Video: Tackling a Techy & Tight Morzine Hidden Gem

Jan 16, 2021
by PrivateerBikes  
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When you think of rocky alpine singletrack, you conjure up images of 15-minute descents from mountain top to valley bottom, right?

Well, it’s not always like that. This short and sweet singletrack in the heart of the Portes du Soleil could put many a long descent to shame with its narrow, rocky traverses and tight, rooty corners. It’s not all about bike park laps and Pleney singles here in Morzine. With the right bike, it’s possible to take in a whole host of different trails in one ride, if you don’t mind a bit of a pedal. This little single-track is a regular feature on shorter rides for us locals.

The Privateer 161 may well be known as an enduro race-machine, but it’s also perfectly suited to tackling this type of tight and tech singletrack. Whether you’re an experienced racer or weekend warrior, the aggressive geometry of the 161 is just as happy on slower-paced tech trails like this one here. The longer wheelbase also makes you sit more central in the bike meaning that the feeling of going over the bars is a distant memory

Sit back and watch as Liam Saint tackles this short and sweet trail on his long and low Privateer 161.

Rider – Liam Saint
Film, edit, photos and words – Neil Sharp

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 Really enjoyed the video. Kind of reflects how many of us ride (but not nearly as elegantly) rather than some of the more adrenalin charged fare.
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 I like that the video is well shot, but not overly done up to try and make it look cool.
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 Love that oldschool trail stuff!
1st day in Morzine in 2019 we found a lot of that old stuff below the Super Morzine gondola, guy at the bike shop reckoned the main one we were playing on was called "Porridge"?
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 nothing beats a natural built line including any odd sections that seem unridable. TLC makes it all good. Great content
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 Which singletrack is that? Had a blast last summer on my hardtail definitely going back this year.
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 It looks like one of the many trails back down super morzine to town. If you follow the new green back down, there's loads of trails off that to explore. We hired a guide gears ago, guy called Jo from Rideability or something similar.... He showed us all the off piste stuff around both sides of the valley
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 @gregwari: nice thanks for the tip, I’d noticed there was at least one trail down from super m but I thought it a bit of a gamble so skipped it. Really enjoyed the groomed trails especially the greens, top fun on a hardtail though when you get on the reds your eyes get rattled out your skull
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flag Ba1rog (Jan 16, 2021 at 11:01) (Below Threshold)
 Please stay in the UK if you guys gonna act like the 200 Brits in Verbier who hide like cowards and didn't quarantine. Hope with Brexit all the UK companies in Morzine gonna finally pay taxes and stop doing their loopholes.
  • 19 2
 @Ba1rog: You seem very angry to have commented something that is of no relevance to this post.

Verbier as you may know is in Switzerland , the land of the "loophole". Hence the multitude of international companies that flock to it to "benefit". Personal tax is very low compared to rest of the world and corporation tax is somewhat fluid depending on each canton.

I enjoyed your rant but only give it a 3/10. Please do better next time.
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 @gregwari: Hi Greg! Thanks for mentioning me/us, I'm still called Jo and RideAbility is still showing riders around the PDS. This particular trail is a bit further down the valley though...
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 @jochevalier: hey man dont leave us hanging what’s your website?! I’m back in pds this summer for sure if have the funds I’d be interested in a guide
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flag Ba1rog (Jan 16, 2021 at 12:51) (Below Threshold)
 @chris7271: I am just a local pissed because most of you guys have no respect especially in Morzine. Saw a group of Brits try to ride a cow, insulting French ppl and even try to steal my bike etc.

Tons of the one from Verbier came back to France lol. I was speaking about businesses in Morzine, an important part are UK based companies. Basically not helping the local economy.

Don't care about your rating, classic WASP behaviour always judging and being condescending.

Enjoy your Grim Island lol.
  • 11 1
 @Ba1rog: hello mate i don’t know who’s rustled your jimmies but we’re not all arseholes much like I wouldn’t judge all Canadians having only spoken to you I would hold fire on binning a nation due to a handful of silliness you’ve witnessed. Having spent more than one winter season in morzine i can tell you no nation is innocent. Chin up chap and try and be more positive it will bring you good times.
  • 3 13
flag Ba1rog (Jan 16, 2021 at 13:25) (Below Threshold)
 @Peskycoots: I know and thank you for the message but it is 80 % Brits who put me in danger, like camping and chilling on the river gap landing in Chatel. Almost die there. The same thing in Zore, camping on road gap landing. I will not speak about driving and how one time I had to dodge a UK car which was on the wrong side of the road omw to Chatel. When you speak to them they say we don't speak baguette or racist slang.
  • 5 2
 @Ba1rog: bit racist there with your "enjoy your grim Island lol" comment.

