Video: Ryan "R-Dog" Howard & the Early Days of Aptos

Jan 10, 2019
by Freehub Magazine  

Hounded // Ryan "R-Dog" Howard: Professional MTB Athlete

With a vagabond lifestyle and a perpetual love for riding, Ryan “R-Dog” Howard is living the dream. We chat with R-Dog about the early days of the Aptos Post Office Jumps, his signature salad, coaching at Summer Gravity Camp and much more.

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 First rain of the season and I run into him on the trail fixing berms. After traveling and riding all over world, back at home he is quietly working on the local trails he does not get ride that often. What an ambassador of the sport!
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 Yes very stoked on that got to enjoy some of his great work!
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 Rdog is the man! Loved his Aptos movie... so real, looked like an absolute riot to live that era. And, he turned me on to the soundtrack band "Hot lunch". Much respect Doggystyles!
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 Imagine if he ran FOX suspension even though he has a million RockShox stickers on his car lol.
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 That would be pretty on-brand for him though. Give no fucks, just ride your bike and smile at people on the road and high five them on the trail
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 Such a cool dude...........
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 Where's all the Tepui haters?
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 I've run into R-Dog every time I've been Whistler. So chill and approachable!
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 Every single time I ride with R-dog he just gets you stoked. Doesn't matter if its a local lap down cobb or sending crab apples he makes you remember why you started riding in the first place - for fun.
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 I get it now the game and the interview are two seperate things I thought one somehow affected the outcome of the other vice-versa. Thanks for an actual helpful response though those are rare around here!
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 Such a legit guy, not putting a show for anyone, just riding his bike
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 I met Rdog once. Dude has so much joy in his vibe, easy to love (riding totally aside).
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 Is he sponsored by Rock Shox?
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 SWAN POUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Always a humble dude, run into Rdog often on the home loam. I've ridden some of his handcrafted work as he's ridden some of mine. Trail building is definitely a love of labor, there's nothing easy about it and it's all hard work. Then the blisters show up to ride the work, barney it out and with lame ass strava lines through the flow of the intended trail design.
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 @HITNRUN: I don’t know why some kooks downvoted you - 831 loco talk cracks me up cuh
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 R-Dog is the man! Much steeze both on and off the bike
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 Can someone please explain to me the purpose of hitting the nails? I assume its a game of some sort but have no clue how it works?
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 Er, you hit the nails.
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 google hammerschlagen
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 such a humble talented man. R-dawg is the man or Dawg. Smile

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