Video: Tales of Adventure in Tasmania with Hans Rey - Visual Podcast Ep.9

Jun 28, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis episode is about the fairytale of Tasmania's Blue Derby and St. Helens - perhaps the best success stories of any mountain bike destination. Hans Rey and his wife Carmen visited this biking eldorado for their second time in 2019. The photos and the story are by Carmen Rey who is our special guest to tell this amazing tale of this remote Australian place.
Viva Cuba.
Hans Rey


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 Don't go there ! It sucks Smile
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 That's what I was thinking. Blahahaha
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 No shit bro, I lived in Melbourne for 8+ years, and there were two trains of thought on Tasmania. Most of the people you talk to would say "its shit". But you would then ask if they had been there they would say no. And those who said its f*cking fantastic! That was the people who had been there. I used to joke that clearly the Tasmanians had spread the rumour to the mainland that it was shit, to keep people away! That was around 8 years ago, and since then it has become the MTB Mecca. And ive never been still
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 @dkendy1: looks like the mecca for diving and surfing too. If I went down there, I'd go feral.
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 Keep your eye out for a bit of black poly pipe next to a pond at the end of return to sender. You'll think it's a snake as well. Might have to head back up there for a boys weekend soon, though the trails in South Hobart are getting better all the time.
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 Was just riding there this winter! Great little island with a ton of spectacular scenery. Derby was a ton of fun!
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 I was there with a bunch of mates riding at the same time Hans was in Derby, everyone was stoked to see him there, legend of legends.
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 I also saw him there on evening when I popped over for an after work ride. I said hi, he said hi. It was very chill.
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 Excellently researched and elegantly narrated. I really enjoyed that. Definitely on the bucket list.
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 This needs to happen all over the world.
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 Detonate on a hardtail is extra fun!!
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 Can't wait to go back! Tasmania was just such and awesome holiday location too.

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