Video: Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork - Pinkbike Academy Episode 6

Nov 19, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  



This time on Pinkbike Academy it's all about working together as the contestants team up to tackle their next challenge. After all, there's no "I" in enduro.


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 I can't help but feel as if the eliminations this week were complete and total BS. We still don't know who among these contestants is an actually fast racer or has halfway decent bike skills, but I'm pretty sure 2/3 of the people capable of competing on a professional level were just nuked because of stupid reasons.
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 yeah because ben would win every week
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 Pretty sure this was scripted so the final four would be 50/50 men/women. More drama that way- the Ben / Evan matchup will be an exciting battle as will Angie vs Jo. Curious to see how a #1 is chosen, as at some point times should be compared to other riders in their field. What good would it do to see that Evan can beat Angie down a mountain if Evan's times don't hold up to EWS if Angie's are actually very competitive?
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 @theredbike: Evan beat Ben on the timed ride.
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 I think it's a reflection of where the bike industry is headed. Being fast is important for a pro rider, but being able to market themselves and have a big social media presence with a likable personality can be more beneficial to the bike company than making the podium. You have Youtubers like Seth who doesn't even race but has millions of subscribers and brings huge exposure to his sponsors. Ben might be fast on a bike but will people be drawn to his arrogant personality? Will his future teammates and mechanics enjoy working with him?
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 @rossluzz: Ben is clearly just messing around when he's being cocky. It's the most transparent act out of all of them. He's just a kid hamming it up for the cameras. It actually comes across as likable.
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 @rossluzz: This is a huge point and super true in even the "local fast guy" scene. People want to work with rad people, good luck getting support even with your results when you're a total ass on the local level. I've seen it happen plenty of times.
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 @rossluzz: I think Ben removed all doubt in this episode that he's arrogant. He was such a good teammate to a rider who was clearly holding him back by a mile, and then when asked to speak to that, he defended Angie.
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 @TheR: He is not messing around at all. He is being told to be like that by the producers. Its reality TV and they are trying to sell "the sizzle". Its Obvious, Because Ben's true character comes out when he is hanging with the other contestants and is helpful and cordial, not the cocky arrogant guy in the Video interviews.
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 @TheR: When Ben flips the hat around and puts on the sunglasses, he's specifically doing the weird cocky alter-ego thing. I think the goal is to try to spoof the ridiculousness of people that are like that in real life, but Ben's acting execution kinda blurs the line between satire and reality. It's a silly gambit that doesn't really work for me.
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 @Three6ty: I don't think they told him to do it, but when he started, they definitely didn't tell him to stop. It's fine. either way, it's just an act.
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 I think that these competitions are great but should not be the reason contestants are kicked off. Every episode should finish with a race, where the slowest time gets booted. Winning competitions "unlocks" different lines one can take, or loosing makes you take longer/ harder lines. If the line thing would not work perhaps riders who lose the competition have certain physical dilemmas such as having to pump their tire to start, wear the trailforks mascot uniform, or has to race without a chain. These changes would make the show more interesting and "fair" with eliminations.
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 They must’ve all competed in races before, or else they wouldn’t have gotten the call. I’m reminded about a ski flick where one of the pro skiers comments about Hugo Harrison as the only skier he’s seen get to the fly in the helicopter level “on talent alone”. No dig on Hugo, he made 50 footers look like mole hills. Reading into the pro’s comment, I’d argue having a network of people is more important than just talent for breaking out of the local scene.
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 Yup these challenges are pretty dumb. Let’s get rid of good riders and keep average ones. The competition should also separate men vs women.
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 who the FOCK cares about not looking sexist pinkbike?
Addison is CLEARLY a much better athlete and much better sponsership material than the any of the girls left in the competition. lets not forget this whole competition is to determine the best athlete for a pro contract.
its just silly. stop being so righteously pc and give us an unbiased show.
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 Those two deserved to go home, it doesn’t come across that any of these contestants are pro level, either they aren’t or this series has done a terrible job at show casing it. Reality shows suck in general, this one is about mtb, so I guess it’s got that going for it.
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"this whole competition is to determine the best athlete for a pro contract."

Where did you get this idea from? They're looking for a brand ambassador. No-one has ever said they are looking for the best "athlete". If they were looking for a new fast racer the show would be entirely about teenagers racing each other, not a bunch of park rats way past their prime playing hide and seek with Jason.

"Addison is CLEARLY a much better athlete and much better sponsership material than the any of the girls"

We still talking MTB? What's his best EWS result? AFAIK Angie did pretty well in Whistler for a privateer while he was happily grinding gravel Smile A bottle of good Scotch says she would finish higher in the women's field than Addison in the men's at any given EWS round. As for social selling, mtb adventure/travel blogging etc., one could argue a woman might give better ROI to a brand.

