Video: Story of the Race with Ben Cathro - Lenzerheide DH World Cup 2022

Jul 10, 2022
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben recaps the fourth round of racing in Lenzerheide, giving you a little insight into some details you may have missed from the weekend.

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 Cathro's brain is steadily turning into porridge.
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 Hardest working man in dh
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 Think he hit it too hard crashing that line?
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 Great wrap up, interesting analysis about that line. Oh, and I think Ben deserved that one beer he may have had prior to recording this.
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 or two…
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 "I like this line, this is a cool one, makes me smile. I enjoyed riding it."

Such, such words of wisdom that so many weekend warrior racers should hear.
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 The people's line every time. Case in point: Sam Hill.
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 Just shows you how competitive you have to be to qualify, within 10 seconds of fastest time!
I used to enjoy racing, but quit when the fasted guys were 2 minutes faster as did not feel like racing anymore?
Even if was 20years older, but look at Greg Minnaar!
But missing out by 0.2 just sucks!
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 Ben is entertaining! He always makes me laugh
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 @pinkbike I hope you guys pay this guy well. He's a gem.
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 Serious question: is Ben OK? In the video he mentioned crashing and smashing his head into a rock, and the crash video looked gnarly. He's also wearing super dark sunglasses the whole time, even when he's in the shade, which might indicate he has a concussion (when I got a concussion a couple years back I was super sensitive to light; I even had to wear sunglasses inside). He also seems a little loopy, no offense....

If he's recovering from a concussion, let the dude rest. I know we all love our Cathro content, but I'd be happy to miss a Story of the Race video if it means him getting a day off to relax and recover.
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 Think Ben has a chance to head to Discovery next year? Rob, Eliot, Ben?!
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 Very slim chances. Rob is confirmed to stay with Red Bull.
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 Such a shame he can't use Red Bull content from the race to show us a proper post race analysis with images of the ACTUAL race. Here is hoping that will change next year, but maybe I am fooling myself...
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 They won't nobody was interested in doing in depth analysis before Cathro now Redhill try and do it in the broadcast when explaining the track. Discovery will just do their own thing
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 did Greg do the rock gap?
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 Weirdly, no mention of the old man coming third in Cathro's wrap up. (I suspect he didn't and Laurie was just trolling)
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 Comedy gold!
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 Ben on mic is the king...
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 Myriam won by 4,4s not by over 6s
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