Video: Steven Walton Isn't Slowing Down this Offseason

Dec 5, 2020
by Ryan Jones  
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As the 2021 racing season approaches, Steven Walton wastes no time in getting back to training. The offseason is a time where Steven likes to reminisce on his beginnings, as well as further grow his love and passion for racing.


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 7 years ago a quiet grom came into my bike shop that was sending it on a GT Sensor (XC Bike) with a dual crown fork... and now hes a professional downhill racer.
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flag youknowitsus (Dec 5, 2020 at 18:23) (Below Threshold)
 Next time save the spotlight for the dude on the video dickhead. This post, and this sport isn't about you, or any of you. It's about being humble and giving props where it's due. It's about enjoying the ride. Period. And that means not ever putting the spotlight on yourself or your own ego. Core mtb is dying, and there are those of us who won't let you retards kill the love we once shared. Funny thing is, none of you will ever become your best rider until you learn to shut the fuck up about riding in Nationals. Next time you're a dick to ANY rider, and them claim to be inclusive, let me know where to meet so I can come and kick your teeth in.
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 Way to support the local groms man!
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 @youknowitsus: who pissed in your Wheaties man?!
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 @youknowitsus: Angry much?
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 @youknowitsus: I think people like this are killing “core mtbing”
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 Awesome video! The music matched the riding perfectly. How do you split riding and strength training each week?
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 Perfect choice of music, loved this song growing up. And I have the same question about lifting!
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 Old stud young stud!
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 That last clip you can tell how fast he is moving, well done to still make that left at the bottom! Good luck next season man!
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 3 idyllwild and crestline Dh for life
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 With a little Matco/Vail sprinkled in there.
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 @nefariousvw: seems like Vail has been trying to step up their game...
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 @jpdeneau: Agree! Camped/rode there a few weeks back and a ton of work has been put into the trails.
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 Does anyone know where these trails are located? Somewhere in southern California?
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 Yes. I didn't watch the videos, but someone did mention some of the trails at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula (fun trails). The other ones are "unlisted".
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 Bro that roller section was smooooooth!
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 Thought he was riding moto there for a second...buttery!
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 For real, had the same thought!
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 Yea Swalty ! Total shredder !
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 Long live KHS. Long live core MTB. Long live Offspring.
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 Dude! MTB is for anyone who has the desire, chance, privilege, or opportunity to participate in it. What ever your definition of "core" riding is doesn't invalidate anyone else's relation to MTB. If your identity is threatened so easily, reevaluate your identity rather than threatening violence like in your other post. Maybe instead of attacking content you don't like you can make content you like. There is a healthier way.

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