Video: Summer Sessions with Josh Bryceland & the 50to01 Crew in 'Living Men Ride Free'

Aug 12, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesPastoral ponderings from the guys. Two solid sessions in the summer sunshine, what we're all about. Long live the village green, living men ride free.
Filmed and edited by Jim Topliss


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 'So, what do you do for a job?' 'Dig jumps and dick about on a push bike.' 'Oh really! Is that a job?. Anyway, what do you call these bikes you ride?' 'well mate, this one is called Dave, and that one is called Bronson'.
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 Has he got a tinfoil helmet?
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 He must, it’s the best headwear for traversing the flat earth
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 Finding it very difficult to enjoy Bryceland after finding out he's Anti-vax. Come on dude, clue in.
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 sounds like you're just not riding free enough. or possibly living men enough. or some mixture thereof. you probably also don't have one of these helmets with the earlobe protection.
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 Must be the living free and princess leia helmet. I'll work on myself man, appreciate the feedback!
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 @sherbet. Personal choice! I don’t knock Ratboy for having different views. Long Live The Ratboy, let science guide you my brother!
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flag watchtower (Aug 12, 2021 at 12:53) (Below Threshold)
 Really? It's all about his riding, come on dude, clue in.
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 @rivercitycycles: personal choices don’t affect other people. This one does. Unless he lives in a cave all by himself, it’s NOT a personal choice, dude.
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flag thenotoriousmic (Aug 12, 2021 at 15:08) (Below Threshold)
 Clue into what? Shut the f*ck up and take this vaccine that’s been rushed through and don’t ask any questions. There’s a good bot.
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 @sherbet: sidebar - i'm not a trekkie but she tongue-kissed her brother right?'s all becoming clearer...
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flag rivercitycycles Outside+ (Aug 12, 2021 at 15:56) (Below Threshold)
 @nsteele: Dude, you can say that about any social topic. How about the way you drive? For example, your inclination for going 10 mph over the posted speed limit effects other drivers on the road! Will you follow the speed limit laws! Personal choice effects everyone.............
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 @rivercitycycles: Good think we have laws regarding speeding and driving at large, and also do certification as well as education for that topic.

Guess that means you're in favour of a vaccine passport then? Same idea after all.
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flag rivercitycycles Outside+ (Aug 12, 2021 at 16:10) (Below Threshold)
 @sherbet: I'm against vaccine passports. It's not the same is personal choice to get the vax or not! Where as the other is Big Brother telling you that to enter this building or keep you job you must show proof of vax.
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 I thought pinkbike was about bikes not politics?
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flag Joseph85AR (Aug 13, 2021 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 What a shit thing to say. If your vaccinated wtf does it matter if he’s not? Oh wait... because you idiots can still COVID after getting the “vaccine”. How dumb of you.
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 @Joseph85AR: my dude, you can't call people dumb and also mess up "you're" in the same statement
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Is about mental health this site. In the end.
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 @nsteele: My body my choice. People are finding it very difficult to understand this.
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flag liamd-24 (Aug 13, 2021 at 7:15) (Below Threshold)
 Fully agree with @sherbet guys iv really gone off him since finding out he doesn't wear the same socks as me!!!! How dare he not make the same personal choices as me

On another note
He's pro choice not anti vax (as am I)
This "vaccine" has been rushed and now theyre trying to force people to have it as there test. It's killing people and giving people disabilities
I know more people badly effected my this poison than I do from covid

Absolutely ridiculous that you've chosen to dislike someone based on there personal views
You should be ashamed
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 Whys it an issue? Comments like this are what's creating a divide, hes is own person, if having the vax still allows you to carry and spread a mutating virus then the only reason to have it, is for self preservation.. let him be and focus on your own health.
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 I'm now dumber for reading this.......
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 @nsteele: no it doesn't affect other people. You lads who love to claim you are on the side of science are the most mindless unintuitive lads out there.

