Video: Supercharged Racing at the First-Ever EWS-E in Zermatt

Sep 10, 2020
by Urge Bike Products  
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It was therefore the first Electric Enduro World Series in History and we are very happy to have been take part of it. A new challenge for brands and riders who have discovered a fresh racing format with its advantages and constraints.


3 loops, tight timings for the transfers, three battery changes everytime in less than 40 minutes, to constantly develop the full power of the engine ... in order to ride some very technical downhill and uphill stages.

Lévy Batista and Irénée Menjou faced sports legends like Nicolas Vouilloz or Marco Fontana. A good result for Irénée who finished the race in 6th position after a break of a couple of years. Lévy, got a penalty after a wheel change that was unfortunately mandantory to finish the race. He sits in the top 30 after this first race. Despite this mischance, he signed a very nice 2nd place in the technical uphill stage 5 !



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 Wait, they’re using motors and batteries in a bicycle race? Why didnt the tour de france ever think of this concept?
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 its funny because its sounds like during the whole video they're trying to defend a cause. I get how fun ebikes are but I have trouble taking racing seriously, they're just toys in my eyes whereas an actual mtb is an object that helps you reach zen.
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 I mean in a lot of ways it is defending a cause. I ride with multiple people that wouldn't be able to ride without an eMTB. Trust me, zen is possible on an eMTB. Ripping 4 top to bottom downhills in the time it takes me to do 2 feels amazing. Or if I want to get some pedaling in but ride big bike park features, I pedal back up instead of using the lift.
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 People take moto racing seriously. Racing is racing. The only time one wouldn't be able to take this seriously is if it was an e-bike vs. regular. Although, the pros would still probably kick my butt if I was the one on an ebike.
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 Upvoted. Got you back to zero bro.
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 @coletrane-mtb: For sure. The walk assist on my Kenevo allowed me to get up in some epic snow areas last winter that I wouldn't have even considered on a normal bike, much quicker than if I had been hiking. It also created a path up the road to help others get up it. But I had the motor warrantied and the new walk assist is much weaker.
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 This is awesome. You have all the ingredients from non E racing plus now the added element of battery strategy. If you think they're just sailing up to the top without physical effort, please demo an eMTB and ride it in ECO mode.
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 Not sure if the battery swapping is a good thing, 1) As we saw with the PowerPlay they had to drop the motor to swap the battery:/ 2) I think with 630 & 720 batteries now days that part of the racing should be can you manage battery usage, climb in ECO, race in Trail and save Boost or Trail for the Power Climb stage. eMTB manufactures will have to design there eMTB with the battery swap in mind or come out with a battery charger that can charge a battery in 20mins.
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 That's ridiculous to have to drop the motor. Takes a couple minutes with most e bikes I've seen.
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 For the benefit for all there should be some more rules implemented:
1. Restricted use of battery-use(limit it to a certain Watt number), or use only 2 batteries, which should be recharged between rounds(leads perhaps to faster recharge technology).
This also could lead to better power-management implemented.

2. No shuttling at all for E-Bikes races!
Not like the EWS, where whining of riders leads to this absurd use of shuttling oportunities.

I like this special climbing stage, more of them!
3. The climbing stage could be spiced up with time-penalties for getting the foot out, or even pushing the bike, like in trials. And there should be more of these challenges, climbing is the only interesting thing to do with E-Bikes!
Normal stages should also be mixed with uphills, I had high hopes in EWS that this could be more mixed, but EWS is now only a longer downhill race.
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 Not many comments yet. I'll go and make myself a ton of popcorn in the meantime. I'll be right back!
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 Roosting berms while riding uphill.
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 Did anyone even talk to these guys?
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 Cool shots with the Matterhorn in the back
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 Sorry, what language was that?
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 That's bullshit! Bring on bio-bikes.
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 Yawn. If I wanted to care about motorized riding, I'd watch motocross.
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