Video: Strength Training with Nino Schurter in Episode 4 of 'Fitter, Faster, Stronger'

Apr 30, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Nino Schurter welcomes us back into the gym for a strength training session. The right warm up, squats, box jumps, you name it, the World Champ gives you tips for getting fitter, faster and stronger.

Episode 1: Hitting the Gym
Episode 2: Interval Training
Episode 3: Tips for Training & Recovery


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 Why follow today's men's XC stuff? This guy. Not just euro strapped into 1.9's and lycra hidden behind a team tent. He shreds, he's humble and puts in the work. The ladies have been in this spotlight more, but good on Nino for showing how it gets done.
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 LOVE this series, some great specific insights into his training.
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 came here looking for depth comments, didn't find any. The guy is strong for his size.
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 What kind of bullshit, bar pad, half-rep squats are these?
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 I was also thinking about that as well. He hasn't gone down far enough and comes back up too fast. Squats are not that easy to do properly, especially the heavier it gets. For biking, it's probably better to not do the max weight limit and do more reps to train your legs to be more tolerant on accepting the pain threshold either for longer descents or for grinding it out on long climbs.
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 "Here a short explanation about the full and half squats questions. I also do sometimes full squats but never as part of a max power workout. Due to two reasons: 1. on the XC bike you never reach the position of a full squat 2. The stress for your knees is getting really high. That’s why I do full squats just with much less weight in hypertrophy workout or as part of my general fitness gym session. In this workout it’s the goal to activate as much muscle fibers as possible on the same range as on the bike." — Nino Schurter
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 Knew it was going to be bad as soon as I saw the bar pad. Heavy squats to a shallow depth like these are the reason so many people develop knee pain during squats. Hope people don’t take technique tips from this..
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 @monona: sort of makes sense but I think shear stress on the knee is actually relieved by going below parallel.
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 holy sh*t. not sure you could even rotate those on a bicycle.
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Wonder what his peak sprint watts would be? 5000w?
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 @telephunke: good luck riding with those... That and you'd have to be around 5'8..
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 Ass to the grass.

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