Video: Spotlight on Kona Shop Mechanic & Bellingham Local Myles Trainer

Jul 31, 2020
by Kona Bikes  
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Myles Trainer works in the Kona Bike Shop as a mechanic. Originally from Vermont, Myles has been migrating west to figure out where he wants to call home. After dipping a toe in the Bellingham zone, he decided to land in the lush, green mountain bike haven. Get to know Myles in the latest My Kona.

PS- he walked away fine after that crash... tough dude.

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 I think with all that is going on in the world, it would be wise of Pinkbike to post an acknowledgment about Bellingham, Washington in case their readers are considering a move here. Yes, it does rain almost every single day. Due to this there is a result of immense depression amongst the population. Just pure misery. Scientists are perplexed as to why, but basically everybody has gingivitis AND STD's. Unemployment is at 57%, far above the national average and the mosquitoes here take more than just blood. They're after your soul.
My only suggestion to my fellow Pinkbike bothers and sisters is to not move here. Save yourselves.
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 Leaving out the Murder Hornets is a huge oversight, they nest exclusively on fresh loamers.
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 Thanks for the info...I'll never move there. ever, ever, ever. But do wanna ride there for a few days. ha
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 @alwayslivingthedream: Bring some penicillin.
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 Those are all great selling points for me. I'm moving there soon! Thanks
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 yeah, I encounter at least 3 murder hornets on every ride. My local group of riding buddies is down to 2 now since the other 3 dudes got straight murdered by the hornets. ok, so maybe one of them died of syphilis--that's pretty common here, what with all the local sea pirates and wenches roaming about. highly advise you move to Bend, Oregon instead. It's always sunny there and no one has syphilis.
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 Sooo many hipsters. Sooo much traffic. Trails completely blown out.... That is todays everybody move to Bellingham traffic report.
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 I guess everyone who lives in Bellingham is basically a pro-level shredder, huh?
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 Yes. Yes they are.
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 But they are not from here!
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 Myles is such an awesome dude and an absolute blast to watch ride a bike. Great work man!
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 Sooooo many New Englanders out there right now.
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 Trainer you're the man! When i heard you were better on two wheels than skis I almost never believed it...
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 Ludlow represent!
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 One stoplight town. Haha! That’s a ton for most Vermont towns.
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 Fuck yeah Myles! One of the nicest dudes around who also happens to shred!
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 Dude rips on skis too, was often on the podium at Ski the East freeride comps
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 One good dude right there. Kudos to your well deserved spotlight Myles!
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 awesome vid. you make that trail look to easy!
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 Good to see you out shredding man!! We miss you at The Backcountry!!!
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 I’ve been ignored at that shop!
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