Video: Tackling Fully Natural Big Mountain Lines in 'Rampage Inverted'

Nov 12, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Do you think Rampage has become too slopestyle oriented recently? This could be the video for you as Alexis Righetti plots and rides totally natural big mountain lines.

bigquotes"Take the mountain as it is" is my motto!Alexis Righetti


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 These guys are going to go nuts when they find out about skis.
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 I loved this, incredible and death defying stuff, look at the state of that bike being carried @ 1:25, there was nothing left of it! Eek
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 Watch on mute.
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 euro techno garbage
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 Stunning video ...once you mute the awful music chosen.
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 @endlessblockades: dookie bootie dookie bootie
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flag rockyj (Nov 12, 2019 at 21:54) (Below Threshold)
 stop being fussy better than the other metal sht on most of the videos on PB these days
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 too late damn it
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 How to spoil an already mediocre video with the shittiest `music` possible... Alexis, you have quite good taste for mountain trips, your edits are not brilliant but honest, but please, don`t share your musical tastes. All your videos are like that. You know nothing about music and you don`t have the ear, so don`t put any music on your edits for god sake, Jacky Tuning Righetti Boom Boom!
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 Straight to comments after it my ear drums got stabbed with hypodermic needles.
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 Amazing feat!
But terrible editing..... why so many cuts ?
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 I don't want to be critical (I make no videos so all are better than mine) but SO much effort for a mediocre result. Where's the rest of it? How about some context, or at least locations?
And the 90's techno...
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 i would've much preferred seeing each run individually rather than a second of every run at a time
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 @ewebster50: youtube,Alexis Righetti
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 Like nug12182 just said, go watch his YT channel to see his real videos... That was only a mix of everything he did.

I don't like this kind of music but thought it wasn't that bad with this kinds of fit with it! lol Anyway I much prefer to hear that than some Metallica or whatever rock shit you guys want! lol To each their own! Wink
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 Because the riding actually wasn't that awesome and the drone didn't do it justice, so it made it look cooler. That's usually the thought process behind editing this way.
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 Lol yup. Mountain bikers might be a pretty diverse bunch, but there is one thing we have in common: Facebook timelines full of old Rampage vids shared by non-MTBer friends and family.
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 yeah, fuck Rampage, let's make a true freeride competition around this. Probably in a few years they'll start riding more vertical, some will even jump off cliffs. Every year a little bigger. In few years everyone will ride the most vertical and jump cliffs, I guess. So maybe someone backflips a cliff to stand out. Wait... oh shit, where at the starting point again o_0
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 This is real freeride.
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 Now thats the definition of Big Mountain Freeriding.
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 Just wanna watch the Chamois running down the mountain tbh.
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 I wanna believe these guys are making fun or euro-trash videos as opposed to having seriously made a euro-trash video.

That hawk screech before the beat dropped? C'mon. That's not for real, is it?
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 Ahem. I enjoy a well placed eagle screech. Ferocious.
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 Rampage is far more technical that the vast majority of those segments, with the added bonus that the riders can trick huge drops and gaps. It's not like Rampage has become tame - the top sections are usually super gnarly (and far more interesting to watch than someone creeping down some loose rocks in the snow).
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 The "Rampage is too manicured" comments are one of the dumber things we're exposed too. Not to take anything away from Alexis Righetti, but I'mma go out on a limb and say Semenuk could do that too. Hell, maybe even Sorge or Zink.....
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 Where is the footage of the crash that produced the wrecked bike he is carrying?
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 That's not wrecked, the chains simply come off. A little bit of Muc-off* and that bike will be right as rain.

*(other cleaners are available)
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 Just look on his youtube channel, he has other videos! lol He did one really cool this fall but the others are older and editing was not as nice as those but still nice to watch!
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 @Dropthedebt: Put it in some rice.
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 @illc75243: holy crap that was a close call
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 All that effort, hiking, drones, filming, editing, and that's the 'music' you're gonna use? Your efforts here deserve better.
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 Why do the ascents in these films look so much sketch than the descents? Where's the crazy tech and the drops? I don't expect to see flips, massive jumps, or giant drops (that's slopestyle stuff), but I feel like a key element of freeride is missing in these videos. They had the potential to be great freeride representation. I think The Ridge with Danny MacAskill, done several years ago, is a better example of big mountain natural free riding.
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 Amazing riding sans crowds in true wilderness ..

He’s clearly having the time of his life in the backcountry in some amazing places and worked hard to get there!

I can’t ride like that! This video, rampage are all people having fun on bikes showcasing some incredible drive, skill and raw athleticism. Either way, I admire the riding ..

Irrespective of whether he’s doing tricks it’s a great video to watch and this guy is doing great things on a bike and truly “ mountain biking.”

( two thumbs up here)
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 seems slightly forced but I admire the courage to haul a heavy bike around everywhere when you could just go skiing, or rock climbing, or hiking instead.
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 why does the embedded video make me go to youtube to watch it?
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 he needs a baby bjorn for his bike if he plans to take it on rock climbs or to the farmer's market on sunday mornings
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 easy to see the ride skills, great location, but the editing & soundtrack left me sorta pissed off.
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 I guess you have Ally G's car
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 Is it still freeride if you're just riding to the side of the trail?
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 Finally Alexis is entitled to a page on PB, it was time !! Go check all his other videos, this guy is awesome!
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 Woaaaa, I get soft knees only from watching. How sick is that !
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 i think my chain fell of lol
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 That goat was so cute.
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 Yeah definitely needs more context.. where is the goats bike?
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 All I want to know is, what type of brakes does he run?
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 hope e4's 203mm front and rear
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 Now do this up hill!
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 Ear bleeder
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 Great lines... terrible song!
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 I wanna know the back story to that absolutely destroyed bike.
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 I don't think Rampage has become too much of a slopestyle event, it HAS become too much of a slopestyle event.
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 And they said freeride was dead...

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