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Video: Tahnée Seagrave Returns to Riding After Her Ankle Injury

Jul 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAfter dislocating and breaking my ankle in February, I’m now in the last phase of my rehab, easing my way back into riding bikes. COVID has been a disaster in many ways and has made this journey a little difficult, but if there’s a silver lining it’s being able to get back in to riding without the pressure of making it back in time to compete at World cups, and being able to shred my home spots in summer with all my mates! This is what the first week back looked like. Tahnée Seagrave


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 HOT TAKE Pro bike rider spends most time riding bikes
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 Awesome, happy to see you're back on the bike and good luck for 2021!
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flag murfio (Jul 19, 2020 at 2:05) (Below Threshold)
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 @murfio: Seriously? You're a bloody idiot, a right stupid tosser, an utter twat. Hope I got some of that right, it's not my 1st language. Smile
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 10/10 would scratch dog behind ears.
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 If you're gonna get a season ending injury then Feb 2020 is just about the best time to do it
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 If you haven't ever recovered from some type of injury to get back to thriving at something you truly love, then you ain't no G... Much appreciate this viewpoint, and learning about the process
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 How come everyone in this video has a DJ but me...
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 Didn’t see you in the video?
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 @Macc10: I was slated to be there but then America got banned from the rest of the world, so I couldn't make it.
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 @zede: I've done my homework checking out context and vernacular uses (I enjoy digging into curious linguistic stuff) and there's no way that could be spun as not offensive. I know it can be used in the meaning you quoted instead of 'slut'/'whore', but how does that make it better?

Maybe even more sexist actually - if Tahnee had a penny for every time some delicate male flower on PB complained about her swearing - the same damn thing e.g. drunk Warner was universally praised for (hurr durr bring back freecaster times) - she wouldn't need sponsors anymore. Yoann's recent vid is the first time in a long while I saw anyone complain about a guy swearing and he really did let it go this time Smile And still no-one used the super patronising "foul-mouthed" phrase that has been addressed at both Tahnee and Rachel multiple times on PB.

Anyway, the "petasse" comment has now been deleted, softsteel got a few hours suspension - nothing too harsh, more a slap on the wrist - and our conversation magically moved itself under an unrelated thread to confuse everyone even more Wink
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