Video: Steve Peat Rides Burgtec's New Ride Wide 30mm Rise Carbon Bar

Sep 3, 2019
by Burgtec Limited  


We first released our ‘wide’ 800mm bar back in 2007. This is tried and tested and has remained a favourite with riders ever since.

When we set out to design this bar the goal was simple, to achieve the same comfort and vibration dampening properties as our EWS-winning 20mm bar but now offer this in a 30mm rise option.

Ride Wide Carbon Enduro
• Uni-Directional Carbon
• 800mm Wide
• 35mm Bar Clamp
• 30mm Rise
• 9º Backsweep
• 5º Upsweep
• 258g

Available now in good bike shops

bigquotesUnmatched comfort and engineered for unstoppable shredding.

After a few late nights of creative thinking our engineers found a formula that achieved the sweet spot. They created a layup which gave perfect low speed responsiveness for precise handling and neutralised trail feedback. Enduro covers a broad product category but to us the limit is constantly getting pushed further and further. That’s why our bars are proudly the heaviest and most reliable in this category.

Peaty shredding in the Peaks

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 Vibration Damping — not Vibration Dampening. Unless the handlebar gets wet when vibrated.
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 I do sometimes find water under my grips when I slide them off....
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 What’s the point? For an extra 70 grams you can get the alloy version. Stronger, better feel, probably half the price, won’t kill me if my if I’ve slightly overdone my lock on collar.
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 well, alloy doesn't have the dampening properties. I think this is the point.
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 i dont touch carbon bars anymore either... aloy just seems better in every way
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 @HutchJR: just "seems" or actualy "is"
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 I can't help but notice that most professional downhill and enduro riders are running aluminum bars rather than carbon. I would venture a guess that most of us pinkbikers don't ride nearly as hard as pro riders, but we also change our equipment a lot less often...
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 Also says Josh Bryceland on, +5mph minimum
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 @TheBearDen: I've snapped 3 DH carbon bars in my life; and I've never had issues with alloy bars. It's 90% marketing. I can guarantee that 90% of riders can not feel a difference in weight either. Everyone gets caught up so much in whats 'lighter/ stiffer'' according to the companies and let what they read online dictate what they think of a product while they actually ride it. I am just stating how I feel about all this, let me know how you guys feel.
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 @HutchJR: which manufactures carbon DH bars have you snapped? I think everyone would be curious to know if it was one manufacturer or 3 different ones. Were they all just standard riding fatigue or did any suffer from a bad crash?

Any insight we as a community can get of potential brands to maybe be cautious of would be good. And maybe how the warranty process was handled as well.
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 @TheBearDen: 1 Fouriers Components bar, 1 Race Face and 1 Renthal carbon. From what I've seen the 2 latter ones have or had a tendency to snap. I snapped the fouriers one while pulling a wheelie (Must have been weakened before by a crash or just wear and tear) The 2 others happened while riding where there were heavy forces) Hope this helps.

I rode the race face atlas alloy bar for a few years with no issue and have had 3 alloy renthal fatbars until now (3 because I sold the bikes they came with etc) and I feel they are my reliable one
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 @Notmeatall: carbon bars giving a better ride is a sham. A good alu bar will give the same or slightly better ride feel than carbon.
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 @zyoungson: can you back this up with real world data?
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 @HutchJR: I believe all 3 of those companies outsource their carbon bar production yeah? Maybe not race face but yeah I have never had good luck with anything RF.

How do you feel about carbon wheels?
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 @TheBearDen: I was lucky enough to have a set of Enve M90 wheels and I never had an isssue despite always being scared of cracking them... The stiffness also makes anything slippy even slippierer (I kind of like the flex of alloy rims, especially on wet rocks and roots) but that's just me
  • 4 2
 @HutchJR: my personal feeling about slipping more with a carbon wheel would be your tire compound, tire pressure and suspension setup would have much more to do with this.

The M90 is as stiff as your first time getting a lap dance that is true. But so many factors do play a roll.

