Video: Steve Peat Provides his Insight into the Revised Lenzerheide Track

Aug 10, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Steve Peat heads on track to help with lines, queries and to pick some strawberries.

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Lenzerheide Bikepark


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 That was a very insightful behind the scenes that you don’t normally see. Thank you.
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 You young whipper snapper racers better appreciate how much valuable, free insight you get from videos like this. Back in the 1900's...
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 Those were raspberries not strawberries so the the word Mr. Peat was looking for was "framboises" not "fraises".
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 Tres bien oh la la Bon soir
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 Must be great to have the knowledge of Peaty and Greg behind loris and Luca.
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 Ah retirement! Picking strawberries and giving advice. I don't think the youngins will get the joke of the opening sequence.
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 Wild prediction, Nina Hoffman on syndicate next year?
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 No, she'll most likely retire from DH altogether, to play tambourine and maracas.
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 "You wearing red?" says the guy who obviously has no idea who he's talking to. haha I wouldn't dream of asking Peaty to step off the track even if he wasn't wearing red. The dude helped shape the sport as we know it! haha
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 When your coach is sponsored by monster.
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 Yes having such a Rockstar as a coach gives you wings
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 Peaty still rips !! What a legend
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 Is it just me or is Peaty starting to speak a lot like Morgan Freeman with all that emphasis on the last consonants... haha. Always great seeing him around!
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 Bob on, our kid.
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 Thank you! Was trying to understand what he was saying there Smile isn't it great how this sport brings us all together? Shred the gnar bro! Shake and bake!
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 That was cool to see and listen to the thought process of different track lines.
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 Fun Fact: Monster makes him sleep in that half Shell!
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 Great video. Pretty sure Peaty sleeps in a hat or helmet.
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 Team play.
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 This was a great watch!
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 Steve Peat the Hunter S Thompson of DH, someone everyone would like on their team..
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 Batman on a bike, haha

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