Video: Team Dunbar Cycles' Lunchtime Laps

Apr 7, 2021
by Petr Basel  
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A few Dunbar and Corsa riders go for a quick rip in Squamish to prepare for a Downhill racing season.

Some features around Squamish
Squamish has quite some features

Corsa cycle security

Riders :

Jack Linn
Gabe Neron
Garrett MacIntosh


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 Kuddos to a bike shop that still holds true to being a real bike shop. Employees that actually ride mountain bikes, stock of both performance & mid-range parts (shocking, I know) and a service department that knows what they’re doing.

In an era of shops that focus on road bikes and fair-weather riders its nice to know my LBS is still a real shop.
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 I've had good experience with them too. Cheers
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 Agreed, Dunbar is the shit.
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 yeah, I love them both. Always good customer service and great deals on. Not easy times for any bike-shop these days with the covid madness that has been happening.
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 That was a nice edit. I really want to ride man boobs.... I mean the trail named ma.... ah nevermind.
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 Reminds me of 'Your Mom' in Marquette. Just the right amount of juvenile humor whenever you talk about her-I mean it.
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 Top to bottom Curtis labour. What a beast.
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 Always a pleasure to deal with the crew at Corsa! Keep it up!!
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 Nice edit boys!
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 Thanks !!
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 they will probably need more physio from you if we go and shoot more Big Grin
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 Great edit! Great song! Band name?
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 Cave Song by Pretty Vicious, per my app ID thing on my phone
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 @Peally: thank you!
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 @vwl: google the music clip, it is actually fun band of young lads from Wales.
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 @petrbasel: Awesome! Thank you!
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 wondering where this first drop is? never seen it (yet!!)?

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 It's new, I believe it's on Hot Tuna.
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 @leon-forfar: cool thanks!
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 Rad crew! Nice video guys!
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 @kcy4130: Are man boobz required to ride it?
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 It will get rid of your man boobs pretty quick if you try to race it!
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 Nice!!! Thanks!
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