Video: Taking Inspiration from Surf & Skateboard to MTB in 'Keep Riding'

Nov 8, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Isaac Wallen, also known as 'Wally', is a Santa Cruz local and Rapha videographer whose influence comes not just from bikes, but from being brought up as a surfer and embedding himself in the local skate culture.

bigquotesSo often in sport success requires an unstinting focus from athletes whose merit is measured in milliseconds saved and medals won. The joy of just being a part of it all seems to have been lost on many of us, but not on Isaac Wallen. Despite growing up in the mountain biking mecca of Santa Cruz, bikes were never part of the picture in Isaac’s early years. With a surfer for a father and skaters turned filmmakers for friends, he always had interests beyond riding. Over time, mountain biking has come to mean so much more to Isaac but his mix-it-up mentality remains. Far removed from meaningless metrics, success for Isaac is simple and he feels it every time he rides.Rapha

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 Thanks everyone!!
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 Thank you for being such a genuine representation of our sport. We are all family on two wheels.
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 What I would like to know how anyone can afford to live in SC or surrounding areas.
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 Hot dang the man himself. What a great representation of our sport.
So why do you like Mtb? Can’t put my finger on it but, it is EVERYTHING!
Save the tree’s.
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 @abzillah: It’s rough man. Been in SF for 21 years, have a lovely fam and 2 kids. We BLEED money. The struggle is real.
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 @abzillah: We live in Shoe Boxes, ha
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 Coming from a snowboard and surf background I have genuinely been surprised how welcoming mtb people are. They regularly share the stoke on the trails, and encourage newbies, offer some advice. Whereas in surf/snow it can often been a bit snarky and neg.
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 Nothing is worse than surf vibes. Even a skatepark full of old school bike hating skaters is more chill then a decent break. LOCALS ONLY.
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 I'm the best skier on this mountain.
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 I agree with everything you say. The only difference between you and I is that your good at biking and I'm not...but just the same!
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 You forgot to mention his perfect teeth! Inspiring dude and sick bike-skills! Love the skateboarding and surfing background
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 How awesome would it be to watch a mtb vid inspired by great skate vids such as Spirit Quest (Colin Read) or Photosynthesis (Alien Workshop) or Mouse (Spike Jonze) ?
Im not sayin high quality vids with too much slow motion is getting boring but ... Jack Moir and his metal mondays are actually more entertaining than everything else. It's time for the videographer to step up and produce a classic not only based on awesome riders but also on a not too cheesy script and some artsy effects that make it memorable.
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 I come from skateboarding as well. The flow is strong with this one! Keep ripping Isaac!
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 I was initially a little skeptical about Rapha making it's way into the mountain bike space, but this video was simply great, and I think a good reflection that they are really working hard to make a positive imprint. Cool stuff.
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 Awesome vid, nice Banshee!!
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 Nice video. Now sell me your yota
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 I'm Wally....... I speak for the trees.
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 Great video. Love the story and the riding
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 As a really good surfer and a fan of all things board sports I have A LOT of time for this...
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 Shepherding maybe a little bit of stretch for some of us, but yeah still totally love this little promo, and the concept of connecting with the ecosystem for what it is truly
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 so good, for me you captured what it is all about.
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 Nice Toyota
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 Bingo BANGO!
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 Rad Video and message!
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 Awesome video and vibe!
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 If you ride for Rapha, then you’re not an outsider.
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 "its like people only do things because they get paid and that's just really sad" - Gath Algar

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