Video: Steep, Natural BC Freeride Lines in 'Freedom Of Speed'

Jan 29, 2020
by Quinn Hanley  

Trying to separate yourself from the pack these days is difficult with the level of riding and ease of lift access. For my first solo project with Commencal, I decided to head out with some friends, tools, a tent, and my bike to find a location to build something that was my own and unique.

After a few trips just driving around and stopping anytime something caught my eye, I found the perfect spot and got to it. Any time I had off work was dedicated to finishing this trail no matter what. From serious wildlife encounters to heat exhaustion, it was one of the best experiences I've had. I can't thank Toby Cowley (Photographer), Max Barron (Filmer), Alex Pro and Cale Glithero enough for all their help with digging and support during the whole process.

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 Am I missing something? Which part of this video shows a "natural" line? Sweet skills - odd tag line.
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 If that's around Della, that's a shame to see it burnt. I rode there probably early 2000's was like tree skiing on a bike, very open underneath the pines, and back then the "trail" kinda kept disappearing so we were really free riding and yelling at eachother every time we "found the way"
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 So steep!!
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 those choppy drifters were sick
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 Fall line trail=rutted mess definitely a video on how not to build a trail.
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 It looks like something that was made to shoot this video, how many other people do you think will really ride this trail?
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 I'm sure the necessary permits and first nations consultations were done. As a member of Lorca, who are working in this area to build relationships, this kind of activity does us no favours...
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 not everyone wants to ride boring bench cut trails. His jumps and shit looked fun and they looked like they worked well. If you don't like how it's built don't ride it.
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 @popawheelie7: he could wait another 10 years for the local trail association to build yet more xc trails or he can go build what he wants to ride and hope noone finds it. I'm not saying everyone should be building rogue lines but its where the sport started and its what keeps it from being only dime-a-dozen xc trail networks. Waiting for permission only leads to more waiting.
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 @luckynugget: you don't get it, and I'm may be old and bitter, but when land managers turn down permission to ride trails that we have been riding forever, it kinda pisses me off. I do agree with you that rogue trail building is where it all started, but times are a changing... Rant over
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 @popawheelie7: unless it's actually land owners, not sure how land managers can ban access if it's crown land unless it's a provincial park and even then it's a fine. Not many rangers around anyways.
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 @zion-i: doesn't matter, build a proper trail. One and done trails give all bikers a bad name in the eyes of others outside the sport.
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 @luckynugget: a proper trail doesn't have to be a green imba trail. The jumps are ghetto logs piled up, lazy trail building.
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 @luckynugget: or he could spend a year building a trail properly instead of gotta get the video out quick kinda trail
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 @jaydawg69: sounds like it's First Nation land, not 'crown' land.
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 @wallheater: how do you know it was filmed on FN land?
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 @jaydawg69: it's alluded to above unless I miss-read the post.
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 @wallheater: saw that now...
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 @popawheeli Is LORCA an actual thing? I hadn't heard of it and I can find nothing online about it. I'd love to hear more. - signed Cookie PORCA's Director of Trails
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 @wallheater: Thanks! Found the facebook page and liked it immediately. I also found out their AGM is tomorrow and so is PORCA's so if anyone wants to head out and show some support, share ideas or even just hear about what's going on I know it would be appreciated.
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 Serious wildlife encounters!?!? Sounds intriguing mind expanding on that?
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 track looks like stupid fun
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 cool. looks like a dope zone to dig in
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