Video: Steve Caballero Talks About his Move From Legendary Skater to Mountain Biker

Apr 17, 2021
by Yoshimura Cycling  
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Yoshimura is proud to present Heritage...the world of @stevecaballero. A World Famous skateboard professional, “Cab” has been a legend in the skate scene for 4 decades now. Cab uses motocross and mountain biking to keep pushing boundaries and who inspires him everyday to defy the limits no matter what age. Yoshimura and Steve Caballero have... Heritage


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 Only on a Pinkbike thread would we find people posting negative petty comments about Cab. He's a true legend. For those inspired by him, check out The Segment podcast with him on it. It was excellent.
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flag Eatsdirt (Apr 17, 2021 at 10:30) (Below Threshold)
 Do you know him? Perhaps there's a reason for the negative comments.
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 @Eatsdirt: I actually met him at woodward camp when I was 16 and the dude was the nicest person ever, always a smile on his face even when surrounded by entitled spoiled kids wich makes about 85% of woodward campers.. at least when I was there
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 Cab's still the man. Boosting everyday. He's taken to the moto and now emtb quick
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 Do you know him? Whatever. @Eatsdirt:
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flag Eatsdirt (Apr 17, 2021 at 11:32) (Below Threshold)
 @VZLNMTB: That's great, and hopefully that's the case most of the time. My buddy who worked for one of his sponsors possibly caught the worst of him... he was a dick to someone clearly doing him a favor. Seemed more then just a bad day type scenario.

Hero worship is a strange thing.
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 @Eatsdirt: Hero worship? Such a cynical outlook. Can't we admire and celebrate the accomplishments of others and be inspired by them?
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 @njparider As someone who's had the opportunity to know some of humans behind all those accomplishments... at times it's very disappointing. Perhaps I have it wrong with Cab but it he left an impression on someone I hold in very high regard.
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 @Eatsdirt: you are a douche
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 @nocker: True. If I was a legend apparently I’d get a pass though!
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 @Eatsdirt: hey, if you were steve cab, I'd give you a pass..
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 @Eatsdirt: so lame of you. "he said/she said" if it was not YOU he was a dick to then you have absolutely no right to mention that on a forum in this circumstance.

"if will make someone's day, then say it. if it will tarnish someone's reputation - keep it to yourself...." a Cab quote from a 90s mag interview. actually changed my life reading that as a young adult (23??). Its on my mind literally every time I speak of a person.
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 @Eatsdirt: it sucks you judge people based on experienced you never had. Get a life pal.
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 100% total legend and rad guy. Great influence for us oldies growing up skateboarding.
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 and another thing.......Skateboarding is infinitely harder than mountain biking. Anyone can get on a mountain bike and have a good time - one of the reasons biking is awesome. But takes years to be at a level to have true fun on a skateboard. Ive never put so much time into something to get so little in return....but loved it and Steve Cab is a legend
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 cant wait to see him do a half bunnyhop
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 At least we get to see a FOOL Cab on a As a bmx rider and someone who skated, it still gets under my skin he had so much hate for a bike doing the same trick.
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 Dude used to talk mad crap on BMX, interesting to see him in the bike industry now.
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 Is that really true? I recall him being worked over bmxers using his trick names but wasn't that more or less all of it?
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 @HaggeredShins: Ya, specifically the half-cab, which in his defense, he invented. But it had a lot of trickle down in the skate industry that widened the rift between the two sports. It took him a few years (and a sponsorship by a legacy BMX brand, Haro) to clarify his position and call out the elitism he helped created. As someone who skated and rode BMX at the time, at all seemed pretty petty.
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 @Ksquared13: he invented de caballerial (fakie 360) and the half cab (fakie 180)
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 @Ksquared13: yeah - the whole thing about bmx (and even mtb's) shouldn't use the Half-Cab phrase was a bummer for me. I grew up in the 80's skating and riding/racing BMX and listening to hard core punk. So obviously Steve Cab was a hero (not sure if people knew he was in The Faction which was a great band). Then to see him years later still skating, riding moto and mtb, painting and just being awesome I was still being influenced by him even in my 40's. Then that Half Cab thing I was like we are talking about "kids sports" and stopped following what he was doing. There is no denying how influential and amazing the guy is (and it gets really difficult to do that in older ages) but I'll always think why did he care about bikes using the "Cab" name for a trick.
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 @Ksquared13: the arrival of inline skates and scooters in skate parks helped skate/BMX relations more than anything else!
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 @Maxcommencemal: I tell people that all the time, the restorative power of a common enemy haha. All just fun though, obviously tons of gnarly scooter/fruit boot guys and gals out there!
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flag NYShred (Apr 18, 2021 at 3:23) (Below Threshold)
 4 completely generations time wise. Funny how everyone has their own interpretations, especially the younger generation. History lesson time! TLDR? Maybe...

