Video: Sunday Finals at the Rock: Downhill Southeast - Windrock 2020

Jun 7, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  
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It's the first weekend riders have been between the tape for some time now. Check out all of the action.

Final results can be found here.


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 LOVE THIS...Great seeing all the Mistakes, Dabs, & Hard Braking...makes me feel better about my own riding...#TRUTH!
Shoutout to all the #WeekendWarriors out there who like to race from time to time. Looks like a great event too and the Single Crown race is a cool event. Nice work Niko & crew!
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 agree, some great janky moments in this vid
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 is cool to see some amateur riders race against factory riders (of course in different categories) imagine a WC with this format, after the last man on the hill, endless party :-)
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 You almost have it on European cups, or national races, in the past there were more than 400 riders on french cups! But WC tracks today would be dangerous for some amateurs.
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 @pasteque51: Not as much as they were in the past. Honestly I reckon the tracks are getting' easier, is the average skill level of "amateurs" that is dropping...
Very few people on black tracks, no one when it's raining, but the flow lines are crowded as an anthill and at the lift everybody is dressed like a pro...
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 @flowisforpussies: Old tracks were very technical, Champery in 2007 was almost impossible to ride under the rain, but today the tracks are very fast and maybe even more dangerous. You see few people on black tracks, to me it is just that there are way more riders on other tracks, watch regional or national races the level is very high!
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 @fristafrista Some people that paid $X to race might not find it all that great that they have to pass or be passed by a couple of people. More or less defeats the purpose of having your best time. Of course, there's no way around it with so many people on a given day. But for a race that only lasts a few minutes....
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 I'm terrified of Bluegrass music,,, how much did you experience out there?
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 This is how the US Open is, it’s so fun and very cool to be on the same course as some of the WC guys, it’s crazy to compare the times......They’re FAAAAAAAAAAASTTTTTTTT
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 @flowisforpussies: there’s still a few places that have some pretty gnarly pro/expert courses. Been down a few in SoCal as well as a few back East. I don’t think it’s the skill so much as the bikes getting better. They make the tracks just seem easier. Last time I raced skibowl was in 2016. My race prior to that was in 2007. Actually hardly rode at all from 2008-2013. Built up a decent bike and raced essentially the same course 9 years later and beat my best previous time by 0:45 seconds. I’d bet money my skills didn’t get better. Suspension and bike made me faster.
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 @scotttherider: I agree with you when you say that there are still some gnarly tracks out there and you're right about the bikes, they are not comparable to what we use to ride 10/15 years ago, but what I see is a tendency to mellow down the tracks because slow and techincal is not very attractive for the masses.
Where I live (Italian Alps) a lot of classic black lines have been modified because of this policy.
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 @pasteque51: You are right, in regionals and nationals there are some fast riders, but the way they approach the sport (mentally and physically) defines them more like semi-pro than amateurs. What I meant is that there are lots of people who believe to be good just because they can ride fast and roost bearms on large and smooth tracks, then at the first rock garden or sketchy root section they stop...
From my personal point of view the proportion is 1 good rider every 10 who pretends to be.
Maybe there are more good amateurs than in the past, but the overall number of people who can barely grab an handlebar is way more higher so the average level is lower...Smile
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 @flowisforpussies: very true. We used to have some super technical trails back in the early 2000’s at blackrock. Now they’re all bypassed for flow trails. A couple got removed because they were “too dangerous”.
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 @scotttherider: Exactly Frown and probably the highest number of bad crashes are not on tech trails either...trees are the same and hitting them at 50 Km/h or at 25Km/h is a huge difference
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 People riding bikes against the clock! Hope everyone had an amazing and safe weekend. Can't wait to see all the pros back at it.
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 that specialized tire can't hold on for chris price... perhaps another reason why Finn and lion were on sharpied maxxis last year.
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 That cushcore didn’t do him any good either.
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 Johnny Cash???? Well doesn't really fit but nice tune and worlds better than the usual atrocious stuff (often can't even be called music) played on bike videos.
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 Oh that’s great! I’m number 140 trying to pass that kid in front of me in the very beginning of the video!! Loved windrock soooo much fun!
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 Hendrix for dual crown. Johnny Cash for single crown!!! I don't think so! Great to see some racing again.
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 Hahaha. We do think so
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 Can't wait to watch a lil racing!!
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 stoked for race content!
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 Vital coverage for the win.
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 praise the Lord for racing being back.
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 Nice event, good to see some racing.

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