The Delta varient, which is now dominant in most of the western world but particularly the UK, is 80% or more as transmissible in vaccinated people as it is in the unvaccinated. So taking a vaccine will reduce your chances of spreading the virus by best. If you are young and healthy then you have almost no chance of getting sick from Covid.

So you are taking an experimental vaccine to reduce the risk of transmitting a virus by less than 20%. Wow, what a public service you are doing for every one.

And just FYI the latest mayo clinic report suggests that the Pfizer vaccine may be as low as 46% protection against the delta varient. So yeah, I think I'll wait before injecting myself with a medicine that a. is relatively unknown in terms of long term side effects and b. Doesn't appear to work very well.
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 @sherbet: are you even aware of the facts about the vaccine? Do you know you are still at least 80% as likely to contract and spread covid as an unvaccinated person is?

This is what gets my back up. People who don't know all the facts, or even a fraction of them, acting as if they are all knowing and following the science.

In this country (not Croatia) we are full of clowns who say they are "following the science". They hang on every word of our chief medical officer and his "science". In July they delayed reopening of the country because their covid models showed that cases of Delta varient would go to 150,000 a week and we would see 10,000 deaths by July. They gave 4 scenarios ranging from best case to worst case....the best case scenario was 3 times too high. Think about that and we shut down the country again based on these numbers. These people who are telling us how lethal covid is and telling us how we have to do everything in our power to prevent its spread are wrong about almost everything. All of their predictions about vaccine effectiveness, mask effectiveness, death numbers, etc are shown to be wrong time and time again. Just because some people are willing to call them on their bullshit.

Lads like you would never, ever question these people.
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 @sherbet: "pinkbike comment man" lol
That's the best insult I've heard all year
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 @timbud: f*ckin' love it man.
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 @humoroususername: facts are something you have a poor handle on, bud. Unfortunately that means it’s gonna be a tough day in the Serengeti for you. Virus don’t care two squats bout your fallacious beliefs. Ultimately the herd will be stronger though, so whatever.
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 @sherbet: I love it that Josh called you out on IG calling you pinkbike comment man too. You're kind of a dick talking trash about people on here. Especially when it's talking trash about someone way more accomplished and chill and cool than you.
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 @nsteele: Great answer, keep it short and rely on other people to do the thinking for you. A product of education systems which promote rote learning and acceptance of consensus rather than encourage debate and independent thought. I don't think you understand what vaccinating the "herd" is going to achieve.

However, I'm willing to listen to you try to cut my facts down. Which of the above facts that I presented is incorrect? It's widely accepted even in the pro vaccine circles that the vaccines don't stop infection and spreading. Where have you heard otherwise? Do you actually believe that the vaccines will stop new variants? Very few scientists will agree with you on that.

Infections amongst the fully vaccinated are rampant in every country now. The Mayo clinic report only came out a couple of days ago and is awaiting peer review but the Mayo clinic is....the Mayo clinic so I think we can trust it. 46% effectiveness for the pfizer vaccine isn't looking good for her immunity even if they did stop infection.

On the subject of keeping others safe from infection through vaccination please explain how you envision this happening. You can keep yourself safe by being vaccinated but it won't stop you infecting others so where is this big social good benefit you are saying that Ratboy is neglecting? In Israel the entire population has now been vaccinated yet their rate of infection and daily case numbers are now higher than they were this time last year when not a single person was vaccinated. There is some nuance in that they think people who have a longer gap between first and second dose of the vaccine may resist symptomatic infection better, but the evidence is becoming more clear by the day that the virus is able to spread, infect and mutate within the vaccinated populations.

Now there are lots of studies which back up this, after all the vaccines have been out a while now. Unlike you I am actually capable of reading academic papers and finding reliable sources. That's the benefit of 2 postgraduate degrees I suppose, although I think anyone with an inquisitive brain is capable of the same thing. But I'm sure you will have to wait for Dr. Fauci or someone in the CDC to tell you this as you have no ability to discern data or use your own intuition. It's not like a life time civil servant or a government department would play politics with anything and not want to release all the information they have, is it? Oh wait, that is routinely what lifetime civil servants and government departments do.

