Video: Steep, Slippery & Rowdy on Vancouver's North Shore

Nov 22, 2020
by Ben Howells  
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Nathan Blake is a trailbuilder and NF team rider on Vancouver's North Shore. With his trail bud Axel, Nathan is a regular on North Vancouver's rowdiest, slippiest trails, both on the bike and the tools.

Steep, slippy and rowdy, his trail creation Skid is a classic Nathan line - short, fast, steep and technical, hold on and hope for the best!

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 I have a funny Nate story. A few years back I met some buddies at Seymour to do a shuttle. I show up and see the guys, high fives, whats up bro?! Yadda yadda. Nate is there too so I introduce myself. Anyway we all load up in my truck and drive up. Had a wicked ride even though I cracked my wheel on Salvation lol. Get to the bottom and Nate says bye, thanks for the shuttle etc. So he leaves and I ask my friend where he met him, my friend goes I thought he was with you?! LOL He poached our shuttle harder than an overcooked Eggs Benedict at a truck stop diner! Anyway sick riding bud!
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 good on him!
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 Trade you my Xbox and five games of your choice for the dog. If you want money, need to wait five birthdays as grandma gives me money every year.
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 Dog's are priceless...
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 N8 is one of the nicest guys you'll meet in the woods on the shore. He's created many lines on the shore that add to the diversity of the trail network and have become rider favorites.
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flag trailslayer91 (Nov 23, 2020 at 10:45) (Below Threshold)
 I’m sure N8 is a good guy and has done a lot for you guys In the woods but don’t indirectly incriminate the guy. Some things are best left unfilmed or unspoken of. With the massive problem of new comers joining to the sport promoting rogue creations right now is touchy thing to do. Don’t doom your spots.
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 Nate took me down this and I nearly amputated my nipple.
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 Loose in the loam. Cute doggo!
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 Nice bottom out on that drop.
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 I felt that one through the screen.
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 Love the builders , thanks for your hard work
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 Nice video guys! Short and sweet, just like the trail!
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 love my 29er Slayer, but this is where the small wheeled Slayer reigns supreme. that's the bike for this trail.
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 YES Nate. Great guy always bringing good (and sendy) vibes to every ride!
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 That’s it?
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 I know that lockdown has made things in short supply but film length???
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 @markbe: it's a short trail. Super steep (as usual looks mellower on camera) so by the time you're at the bottom that's enough to want a break anyway!
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 30 seconds is a lot for some people haha
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 Tbh about the length of my attention span and also no three minute filler buster introduction @PilchardTV:
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 I clicked on the video to see the dog ... came away disappointed.
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 Great riding! Steep and slick kicks the pucker factor way up.
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 The dog even said, "You go first. I'll watch and think about it".
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 Ok that was great. Awesome music - perfect suspense. Now make another twice as long!
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 Nice to see them pushing local gear, it’s just too bad you couldn’t get any if you tried.
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 That's my kind of trail. Loved it. What's the name of it?
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 Nice one.Good reminder we have two brakes for a reason
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 You don't need brakes in Denmark Wink
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 There's an undertone of menace about this edit. I like it.
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 great terrain I'd like to try!
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 Natedawgg !!!
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 You call that a trail? I sure do!
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 Tomahawk...what a tune!!
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 So dope Nate! Favorite line around hands down!
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 I eat ass.
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 Nate’s great
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