Video: Sunday Saves #7

Sep 26, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Sunday Saves is a bi-weekly series featuring the world's best mountain bike saves. Want to be featured on Sunday Saves? Submit your save.


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 Suspension saves.
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 yeah it's crazy seeing how much bikes can save people these days thanks to geo and suspension. i am thankful!
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 @thepwnstar39: One of the main benefits of having excess suspension. Having 160-170mm of travel gives you a huge margin for error compared to 100-120mm.
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 @nickfranko: and slacker headtube angles compared to a few years ago
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 2:12 Overtake like Chuck Norris
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flag Rodeodave (Sep 26, 2021 at 22:00) (Below Threshold)
 Chuck Norris is a homophobic fundamentalist Christian anti-vaxxer. This meme needs to die.
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 Are we even cancelling memes now? LOL
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 They should mix the saves and fails together, would be way more fun!
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 BANSAI! place your bets
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 The suspense of each clip! Death or no death...
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 I take issue with some of these 'saves'. The guy at 1 min, for example - he gets the save off the drop, no argument there. But we're not finished! He's sent himself into a steep minefield of nasty looking rocks off-track. It looks like the terrain might give him the three-piece and soda, for real. But then the video ends. We're left hanging and thinking, "did that guy just pull a rabbit out of a hat, or did he just show us the ears?" Half-save or full-save? Just how good is this guy at saving his bacon? We'll never know.
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 Haha never go full save man. Can’t come back from that.
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 The real question is what the hell is a “three piece and a soda”. Asking for a friend.
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 @vw4ever: I have a friend who wants to know too.

I wonder if it is the same person...
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 @vw4ever: I too was intrigued by the meaning of this phrase. But after consulting the internet machine, I've come to understand its a reference to a Jorge Masvidal quote about kicking the sh*t out of some other MMA fighter backstage after a fight.

When using the term "three piece and a soda" he's rereferring to a four punch combination, not sure if the "soda" is a nasty left hook to wash down the tasty meal, whereas the "three piece" is flurry of straight punches, but that's my guess. Suffice it to say, you don't want to be on the receiving end of a three piece and a soda....

Surly this is the type of analysis my employer has in mind for a Monday morning.
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 Yeah, also a lot of the "saves" involve blowing feet off pedals and what appears to be significant testicular trauma. I mean, yeah they kept the bike upright but still its worse than a minor crash imo.
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 @jaytdubs: thank you sir!
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 Who stops on the top of a feature??? Jesus!
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 The same clowns that hang out on the backside of a huge feature. See this week’s submission.
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 Love that young dude's old Kona with the OG Z1. Also the guy casually sending barspins and 3's after almost dying on the frontflip, what a legend.
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 Better to be lucky than good.
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 Can we have all the portrait format videos grouped together for their own release rather than mixing formats please? Should be easier to see what's going on.
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 Or just discard them because come on..
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 Our sport is starting to really look like what or traffic on highways is like !
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 The guy riding the indoor park at 1.30 being filmed by Krusty the Clown!
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 The opening one looks like it's from the city of Mikołów...I wonder if it is. It looks like a nice public park.
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 It's in Warsaw by the Music Academy
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 @kmoter: Thank you for the info. Smile
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 I actually find these harder to watch than the fails.
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 Eagerly waiting for smash your E bike Mondays.
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 yeah, they should mane annual video with batteries that caught fire called Burning Bike Festival
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 Friday videos are all triple chainrings, Saturday videos are all 1x, Sunday videos seem like a good mix.
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 0.59. Met that guy in the App jersey at BME at Purg. Nice guy.
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 Same as Sends, but with no steeze )))
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 Counterpoint: 2:38
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 Same as normal a lot more luck than judgement involved.
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 New Canyon, no more Canyon.
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 Nut busters, truly a save?

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