Here, have a look at the worldometer website and try to keep up:

It is a fascinating site for anyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in data. It makes it so easy to see some of the obvious horseshit that is being presented as fact by people on all sides of the debate.
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 Yes i can. You can understand what’s being said. @wncgravity:
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 Getting a personal reply from the man himself… who totally doesn’t care at all what you think.

Well done sir.
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flag sherbet (Aug 14, 2021 at 8:54) (Below Threshold)
 @wibblywobbly: He replied, so he very obviously cares. That said, gotta say, feels pretty awesome to get a personal reply!

Josh, your medical history is something YOU posted publicly about. Don't want dialogue about your stance on covid? Keep it to yourself. If you're okay with calling it a fake virus, you should put on your big boy pants and be prepared to have some opinions tossed your way.

Get the vaccine or don't, don't really care. You do you. I draw the line at false information and straight up lies regarding the issue. His body, his choice, my mind, my opinion. That knife cuts both ways.

Anyway, definitely feeling the love. Rock on dudes, stay safe!
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 @sherbet: so it took a personal reply to give you the warm and fuzzies! Maybe you should’ve kept your opinions to yourself until you knew the complete story……..but I guess that’s the internet.
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 @humoroususername: Ever since the beginning of the vaccination campaigns, it has been said that it is expected that vaccinated infected people are less likely to transmit the virus than unvaccinated infected people. Later on they kept saying that indeed "proof is piling up that this is the case" yet never gave the actual proof. Beginning of the month our RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in The Netherlands, published the following report, concluding that indeed vaccinated infected people are less likely to transmit the virus than unvaccinated infected people:
There is not much variation to be found in the "other close contact" column of the figure in the article, so I'll focus on the first column (household contact) instead. The top figure there is where the infected person is unvaccinated, the bottom figure is where the infected person is fully vaccinated. The top figure indeed shows that the unvaccinated person has a bigger chance to be infected by an unvaccinated index case than by a vaccinated index case. So that's what the article conclusion is based upon. The bottom figure shows that a vaccinated person is equally likely to be infected by a vaccinated as an unvaccinated index case. Unfortunately this part apparently did fit in the conclusion. Maybe there was a max word count?

So, what can we take from this? Unvaccinated people (by choice) most likely aren't particularly worried about getting infected so they wouldn't mind that other unvaccinated index cases may be more likely to infect them than vaccinated index cases. Or well, I have yet to find one who does. Vaccinated people shouldn't mind whether someone else is vaccinated as whether the index case is vaccinated or not, they're equally likely to infect them. Bummer they didn't manage to complete the conclusion of this report. More respect for personal choices, less blaming on others, what's not to like?

As for the delta variant, it kind of was to be expected wasn't it? Use your one trick pony everywhere and you'll be left with the mutant/variant that's least effected and which then becomes dominant. That's how natural selection works. That's why we need to use pesticides and antibiotics only when needed. It isn't too different with vaccines against viruses. If you have a vaccine that trains your body to fight most current variations then you have something to protect those who need this protection. Of course the virus will continue to mutate but as these mutants stem from the current variants, the vaccinated persons immune system will still be able to successfully fight these mutants too. If you use it nearly everywhere (similarly like how one would use pesticides everywhere or use antibiotics everywhere in agriculture) you'll indeed get a dip in infected cases as you'll cut most mutants short. Except there will always be a mutant that makes it through and that will be the one that becomes dominant and which future mutants will stem from. Currently that's the delta variant. Was there even someone who expected that the next dominant variation would be one that could be caught by our current vaccines? Yes if the vaccine was only used on the minority that really really needs it. Not if the overall majority of the population is vaccinated.
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 @rivercitycycles: I'm warm and fuzzy by default my dude, that was just the cherry on top!

