Video: Sunday Saves #6

Sep 5, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

You asked and we're delivering! Sunday Saves is a bi-weekly series featuring the world's best mountain bike saves. Want to be featured on Sunday Saves? Submit your save.

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 That guy at the start , his nuts would argue about that being a save .
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 To me, Sunday saves can be divided into 2 camps. 1. People who rode it out due to sheer luck. 2. People who genuinely did the right thing in the nick of time. I have been both of these guys on many an occasion.
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 Many of these aren't really saves, more like poor form.
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 Exactly. Shitty riding Sunday would be a better title.
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 I'm going to suggest something that'd be awesome.

Instead of separate send/fail/recovery videos can you do a monthly highlight of 'randoms'.

So we don't know if the next clip will be a crash, a save or a send.

It adds to the excitement!

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 Roulette Wednesday
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 Maybe I'm new here but what is the difference between a save and a clumsy line? I realize that Sunday Saves sounds much better than Sunday Collection of Clumsy But Successful Lines.
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 they nearly eat dirt, but.... SAVE it.
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 @IrishTom: to me you need to actively do something to avoid the crash in order for it to be a SAVE. Most of these are more in the luck based "got away with it" bracket.
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 I'm no expert but I know too much whale on a handlebar when I see it
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 That near tank slapper on Dyno roll.....
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 Was that the guy in the blue jersey on the blue DeVinci? If so, yeah, that!
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 has a similar taste to brunis save/crash at Val di Sole Big Grin
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 Not sure if landing barely front wheel first counts as a save, I just pull up if I go a little nose heavy. Landing nose manual is a save
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 I don't care what others say, I say "hal-lay-loo-yah" for Sunday Saves!
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 This round of somehow made-it’s brought to you by slack head angles. Saving dipshit riders, including me, since 64*.
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 At 1:10 that's the Seattle line at double down ho down aka beacon bomber...ran that DH race...that stretch is nasty and wild
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 That pose at 00:53 must be some After Effects
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 No worse feeling than missing your bars in the air
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 That Knolly taint gonna maintain its resale value.
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 Why people rotting their phone during video? Every other segment have different aspect ratio;

No hands compilation was nice
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 Watching 1:35 was stressful...
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 That was me! Woo! Fun stuff Smile
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 The endos are strong with this group of clips. Those one handed landings are so sketch.
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 One guy did a nice job adjusting is brake levers in the air.

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