Video: Steep Chutes and Huge Crashes with Cam McCaul

Nov 23, 2019
by Cam McCaul  

A good desert zone... is there anything better? Maybe.. but I doubt it. Henry Lanman ( @hendotb14 ) pioneered this zone called “The Goblin.” He built a line top to bottom and was rad enough to have a group of us out to ride it together. Sometimes that perfect pedological anomaly we affectionately refer to as “popcorn dirt” can inspire a case of SOD (symptomatic overzealous disorder.) Soo... in this video, look out for two things: Euphoric enjoyment of the popcorn dirt that lines these perfect chutes, but also prepare to cringe when said dirt inspires a little bit too much confidence. When all was said and done everyone was still smiling and everyone was able to get out of the zone before dark and in one piece. Also, get a little BTS look at what goes on during an MTB photo shoot with professional photographer Tyler Roemer (@tylerroemer).

Riding Crew:
Henry Lanman
Adam Craig
Andrew Orlich
Elijah Sky

Video Camera:
John Reynolds
Max Rhulen

Taylor Sage

Goblin Thumb

lefty loosey

The man with the plan.

photo credit Max Rhulen
photo cred: Max Rhulen

Droppin in


Bro 5


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 I love cam, but the title set expectations that were not met lol
  • 11 0
 Yeah, rather boring.
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 Props for getting that mangled wheel to roll back to the van (watch the very end).
  • 1 0
 Yeah those ski straps were clutch!
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 Good try making that look cool Cam but
everything looks small and slow after Rampage. ;P
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 That zone looks so sick
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 Still waiting to actually see a "carve" on a mountain bike..sorry nothing like snowboarding or skiing or surfing..but you could skid and go straight and crash woohoo..
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 Blue76- I've tried carving on a bike using plus size tires in Green River and its so strange but most competent riders could do it if they had some practice on the right terrain. You probably haven't seen it before because you haven't noticed it. I think there's a shot or two of this in Where the Trail Ends in one of the China segments and there was an edit a while ago with Tippie, Andreau and others ripping down that classic scree hill in BC where you can see some people ripping carves without using the rear brake. I bet there are many other instances of this floating around out there of people ripping a legit carve on a wide open and gradual/predictable slope.
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 @scott-townes: I like the 2.8s minions for that reason. they definitely allow more of a controlled drift than 2.5s. i think recreational riders should try them, way more control in the turns and when the trails are wet or
coverend in leaves. oh great in the sand too.
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 Question... if you’re not sponsored... and you break a carbon rim... can you survive the beating your wife will give you?
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 What is with all of your wives lol...I see comments like this and just smh.

Unless your wife is the bread winner and bills are unpaid...what wife would even care. Mine certainly doesn’t.
  • 2 1
 Huh, why would my wife beat me over a broken rim?
  • 28 1
 the bigger question is.. if you are not sponsored, why on earth would you buy a carbon rim..
  • 2 1
 That was a Santa Cruz reserve rim wasn’t it? If so, makes no odds of pro or not SC will replace on lifetime warranty
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 Actually you are saving lots of money.
Whenever you crash your carbon rim, you get it replaced for free and cannot ride your expensive bike for weeks/month until it gets replaced. Double Win
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 Old school edit--cherish these Cam cuts, folks
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 Just another day at the office!
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 McGiver was a Mountain Biker...Classic Smile
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 McGiver sounds like a charity app destined for failure
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