It's weird how it's fine if Josh says anti-vax opinions, but not okay for me to share mine. Your hypocrisy is showing my dude. Not a good look.
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 @sherbet: I don't see Josh moaning about people sharing their pro vax opinions. I do see you however moaning about someone else having an opinion. Also, you appear to have no knowledge of your own on this topic which isn't surprising.

@vinay: that's really interesting. Thanks for the link and the synopsis. It makes sense and I have heard/read a number of immunologists speak about this exact topic. They have stated that mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic is absolutely the wrong thing to do as it will potentially lead to extremely strong variants which are vaccine resistant.

And that appears to be exactly what is happening now. But hey ho, they are all crack pots eh?

I just hate how people dismiss things when everyone and that includes all of the experts are doing a large amount of guesswork and assumptions in this. It's a novel virus and we don't know how it behaves. The vaccines clearly aren't having the desired effect, however that is not the same as saying they are having no effect. This is and should be an open debate. We don't need know nothing clowns like sherbet there trying to shut down conversations he doesn't understand.
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flag sherbet (Aug 14, 2021 at 11:20) (Below Threshold)
 @humoroususername: There is someone moaning here, definitely. You can spot them by the essay posts to short replies.

Best of luck with the battle dude.
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 @sherbet: This is your quote "Finding it very difficult to enjoy Bryceland after finding out he's Anti-vax. Come on dude, clue in."

This is what all my responses are about. Not your personal opinion but your opinion about Ratboy's position on the topic. I clearly stated my opinion which is based on personal liberty. I've had the vax due to a family member that is in poor health otherwise I would have passed on it. If Ratboy doesn't want the vax, I respect his views. If you're pro-vax then I respect that too!

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flag sherbet (Aug 14, 2021 at 11:35) (Below Threshold)
 @rivercitycycles: Again, as said. I have no problem with not getting a vaccination. I do draw the line at conspiracy theories regarding new world takeovers. I fully respect your call and your autonomy is regards to getting the jab. Please do not make strawmen of my posts in order to have an easier debate. I am around the same age as him, I watched his career for years now, and he's always been a favourite of mine. This is a hard discussion, and I figured posting my feelings on the topic would be fine, and might create some healthy discussion on the topic.

What I have learned is that I may only post my opinions if they're in line with who I'm talking to. The strawmen and lack of awareness within this comment chain has been disappointing to say the least. I've tried to be as respectful and jovial as possible, but am getting insulted for merely saying "I have my doubts of this fellow."
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 ebikes suck
29” is in
freeride is not dead
Josh is not vaccinated
nobody cares
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 Yes lads! Shred!

I have no idea what that dude is commenting about not having the jab but what the f..k does that have to do with riding?!
Ratboy.... You do whatever you feel is right for you mate - pro choice and all that jazz!

Great edit boys!
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 Somewhere out there is a forum where a discussion about Covid has been high jacked by people talking about Ratboys prowess on a bike, the opposite of what's happened here.
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 Best YouTube channel
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 Hahaha the extra mini mini! Those little machine are hilarious to run! So small!
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 Comon Josh, just 1 more WC. We all wanna see it.
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 Glad to see they brought dave along!
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 Is that moors above Lyme Park? Well looks like it.
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 Reckon you're right - Disley way - doesnt Rat Boy live on the canal near there?
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 His new gaff. It's a farm on the edge of Lyme Park next to the track we named 'Lesbians' Gulch'. Some serious building going on next to the wall. The first few shots are in the Goyt - on the way down from Shining Tor to Errwood Hall. A couple more shots are in the woods near Errwood Hall.
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 @thingswelike: cheers thought I recognised it. Not many jump spots of that quality round there!! Is that track you mention the one that drops down towards the west gate of the park?
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 @pen9: Eventually yes. Fairly mellow grassy start, then steep and rutted into a stream crossing (Cluse Hay).
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 @thingswelike: i bet Josh is buzzin about you tellin everyone where is lives on the internet, what a mong
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 @tommowalker: Good point. Can't delete. But mong?! Really? wow.
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 "Do we see the new bike?" - PR Santa Cruz people
Fed up...
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