Video: Sounds from Red Bull Hardline Become a Dance Music Track

Jan 9, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Anz, a music producer from Mancherster, headed up to Hardline to record some audio and was challenged by Red Bull to turn it into a track. It's pretty impressive how samples such as crunchy landings, bike maintenance and the cheers of the crowd come together so cohesively.

Check out how it was made in the video above then listen to the track in the SoundCloud player.

bigquotesWe were at one of the jumps, and someone had a speaker they were playing drum’n’bass out of. I was listening to it as I watched and I was like, “yeah, that’s the kind of thing I’m looking for!Anz


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 Maybe it's just me but i can hardly hear any bike sounds there....
Some proper bike music on the other hand here....
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 That is much better and works without glow sticks and a Rave
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 Thanks for the addition, never heard that Rocky Mountain video
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 Love em both. The Rocky one is very clever and bonus points for having Wade but love Anz track too. Bangin tune for shuttles/roadtrips !!
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 One is an exercise in making the sounds sound the same. And the other is an exercise in manipulating the sounds so they are different. Which is the whole point.
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 Very creative.

Cool to see that a great track inspired a great track Big Grin
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 It's kind of cool, but apart from the airhorn it's basically unrecognisable as being sounds from the event. The soundtrack to the 50:01 revolution video is still one of my favourites from any biking related stuff. I did a bit of a rough cut to remove the longer bits of talking so I can listen to it without the video. Can be downloaded from here if anyone else is bothered
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 Thank your very much sir
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 Always good to see/hear a different take on the Sport we love - good job.
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 I like the intro it helps orient you to the bike/race sounds. I wish it did manage to preserve some of the beautiful tires on earth sound. That's missing to my ears.
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 Calling liquid d'n'b "dance music" made my heart ache a little
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 exactly. everyone knows DnB is for peeps that can’t dance Wink
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 Little bit of bass, little bit of drums
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 Great coverage and a fun idea to combine bikes and music! It's all an art!
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 Where's Mancherster?
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 hahaha, I was about to comment, "where's he from"?
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 This is shabby, boring, totally lazy and absolutely NOT made out of bike samples. MATMOS for instance should have done that, because they really build their music out of 100% of sampling
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 new WC intro and theme music I reckon
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 This sounds a lot like the band DNTEL
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 Coming for ya lil boys trap stuff, thats a hard line.

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