• 18th century, inventor creates Roller skates in Holland.
• Decades later, Roller skates get mounted on to a plank of wood with handlebars - Roller skates invented the Scooter.
• Scooter handlebar is later removed, Roller skates now also invented the skateboard. Skate boarders lovingly jock surf culture and position themselves as a counter-culture.
• Fast forward to the late 80's and early 90's - Tons of pro skateboarders AND pro BMX'ers cross industries and start to try Roller blading. Most of Roller bladings earliest pros are ex-BMX pro's.
• Rollerblading Created The X-Games! Ask Pat Parnell.
• Skateboarding industry throws a tantrum because Rollerblading industry is taking all their industry dollars. Little skateboarders are now asking mommy for skates instead of boards. Thrasher Magazine says "you rollerbladers are all fags, you cant come to my birthday party; and proceed a decade-long campaign to paint the sport as lame.
• Rollerblading goes back underground and is absolutely thriving. X-games has been losing money and guess who they're looking to add back into the program in 2022... Yep, Rollerblading. It's like going back to an abusive ex girlfriend.
• Skateboarding is now a Kardashian.

Know your roots and show some fuking respect. Must be a shock to the stomach when a Skateboarder learns that Roller skates are actually their Grandfather and Scooters are literally their Daddy.
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 @NYShred: clearly you are a rollerblader. its well understood how there is an inherent tribalism in sports, fashion, music etc.. roller skating did not influence skateboarding in any way. also roller skates did not 'invent' anything. also worth mentioning how in the 80s freestyle, street and vert were almost 3 separate cultures - so there was even tribalism within skateboarding.
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 All you tards trying to discredit him because of an ebike must not know who this guy is. Guy has shredded longer and harder than alot of people. Crazy.
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 Cab is so positive- he has been a hero (I wanted to be him) since I was 11-12 years old.
Great video
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 Back in mid 80's, I was still in H.S. and Cab was just a few years older than me. His band, The Faction, played in Albuquerque, NM and I my friends band opened for them back in the H.C. Punk Rock days. After the show we invited him to come skate our half pipe in the back of my friends yard (he was the base player of Jerry's Kid's and short-time Alva Pro boarder). It was him, maybe one of his band members, and just a few of us locals who weren't too wasted at the time skateboarding in front a 100 people or so from the show at 1:30 am on a weeknight! I later moved on more into Snowboarding, MX, and DH racing but have always been so stoked to watch him compete in the same sports that bring me so much passion. This is the first I've hard about him MTN biking so it's really cool to see one of my original hero's move in that direction too. My favorite trick on a snowboard has always been the half-cab. Shred on Caballero!
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 @nealpederson - awesome story! Loved the 80's with BMX, punk and skating
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 Shoooot! Wait, he get's paid to risk his life! And I've been doing it for free for over 45 years. Another life miss step....
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 Such a rad dude and a very well done video!
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 Thank you!
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 There are actually a ton of skaters that moved into mtb. Almost everyone I ride with has a skating background.
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 yep i came from skateboarding, 88-2011. knee injury snowboarding so took up mtb. why i love seeing all the skate edits on the monday movies.
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 Not so much "moved into", I was doing both during the whole nineties but I guess skating was prevalent then and mtb became prevalent later.
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 Caballero was one of the greatest athletes of all time. Used to have his boards and t shirts. Looked up to him big time. Very influential. Great to see it’s appreciated and to see him on a mountain bike.
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 Love this! YT needs to make an OT line and incorporate some of this mans rad art. Lol
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 I have never met Cab before, but certainly know of him...growing up in the San Fernando valley, 70s 80s kid, Skating and BMX was my passion, he is an icon. A couple of years ago, I was flying to windsock for the MTB race, out of OC airport, he was in the gift shop reading mags. I kinda wanted to bother him and say hi, but I did not. But a fan recognized him and was asking for pics/selfies which he obliged happily. We got in line to buy our stuff, he took a call while he was there and had such a happy tone, when he checked out with his mags he was super nice to the checker, seemed like a nice dude.

