basis in physiology. If there were any validity to it, a rider would be lucky to survive turning the cranks on a recumbent!
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 That's an impressive amount of frame storage. Real question is -- can you get all those clif bars out that are crammed down by the bottom bracket? Honest question. @christinachappetta
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 That's what i was just about to ask too. Thought i'd check the comments first before double posting though. I'm so damned British, i amaze myself sometimes...Come on then Christina, let's see those Clif bars coming back out!
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 @w0dge: Forget it, they won't come out the entrance unless you go for a really bumpy ride or have got some exciting tricks up your sleeve. Otherwise, Trek ate them, turned them into Clifibo-poo and will drop them out the other side 24hrs later.
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 I'm excited to see what companies make for this frame in the "aftermarket" shock department. Also curious to see numbers on how the mounting placement helps with anti-squat and travel.
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 Tangent: I can see a Top Gear type team with the two Mikes and Christina making videos and getting clicks for days. Great video, btw, Chapetta.
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 No straight shot down tube with Knock block , it must be completely un rideable Wait that was Last year, ok so you don't need straight tube Knock block to ride a bike. Please inform me on the next great improvement so I can wait 3 years to find out it was bullshit. I am all for improvements but don't like smoke up my ass.
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 wow that s a high front end if her saddle is the same height as the stem when dropper fully extended...on my bike saddle is a bit below the stem height when dropper is fully dropped down...
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 Your new bike is nice.
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 Pick the dropper post size that’s right for me? I’ve been told radness doesn’t even begin until 250mm of drop. Bars a matter of preference? No way. Broomstick length or don’t even bother.
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 Always use a torque wrench on carbon handlebars... should say: Always use a torque wrench on any part of your bike
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 Christina talks about seat height, but she should know, if she rode a bike with knucklebox suspension, all she'd have to change is her seat height.
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 Love the colors !
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 She forgot to adjust her helmet.
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 Love my new Slash AL, but that Orange paint on the carbon is amazing!
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 Buy a Norco, use Ride Aligned for setup - DONE!
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 I'd have thought that one obvious tip (though not setup-related) would be to not park it in water, but anyways... :-p
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 Be your own buffalo! LMFAO
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 dam I should have bought a trek slash :/
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 @christinachappetta Any tire inserts?
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 Yes or no on frame protection?
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