Thanks for actually responding and having an adult conversation... Can be hard to find at times. Lol
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 @zyoungson: PM me the link or maybe personal data you have collected? Curious to see who's bars made the list for the tests.

I'm a race team mechanic and all this stuff very much interests me.
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 @TheBearDen: Very true! I think the biggest issue with the wheels was me trying not to damage them so I did not concentrate on actually riding properly.

Yeah no worries mate happy to help and the same to you!
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 Not stronger. What planet do you live on?
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 @jnroyal: My opinion is: on a enduro, you want the thing that outlast. Carbon could be made to be stiffer and more impact resistant than alluminum, but will have more weight either. Downhillers are at the edge of the knife. The suspension is so well tuned that this extra flex only depraves them from the feeling. Is it the shock or the bars moving? Bam, a willd tree.
Or you could be the averege Joe who doesn't know everything suspension related, doesn't shred hard enought to tell the difference between flex and suspension, doesn't crash nearly often as a pro rider.
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 Steve Peat is the Roger Federer of the biking world. This guy hasn't slowed down one bit.
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 Burgtec makes good stuff so I don't doubt this is a good bar, but does anyone make a 35mm clamp bar that isn't 8 or 9 degree backsweep with a 5 degree upsweep? Seems like a whole lot of the same bar on the market.
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 SQ lab offers two different backsweeps but they charge a fortune. There are a few straight bars out there if you are into that kind of thing.
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 The Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon has 7° back sweep / 5° up sweep.
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 Doubt it, most bars (not saying these are) are just the same ‘catalogue’ part with a different brand stuck on.
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 @stonant: They (SQ Lab) might charge a fortune, but the 12degree backsweep takes a lot of pain out of my wrist after surgery and limited range of motion. In combination with their 711 soft grips the best combination ever.
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 @tomonda: I love SQ lab stuff, but they are pricing themselves out of competition. I can buy a stem, roll some bars, and get new grips for the price of their bars compared to others.
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 @stonant: salsa makes an 800mm bar with 11 degree backsweep with 31.8mm clamp too and it's pretty cheap. Problem is they bill it for trail only and I'd rather not find the limit of that. I'd love a burlier bar with that much backsweep in an 800mm width.
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 OneUp Components makes an 'oval' 35mm clamp carbon handlebar that is made to flex when ya need it and be stiff when ya want it most. Guys are genius...look em up on the forums w/data comparing other top bars.

I wonder what the max clamping zone width on these bars are...???

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 Who gives a crap about the bars? What about Peaty shredding like Rat or Loose?! What about the free video entertainment? If I were a marketer, I would just say, “F••k it. We’re going to go out, shoot and edit a video, post on some sites, and then a bunch of toads are going to complain or criticize one thing if not another, and then those same toads are cheap and don’t buy new stuff anyway?!?! Nah, we’re not doing that.” Just depressing.
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 Switching back to 31.8 bars was the best thing I ever did for ride comfort. 35mm is ridiculous for mountain biking.
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 Liked the music! Thanks for not adding the extra freehub sounds. Peaty smash!
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 Would like to hear more about the engineering specifics. Unless it’s trade secret... (which is sometimes an excuse for making a good guess about an engineering solution).
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 Big fan of these bars, been running them a couple months now. I've never actually had any issues in the past with carbon bars or wheels.

*Touch wood*
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 In other news, I had breakfast this morning. Well done Steve for using a handlebar.
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 Looks suspiciously similar to Pro-Taper bars but that's not a bad thing at all.
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 I think it's the graphics more than anything. That white and yellow
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 Will this survive 250lbs rider?? ????
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 Well, Steve Peat is 200lbs I believe. If you don't ride at more than 80% of his charging, I guess you're guaranteed to be fine. After that though...
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flag dekerf853 (Sep 3, 2019 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 @MarcusBrody: Speed matters more than weight.
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 Another 9 degree back sweep and 5 degree up sweep. Next....
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camera's ISO: IT'S OVER 9000
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 Hope it is not the same as tyre liquid
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 Burgtec don't make sealant. This isn't anything like a sponsored bar, it's just their new bar and him using it.

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