Video: Somerset Lads Sending in the Slop

Sep 25, 2019
by Tom Caldwell  
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After spending a fair amount of time and pointing many a camera at the Andersons and Toby Down over in Somerset, I noticed they were running a new flat pedal. Some very colorful and well-engineered pedals as it turns out - from new North Devon brand, Carder Technology. We’d planned to do a video for a little while, I then realized Isaac Anderson was absolutely hauling aboard his custom made BTR Pinner, also a fairly local brand, and so began the idea of a collaboration project.

Carder Tech article images. https

Back in the 90’s, the Carder brothers started a precision engineering company on the edge of Exmoor, North Devon. Over time and with the experience gained by developing precision medical equipment, they then found themselves developing new products for mountain bikes. It seemed a fairly natural progression and a business venture for the two-wheeled enthusiasts, so ahead they went with development. Carder Tech pride themselves in having full control over design and manufacture processes all in house, as well as state of the art CNC and CAD equipment to help them stay at the forefront of the industry. I can personally say their meticulously high standards are not just marketing b*llocks. These things are trick and strong as hell. 

Carder Tech x BTR Images.

And we all know BTR Fabrications, some of the UK’s finest frame builders and general sideways enthusiasts. After I shot 'The Pinner’ with Joel Anderson a few years back, they picked up Isaac, Joel’s older and equally as pinned brother. BTR produced a custom Pinner frame for him to race aboard in 2019 and generally get rowdy upon. 

Carder Tech article images.

You’ll notice a big gash on Isaac’s arm in the video - this happened an hour into filming and ruled him out as well as giving him 8 stitches holding the wound together. As soon as he went down, he was only concerned about the new phone in his pocket. He then released there was a hole in his arm, only to pull up his sleeve and see quite the gash. Carder Tech originally found Isaac through Toby Down and his brother, Joel, and are thankful for Isaac’s testing of the TwoTwelve pedal.. which I know is thorough as Isaac looks and rides like Brook MacDonald. So not exactly gentle. 

Carder Tech article images. https

On the subject of injuries, Toby Down is now a year out from shattering his arm in Whistler. I thought he might be riding a little steady.. but no chance.. literally the fastest and loosest I’ve ever seen him ride. Toby actually by chance serviced Carder Tech’s compressors through his work, and spotted the pedals, got chatting and then got testing!

Lastly but by no means least is Tyler Pollington, a Devon youngster who got on board with Carder not too long ago. The 16-year-old downhill racer showed promise and potential to the Carder boys, and following Toby and Isaac down the trails will certainly help him step his pace up over the coming years. 

Expect more from Carder soon, and check out their TwoTwelve pedal, amongst other things at

Video/Words- Tom Caldwell

Photos- Carder Technology 

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  • 8 0
 Amyl and the sniffers? Meh. If it ain't The Wurzels it ain't Zummerset!
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 This man knows the way
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 Nice gash! Looks suspeciously like a certain well known area of the forest of dean though rather than somerset?
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 Having grown up in the area, met the Andersons via working in one of the local bike shops, and now living in Bristol with FoD a gnat's fart away, I can confirm they look very similar in places - particularly where these trails are.
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 Looked like Triscombe to me.
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 @bigburd: I was going to say, it's got to be the Quantocks.
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 Amyl and the sniffers. Melbourne rocks!
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 Amyl and the Sniffers and BTR frame is a good look. Some of the nicest frames out.
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 Tommy C should be charged with arson because everything he puts out is just some fire content
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 That shot legitimately sicked me out
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 Triscombe big up!
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 Nice video, BTR frame looks sooo sexy, i assume they ride avesome as well
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 Yeesh that's just gross. Can you guys please not post detail gash photos?

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