I shall ignore it knowing that you are seething due to alleged "british" people camping on your jumps and stealing jobs in your local economy.

But just remember if it wasn't for all those pesky brits the area may not be as successful as it is.

I for one hope to be back there this summer. Last year was the first time since 2009 I haven't been to the PDS.
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flag Ba1rog (Jan 16, 2021 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 @chris7271: There is no racism in that sentence.

English is my third language by camping I mean staying in the landing area and I don't care if Brits work in France. But at least pay taxes and help the local economy. Instead of promoting communitarianism. I know tons of English who has been living in France for more than 10-20 years and they don't want to speak/learn French. They don't hangout with the local, that is sad imo.
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Excellent mate, if we’re out there next year I’ll def book another days guiding

Take care
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We have respect mate, sorry to hear you experience with some Brits but don’t assume we’re all bad. Most of us just want to ride a share a beer / good food at the end of the day
  • 2 1
 @gregwari: Glad to hear that ! Cheers !
  • 7 4
 @Ba1rog: you sound like so much fun, I bet the long cold winter nights fly by in your house .
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 @Ba1rog: hey man I thought you might enjoy this myth busting report on the verbier great escape that never happened, probably much like your other anecdotes about the English:
  • 1 0
 @SimonVD: Wow 8 degrees is cold for you ? Vancouver is pretty warm.
  • 1 3

Cool you wasted your time looking for an article about that move on man and this website is not "legit" it is not a real newspaper. My stories are obviously real, I am a local and some of you guys deserve a "Monchu d'or" MDR. I probably still have a few gopro shots of bikepark stupidity.
  • 2 0
 @Ba1rog: hey man just trying to help you stay informed by sharing an interesting article I came across. No worries though mate looks like truth is not your bag.
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 @Peskycoots: Lol you had to find this random website. Then why it is not on big Swiss or French media if the article is legit ?

The truth is you guys when you are not in the UK you are in yolo mode. You don't care about ppl, it is party time. Why you have to do stupid things 24/7 like emptying extinguisher outside and we had the powder in and inside my car. Knock their door in the morning and obviously they play dead. As usual we have to pay for your shit. Check British MTB videos in Morzine / PDS you will see i am right. Honorable mention to the scooter and MX guy who jump the table in super morzine.

You guys are hypocrites voting brexit and then partying in Spain/ skiing in the alps.
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 @Ba1rog: don’t blow a fuse lad, I’ll tap you up when I get to morzine and we can have a beer and hug it out, I’m sure deep down you’re probably a nice guy
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 @Peskycoots: Thank you and i wish i would be able to go home but I have to wait for this shitdemy to be done.

BTW the Shan in super morzine is amazing when the trails are mint but get an trail/enduro/dh and you will love it.

PS: your hands and arms agreed.

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 @chris7271: many Brits did the same too in Chatel and les gets
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 Beautifull trail, I'd like to go riding there some day. I think I would prefer the 141 on these kind of trails though. @ Peskycoots: a hardtail should be fun too!!!
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 Just picked up a production Privee shan, I can’t wait for summer again!
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 These are the trails I seek out the most now. Technical, narrow, steeper, and require bike handling skills.
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 Show me this in the summer I wont tell a sole hahahah
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 Loads of trails like this behind the super morzine gondola . There’s 4/5 that come out in Montriond
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 Is this monkey's arse or whatever it was called? finishes down by the lake.
  • 1 0
 No mate you get to that by going through the goat village if I remember correctly
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 Need to find these lines in summer!
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 Perfect soundtrack......
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 I want Morezine ! All of PDS is wonderful.
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 I can see videos like this of decent riders on rides where they look like they just can't be arsed becoming pretty commonplace in 2021.
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 This is gonna be tough for many to except but this video is REAL NEWS!
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 Great trail and take a great bike like a Santa Cruz to ride it.
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 very classy execution of STEALTHx RAW
  • 1 0
 Nice vid - love riding a bit of janky stuff in the woods Smile
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 Nice one Liam!

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