Cheers to Yoshimura for making this little edit, rad to see him on 2 wheels in addition to 4.
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 Thank you so much!
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 Wow. I'm totally smiling throughout this video. I started out skating in the early 90's with Caballero as one of the greats. Now I mostly mountain bike. I can relate to a lot of what he said with sports and growing older with them.
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 Is Yoshimura “Animal Chin” in Japanese?
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 No they searched for that and found it years ago..
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 That's funny !
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 Yaaaaaa....Steve C! Skated his boards back in the day. Nice!
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 Excellent video! Thanks for all you’ve done for us Steve! There is some excellent musical work he threw down on Mikey and is uke clips on yt
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 Steve was a massive influence on me and in getting me skating and in keeping with it for decades. I’ve enjoyed watching his journey since back in ‘87 and am stoked he is still skating and expanding his passions. Such good messages - take care of your body, age is not a barrier, get back up when you fall.
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 Caballero is a legend!
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 Rob Roskopp, Steve Caballero... we just need Tony Hawk to start MTB
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 @ffigue - not sure if he rides 2 wheels but Tony Hawk has a brand of BMX bikes for sale at Walmart.
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 Cardiel too
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 He'll get there, everyone gets to bigger wheels eventually.
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 I would love to meet personaly! Seems such a nice person.
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 Yeahhh Cab!
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 That was awesome!
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 That was so cool, and super inspirational. Great start to the morning.
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 I think ebikes are fine...I pedal myself but ride mx and can see the advantages of power out of a turn for a gap for sure or pedal to top... I skated that era and they were all just being kids back then, he has always seemed to be a decent guy...rode a few of his boards back in the day...he's still doing least at some level which is still higher than alot of others so good for him.. .
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 Having to explain who Cab is...
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 Always wondered why 1/2 cab in BMX is not even same as skating, should be a fakie 180 to fakie?
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 Cab has been skating for 40 years and according to quote the Yoshimura website:

Fast forward to April 1, 2020 and Yoshimura Cycling is born. Our flagship product, the Chilao pedal, pronounced (Chill-A-Oh), named after one of his favorite places to ride, has been launched from and made in Chino, California. Also launched are some really cool USA made jerseys.

How the F**K do you put yourselves in a "heritage"'re a start-up, not in the same conversation let alone sentence as Cab...
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 Starting to make bike products does not mean starting out as a company. Do you seriously not know Yoshimura? They have a history that predates the mountain bike. They're older than Cab is
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 Thanks for the hate. FYI we were a start up in 1954. been in the USA since 1971. Have fun riding your bike.
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 And a big thank you to the guys who build the trails. Love MTB for this.
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 Skater of the Century! Legend! Go Cab, Go!
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 Hey Cab let me know when you want to paint some mountain bikes. your art on a mtb would be awesome!!!!!!!
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 He needs to make a Dave Dobrik / Logan Paul style apology video for saying bikers need to stop calling it a halfcab- and start calling it a half bunnyhop. Seriously.
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 well its (originally) a vert trick on a skateboard. and i guess street skaters to call it 'switch nolly 180' lollllz
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 Corey Webster could totally out skate him Wink .
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 I could of bought a copy of Thrashin' for what I spent renting it at Blockbuster back in the day!
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 what a legend!
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 So rad!! Awesome guy, awesome brand.
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 Cab is a Legend
But did I just watch a Yoshi Flat Pedal ad ??
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 Heck yes! Doesn't get much cooler than Cab man. A true legend
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 Great bloke and teacher, that was educational.
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 Cab skates like a sloth. I wonder how he never got this nickname.
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