Video: 'Stair Chase' Premiere with Tomas Slavik and Adrien Loron

Feb 8, 2023
by Tomas Slavik  

Words: Tomas Slavik

Main season of urban racing is about to start in few days in Chile with Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2023 and everything is set. Riding in streets is on a hype and racers are starting to push the limits to max. Tomas Slavik and Adrien Loron decided to get ready for the season together in Spain and push themselves to the test. Well, seems like it worked out really well and INMOVE films were there to catch all the action on camera with new project called STAIR CHASE. Two racers, two friends, one track and full speed ahead. Costa Brava really delivered the goods.

Adrien Loron: " This week of filming with Slavik and the crew as been amazing here in Spain. I am based on the Costa Brava since last octobre and it’s probably one of the best place to train urban riding in Europe in winter. We had very good times sharing long days of riding through challenging sections."


"The camera’s presence is always a plus when it comes to push your limits on a new spot, and I think it was a perfect training for us before Valpo. It’s always a pleasure to spend time on and of the bike with Tomas. He’s a legend of mountain biking and a very good friend at the same time."


"Urban Riding is not something new of course but it always has been a bit on a side and maybe under rated. I am so stoked to be able to showcase this discipline through this kind of projects."


Tomas Slavik: " We are good friends with Adrien, seeing each other at Crankworx, 4X races and of course at urban DH races. We have done one similar project before which was pretty cool too. This year urban racing is going through a big hype with many events to come and we were like lets try to get ready together for few weeks in Spain at his place."


"Adrien is one of the best riders I have ever met in my life and honestly If you want to keep up with him you need to be pushing it. "


It would be shame not to have a camera crew there to catch it all on video so we got joined for last few days by INMOVE films which did such a great job! Really good fun working with those guys! Costa Brava was really unique location with so many stairs, gaps and options that it was hard to keep video under 3minutes with all the action! Hope you enjoy it guys! We did! Smile "


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 Sweet video. Not over produced. Good soundtrack. Great riding. Niiice!
  • 9 0
 One of my fillings came loose just watching that.
  • 8 0
 That's because you don't have Buttercups.
  • 1 0
 @LucaP: Even with them..
  • 4 0
 @LucaP: Wait I meant peanutbutter cups. I've got lots of peanut butter cups.

Probably why I can't ride like that.
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 the wall ride around the pole at speed was super cool.
  • 7 0
 Great video. Looks like a lot of fun. I like how they end at the beach.
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 Awesome vídeo!!! I loved it….
Adrien is such a smooth rider and an awesome person!!!
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 That stuff is scary and can be hard to watch because of the consequences of a crash, but man, that makes me want to ride my bike. Well done!
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 That "body-awareness" at words.
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 Awesome video. great everything... I'm never going to be able to ride like that, so don't want to take away from skills in this video, because it's insane... but I just can't get over how amazing bikes are now.
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 So good! Before MTBing was a thing we used to race around the city like this, only these guys are a million times faster.
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 Such a great vibes, amazing riding, perfect edit.
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 In urban dh do they call the wall, railings ect the “furniture” like in the TT?
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 Wow, fun to watch, great riding, sweet place. Thanks!

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