Video: Terrible Tech Tuesday with Stephen Colbert

Mar 24, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  

The Late Show host is making the best out of the current quarantine by polishing up on skills unused since his teenage years in his latest video.

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 Five minutes after this went public, one million screwdrivers tore holes through inner tubes around the world. RIP.
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 I think that's confirmation he really was remembering from being a kid! Regardless of technical details though, that was genuinely really nice. He's a good guy.
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 @wingguy: Definitely. This video got me stoked on life. Good for him for getting out on his bike and doing something to show other people how to get on theirs (responsibly). Also crazy that one of the most professional and well-produced shows is now basically a dude on his phone making YouTube how-to videos. What a time to be alive.
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 I've changed every tube I had since I was 25 with the same blue flathead screwdriver. I'm 47 and I tore like...maybe the first dozen.
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flag Arzeripper (Mar 25, 2020 at 11:05) (Below Threshold)
 @wingguy: It might be a nice video, I wont watch it, but Colbert is an unutterable piece of trash. Just sayin'.
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 Hello! Everybody's gotten focused on the screwdriver, and missed the important message: SC is a rebel, he used to jump over people on his bike. Yeeeew! Big Grin
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 Got 65 psi in my minions, I don't care about your opinions.
  • 9 0 whips dirtier than than a southern Virginian, you cant stop this, we rolling hard with no grip on the Maxxis, time to wax this...
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 ...disliking eebs is praxis, upvoting WAKIDESIGNS is my training and my practice...
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 ...but why even vote, his minds like a castle with a moat, no thoughts allowed in and only garbage going out.....with a mental trojan horse we'll storm it....
  • 3 1 sports will grace our TV, in rage we turn to Levy, I hope you meet our quota, WE WANT THE DAMN GRIM DONUT...
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 He’s a better bike mechanic than Sam Pilgrim, I’ll give him that
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 It's the dream.
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 Have you seen how sam changes a wheel? It's magic!
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 @djm35: He seems to really dislike rollerbladers, man.
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 The screwdriver is part of a conspiracy by Big Tubes to sell more tubes.
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 26'' aint dead
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 Neither is Dick Pound.
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 Amen brother.
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 Nothing more fun than watching a genius having a hard time with something most 13 year olds know how to do... I wonder if his original tube even had a hole in it...
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 Exactly. He might have only need to put air into the tube! We'll never know.
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 @Coolwinner05: LOL. I was thinking the same thing...
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Am I missing something? Doesn't this guy just make funnies on the tv?
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 Someone ignored the golden rule of fixing stuff: do the easiest thing first.
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 neither my 13 year olds know how to do this. I'm mostly happy that I think my wife could do it if she had to in an emergency when riding by herself on her road bike. I think.... I learned about when I was 7. Kids these days have no idea how good they have it with dad's tubeless 26" carbon hand-me-downs & EXO casings. Pretty sure kid's never had a flat.
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 @dirtyburger: if you watch some of his interviews, or even some videos of him when he isn’t on his show, you’ll see how brilliant he really is. His interview with Anderson Cooper where they talk about the grieving process that they each went through when they lost their respective dads is one of the absolute best interviews on TV I think. Worth a watch.
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flag dirtyburger (Mar 24, 2020 at 19:58) (Below Threshold)
 @aks2017: I don't know who Anderson Cooper is, and I don't really care to be honest.
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 @dirtyburger: idk how people define ‘genius’ but while he does makes jokes on TV, he is also a pretty smart guy.
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 @dirtyburger: that’s alright. I hope you have a good day today. I’m going to bed *insert waving here*
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 @dirtyburger: I mean you asked "am I missing something?" which indicates that you care to some degree, so I'm surprised at your weird passive aggressive answer rather than just saying "Oh cool I hadn't heard about that." when presented with an example of Colbert being brilliant. WeirdChamp.
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 @thepwnstar39: Twitch emotes on Pinkbike? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! As far as @dirtyburger s response, give him some slack he's not from the US. Also smart and well spoken =! genius.
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 Not any longer. These days most 13-year-olds are morbidly obeese, are not allowed out of their own yard due to their inability to move and their "helocopter partents" who are fatter than they are.
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 The man finds joy in everything, what a legend. The felt pain for us though of watching him jabbing a screwdriver into a wheel, grabbing a rotor with greasy hands, inflated an old 26" tire to 65psi, and rested a bike on it's shifters on rough pavement. Ooooouch.
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 All true, but props for him doing it himself, not taking it to have someone else do it.
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 @ReformedRoadie: our LBS are all open! because, reasons?
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flag C0yotekid (Mar 24, 2020 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
 @fruitsd79: because they're greedy f*cks. f*ck LBS
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 @fruitsd79: I just think people should be able to handle basic maintenance themselves...leave more advanced stuff, that requires special tools not cost effective for lost to own to shops.
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 @C0yotekid: because things break and someone that actually knows what they're doing has to fix it. We'll see you soon enough.