All that doesn't matter though, because Ben is winning it anyway and which stage he eliminates Addison at makes no difference. Would happen either way.

In this challenge your boy only had himself to blame for blowing it despite having the strongest team. He proclaimed himself the team boss and kept telling Vlad what to do. The only problem was he failed to read and comprehend a few really simple rules after being told specifically that was scored higher than time at the finish line.
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 @konacrew: YES I think that idea is so much better, give the riders mechanicals that can happen in an enduro race, flat tire, snapped chain, wonky brake levers, broken deralior. The severity of the mechanical is based on competition results. awesome
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 Yes, so much BS in reality shows
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 We're speaking of 25 grand + 1 year pro contract, a substatial business decission like that is never decided randomly. Producers, PB and sponsors gathered together during the casting deciding the rider most suitable for sponsorship (of course without contestants knowing to keep the authenticity), the rest is a TV product, take it for what it is.
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 @rossluzz: Everyone here knows that Ben's act is just that, right? Maybe he doesn't do a great job of pulling it off, buit it's still obovious to me that he's pretending to be a cocky d-hole. And we're all discussing it, so success?
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 @Three6ty: This. I agree they at least encourage and lead him into acting like the ego-hole if not explicitly tell him to do so. Who has a pari of shades on hand, ready to make the d-bag "transformation" at the exact right time of the exposition?
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 @plyawn: I don’t know, man... it sounds exactly like the type of thing a young, outgoing kid with a sense of humor would do, knowing that he’s going to be competing on a reality show.
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 @plyawn: I think there is a high degree of correlation between those who think Ben’s act is real and those who used to clutch their pearls at WAKI’s comments.
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 Missing WAKI
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 Everyone: Starts warming up to the show and enjoying it for what it is
Pinkbike: "Hold my Beer"
Pinkbike: Eliminates 2 of the most interesting contestants for no apparent reason
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 @tgent: true but as much as I liked vlad and adision. Evan md Ben are better. They needed to keep the girls and boys even.
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 @rossluzz: Pinkbike has scripted ben to have an arrogant side and its fascinating that so many people cannot recognize it is a joke.
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 yeah because it wouldn't be fare to the women lol
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 @swansong: it seems to work for someone like Loic Bruni, quite well though
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 On a second thought, it is important to keep the car windows closed as a professional enduro racer.
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 Reduce wind resistance. Clearly a big benefit.
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 There are frequently rules that race organizers will impose that to someone unfamiliar with the course or event seem pedantic or silly. Racers will break those rules because they don't know them or don't think they are important, and then get banned. I think this rule was meant to simulate that.
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 Uci running enduro now, so you know there's going to be stupid, worthless trash rules
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 @spaceofades: Didnt know that. Urgh.
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 Maybe so their bikes wouldn't stick out the window.
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 @spaceofades: Yup, probably going to ban disc brakes next season.
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 @spaceofades: You know that EWS organisers themselves invited the UCI because they realised how utterly they (EWS) had dropped the ball on doping and that they need the grown-ups to step in if it is to stop being a free-for-all?

I assume you also know it is the UCI that is reining in RedBull's attempts at essentially owning DH WC and changing rules for much worse in the name of production value and coverage of RB athletes? It was all well covered and documented right here on PB in interviews and press releases.

The UCI might have the usual corporate/bureaucratic issues but it's not the devil like some here like to paint them. Enduro racing will be just fine with them involved.

What "stupid rules" do the UCI have in their current disciplines anyway? Strict tech requirements for road bikes? If they weren't in place, every flat pro tour stage would see exclusively recumbent bikes with fairing and weights below the point of them being single-use (if safe to ride at all). Thank UCI it's still bicycle racing. Lycra ban? This one is really funny because bros have been taking the piss out of spandex-clad XC racers since almost forever (or at least since Palmer), but make it a rule and all of a sudden you cry that you want to have a better view of Loic Bruni's junk? Come on now...
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 Pinkbike crew doesn't want to have clean the rentals when they return them...
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 @bananowy: How are the following not stupid rules: the UCI allowed, then banned, flat bars for cyclocross. No good reason given. Just look up " Frischy rule".
Secondly, it took the UCI until 2018 to allow disc brakes for road racing events, about a decade after the technology was proven.
So yeah, the UCI may be good for its ability to regulate drugs, but it has some downright stupid policies such as the above.
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 @woofer2609 : I think any Lance documentary will frankly show how the UCI don't have the best track record for regulating drugs
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 How about some actual Enduro racing? these gimmick challenges should be for winning immunity or something else, EVERY episode should have a BIKE race, not a hike, this isn't Hiking academy, am I right??
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 I think it will happen, or hope so... weed out the herd for some racing.
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 @jaydawg69: 6 people too many for a race?
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 I came to write this too. For an enduro racing show, there's been very little actual racing and the challenges dont prove much in regards to who is the best at that.
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 @andyelliott3: racing will come... no one who got eliminated was going to win any races. Going to be Ben vs. Evan
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 Hiking Academy... now THAT'S a show I'd watch
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 These challenges should be for immunity. Follow them up with a race, and whoever loses the race goes home. Win the challenge, get immunity so you can't go home, even if you screw up in the race. A race would add about five minutes to each episode, but you could easily trim some fluff if you wanted to keep them under 30 minutes.
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 @axcooper: yeah, not enough racing, too much tire/wheel installation.
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 Pink hike.
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 @andyelliott3: "For an enduro racing show"

When and where did you ever hear anyone say this was a racing show?

As for challenges for immunity and races for elimination each round... well they could do that except they knew having the same elimination tool every week would have been boring AF.
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 @bananowy: what they are putting out isn't exciting.
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 @RonSauce: Where did I say it was?

Though it probably is for some. But I just said what would definitely be more boring.
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 I think the hike-a-bike part helps demonstrate their mental fortitude. I agree though, some racing would be nice. I would also like to see some bike handling skills challenges too.
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 @Avanwin: usually in my group hiking demonstrates how weak you are on the bike.
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 This has been fun, but when do the field tests drop? I want to know all about the bikes that are already sold out until 2022.
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 they already have two private videos in the field test playlist on YouTube, probably gonna drop soon Found it because I rewatched the 2018 and 2019 EWS coverage because damn I miss racing and nerding out over bikes
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 @Upduro: f*ck yeah!
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 I just want to see Ben and Evan on the clock duking it out.
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 Everytime I look at Evan, I see Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Whenever he talks I expect scooby to pop out surprisingly.
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 whenever you see Vlad, you see AESTHETIC
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 @nevertoofast: Every-time I see Vlad I respectfully remember just how straight I am.
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 Nah, Evan is Spiccoli
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 @adschreib: He seemed especially glassy-eyed in this one. I'm pulling for him, though.
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 @adschreib: Evan is Spiccoli
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 When do they race bikes?
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 Good episode overall, but what was the need to ask Angie whether Ben "carried" her? Of course he "carried" her at some point, that's what teammates do. Could just be an attempt at mindless reality tv drama, but why would you want to plant that seed of doubt in someone's mind after they gave it their all?

The production value of the series is great, the challenges are interesting, but the attempts to stir up conflict aren't what bring me back.
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 I respectfully disagree. As you said, Ben carried her and she probably knows. Yet, when asked, she denies it. To me that shows how she is not reflecting her performance or admitting her weakness. If she would have admitted it, I would think "cool, she's honest, she knows her troubles and what to work on." It is a throwback to the first episode, where she was focussing on blaming others rather than questioning herself. Not the attitude I would expect of a professional athlete.
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 I wouldn't say encouraging your slower team-mate is the same as "carrying them." It's not like Ben had to do more than equal work compared to Angie. The question was dumb, and made even dumber by the fact that Evan LITERALLY CARRIED Jo's bike to the finish line!
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 pretty sad seeing Addison getting emotional at the end. he really wanted it and could well have deserved it
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 No chance. He is not Canadian...
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 Someone is really going to end up with a pro contract after this?
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 right? lol
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 Yeah Pinkbike. Let’s do a Mtb show without any actual riding. That should be exiting - for non-mountainbikers.
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 Perfect for e-mtbers then
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 My mom would love this series...
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flag Endurip (Nov 19, 2020 at 23:11) (Below Threshold)
 @NotNamed: so then you are one of those lame xc riders, who see riding mtb as an only pedaling sport.
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 @Endurip: I wonder if they will make a box set for Christmas? my mum loves box sets
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 so I haven't missed anything thus far, eh?
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 @dmondave: just the typical fake drama you’ll see in every other “reality” tv show. I wish whoever is scripting these shows ( @pinkbikeoriginals ) would look towards the only good reality show I’ve ever seen for inspiration: Alone.

It is cool to see just how talented @christinachappetta is at hosting, I see a big future in entertainment for her. This show will help launch a few people’s entertainment career (on both sides of the camera I’m sure) and at the very least it’s a starting point that can be improved upon, I just hope they choose to create future shows to target a more intelligent audience.

I’ve listened to enough podcasts from comedians to know that the great ones are never happy with their work which drives them to create better and better work, so I’m sure that the creators of this show aren’t 100% happy with the way it turned out, and will use that to go in a different direction, at least that’s what I’m hoping for...
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 @Endurip: it was an joke
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 @unrooted: The whole concept of "Scripted Reality" is oxymoronic at best. It is little more than hypokrisis.
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 @Augustus-G: 99% of reality shows are either scripted or are so highly edited to tell the story the editors want to tell. That’s why the only show I can sit through (but only because my wife likes it) is Alone.
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 @unrooted: That's exactly why I used the word "hypokrisis".
In Ancient Greek one of its meanings is "Play Acting".
IMPO, these shows are Soap Operas and have about the same level of reality.
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 I really hope Addison is given a chance somewhere, clearly not ready to give up. Also being in my 40's I wish I could explain to younger people how easy it is to re-invent yourself. Don't get stuck in a silo. Keep charging!
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 Dear Pinkbike,

I have now watched two episodes of this drama, the first episode and this episode, and I’m feeling kinda at a loss as to what purpose this series fulfills.

Sure, it’s entertaining in a sense, there’s drama, Interesting personalities, competition, but there’s no real mountain biking.

Granted, not every moment in a series like this needs to involve mountain biking action, but it should involve a whole lot more than you’ve included so far in this series.

In conclusion, I suggest you learn to know your audience. Most, if not all of Pinkbikers, are actually mountain bikers first and drama queens second: we want to see mountain biking!

Thank you for your efforts to keep us entertained during these difficult times, but please, please, give us some damn mountain biking!


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 I think one massive differentiator would be the ability of the rider to IMPROVE. Many mt bikers reach a plateau and never improve past that point. If the riders are coached by a top pro, then judged on their ability to learn and improve their times from that coaching, I think that's a better metric vs how fast they currently are.
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 isn't that the thesis behind The Privateer series?
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 Ok, kick out two top riders because they talked in the car and touched each others ... bikes.
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 Neither are as good as Ben and Evan.
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 You missed point. Top in speed maybe but what else if they can't even read the rules on which they compete.
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 This one doesn't make much sense to me. In the end, Jason said it came down to who was able to follow the rules.....Vladdison broke the rules 5 times, Ben and Angie broke the rules 11 times and were slower.......Jo and Evan broke no rules but Jo is not beating Angie

I guess they can't eliminate the strongest remaining female rider? Even though she has scraped past elimination like 3 times.........Or they can't eliminate Ben because he has the best chance to get a good return on investment for Orbea?

Whatever way, this episode did not make for convincing competition at all
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 and the only one who fckn str8 shreds is Vladmir AESTHETIC Putin. Guy absolutely sends and PB cant show us that part? Shows how lame this shit is
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 Watched it. Episode is not bad but these challenges are so dumb, they remind me to the Boyscouts stuff. They are good if you are 8-12 lol. Bring in real racing and real challenges! this show is so watered down is disappointing. I guess it's my fault for having super high expectations. On a positive note, I hope they implement some changes in season 2. We need more GNAR!
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 This is kind of a disrespectful comment (None of my boy scout activities were this dumb.)
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 @woofer2609: Don't feel too disrespected by someone who can't put a sentence together correctly... Scouts taught me a lot.
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 @davemacrunnel: I'm originally from Barcelona, Spain so my apologies for the grammar mistakes. I speak 3 languages fluently, how many do you speak?
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 they could've at least ridden down the trail to reach jason
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 @Oxiros: It's a sidebar, but still a win. Nicely done, I can only hack together English, and long forgot any French I learned in high school.
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 Not that I have travelled specifically for biking, but the amount of times I have gotten a cab from the airport in various places, and not been able to speak the same language as the driver but still need to communicate is almost 7/10. You have to reply on map images and pointing. The few time I have taken my bike, it's always been bagged from the flight, still. Still, you need to load and fit it in the car, since most cab drivers won't lift it due to weight or worry. I actually think this challenge is reason simulation for these guys.
  • 3 2
 Completely agree. Especially if you know cabbies are trying to take the scenic route and you have to put the kibosh on it.
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 @tmadison12: I lived in Romania for 8 months while I was working there, and I was flying in and out a ton. I didn't speak the language but I knew the streets to the airport like the back of my hand. One drive, a cabbie decided to head the complete opposite direction and take every side street claiming he was trying to avoid traffic. When I quoted off "Urinii, