Video: Teams & Tactics at the EWS Trophy of Nations 2019

Sep 28, 2019
by UCI Mountain Bike World Series  

It's shaping up to be the biggest race of the year, and the Bluegrass Trophy of Nations powered by SRAM is like nothing we've seen in enduro before. The top riders in the sport will race for their home country in teams of three - not only for national pride, but also the coveted UCI Trophy of Nations Champions' Jersey and medals. How are the riders preparing for this new format? The EWS caught up with them in training to find out!

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 Team Korea are going to be the surprise of the weekend with a podium, you heard it here first
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 ride or die
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 @senorbanana: yeah, heard that too, they are committed!
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 @senorbanana: I pumped my fist on reflex when he said that
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 Nukeproof should hook them up!
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 @moose-taste-good Shame that didn't work out...
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 Team philosophies:
FR: We ride fast.
USA: Try to catch Richie...
SWI: We're a big plus
NZL: you crash, that's ya own fault
AU: Try to catch Hill
BEL: Eh, let's have fun
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 GT: meet at the pub
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 @mtbikeaddict you forgot Korea: Ride or die
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 Everything about this video is what's right with mountain biking and the enduro format.
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 Next year we're gonna have 10 times as many industry Sign ups. :-)
If your company sent only one ti bolt to some ews team, you already have a pretty good excuse to spend a few fun days in finale... On team ti bolt.
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 My money is on the Aussies for the men team and on the French for the women team. As for the industry teams I'll go with the Canyon guys. FYI - Monopoly money 'cause I don't have real money
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 Why the heck does it keep saying "invalid athlete data" when I try to swap our Kevin Miquel for someone, ANYONE else? Is this happening for anyone else?
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 Saw that KM was hurt but didn’t realize that he was an invalid now!
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 I think you're underestimating the other Aussies. Both of whom have posted some faster times than hill.
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 Nobody mentioned USA as a threat lol
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 How does Matt Walker fit that huge smile in that full face helmet? Wink
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 Love this format, looking forward to the race video
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 Sam's plan...foot out flat out
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 The tactics seem to be - first do everything in slow motion....... eat, get dressed, ride
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 Sam is definitely not waiting for his team mates
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 Good ol fun
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 Oof karma bit Flo hard!

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