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 @C0yotekid:you're exactly who I don't like coming in... do us all a favor and stay inside even after this whole thing is over Smile
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 We didn't know we needed it, but we certainly did.
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 Literally 100's of bike tire changes in my life and every time I still struggle to remember how to thread the chain back on the derailleur.
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 So true. Everytime I have to install a tube trail side I hope no one sees me struggling with that.
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 I always shift to the second smallest cog of the cassette before removal to remind myself where to put the chain. Fix rear wheel. Then I promptly stabilize the bike for reinstallation by grabbing the handlebar by the shifters, causing a random number of up and down clicks. ARGH!
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 65 psi. Awesome.
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 100% Can relate...Evil Kenivel was king...Dad's flat head screwdriver was the tire lever...plywood and cinder block ramps and somewhere there's super 8 home movies from the perspective of the guy lying in front of the ramp!!!
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 We had a speed limit sign instead of plywood.
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 Gapping neighborhood kids!!!!
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 have to agree that put a smile on my face
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 Good stuff Mr. Colbert. As a bike mechanic I cringed when the flat head screwdriver came out, but otherwise well played. Now, let's see the video of things I did when I was 13 and want to do now, like wheelie and/or jump the plywood jump. Oh, wait let's not bog down the helathcare system. Nevermind. :-)
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 I was skeptical when he sported the screw driver and the pliers... then again when he pumped to 65psi... but little did I know- job done without the anticipated bang. Personally I would've given the old tube a try first, but maybe we just didn't get to see that bit.
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 I've seen "bike" mechanics in service a worse job. He's hired!
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 NO ONE wants to be the last kid in the landing zone... The best part is reminding everyone how much fun bikes are. They are toys you can enjoy your whole life.
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 Love this guy even more now Big Grin
I wonder if he knows what a 'pinkbike' is?
Hey Steve - if you are out there man... we luv ya!
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 If you’re replacing the tube what does it matter getting the tire off with a flathead? You’re tossing the tube regardless.
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 This guy can have a $12,000 XC hardtail made of full carbon and titanium hardware throughout but he just has a bike with a triple chainring crank... he doesn’t have the dentist mentality
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 I was wondering if this was going to hit Pinkbike. Was too painful to watch the whole thing on YouTube. Just came for the comments.
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 I cringed when he heeled the brake lever.
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Me at 3 am in my garage half passed out trying to make a custom chain dampening device knowing full well I have to be up at 7 am:
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 Bureau for complication of simple affairs., aka reversed Ockam's razor. Why make things easy, when complicating them you can nonetheless succeed?
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 Celebrities acting like Krusty the Clown using an emergency transmitter to broadcast from a civil defense shed.
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 That dudes garage is worth more than all the houses I've lived in and my bikes combined.
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 Could be worse I suppose.... He's not quite on par with Sam Pilgrim's tool improvisation.
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 When all you have is a thumb detector, everything begins to look like a thumb.
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 It amazes me how poorly you can do something and still succeed.
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 I'm better for having watched that. I really forgot the bit about using the screwdriver.
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 Did he try pumping it up before replacing it?
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 I used to use a spoon as a tyre lever.
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 What I learn is you don’t need much in live ,no expensive house or car ,but yes a good bike ,and free time that’s what I miss the most ,but hey got to work
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 Oh, this makes me happy!
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 This might be the definition of epic.
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 between 3.37 - 3.39 is missing 3 hour video section
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 What did I learn at 13??? Mastu... oh, I was eight.
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 This is some real Dad energy right here...
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 Look out Calvin.
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 The guy is worth 60 million and is rocking a $200 Giant bike?
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 It happens a lot TBH. I sold a couple of beach cruisers to the founder of Twitter and they were pretty basic crappy bikes. They have other shit to worry about!
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 Dude is wealthy AF and he has a $600 bike.
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 So? If all you are doing is cruising around the neighborhood or letting is sit, why do you need something fancy? Did you see his rear cassette? So rusty. He obviously does not get out to ride much.
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 So how much is this data worth?
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 It is a trick by inner tube manufacturers to increase business...............
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 Shit yeeaah Colbert!!
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 Loved it. The rear driveline struggle is real.
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 I was mostly playing with fireworks and trundling boulders down hillsides at 13. We didnt have a bike park yet.
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 lol. awesome.
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 Someone teach him about tubeless
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 pre Corona, he'd take that to his LBS
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 Or not riding it at all.
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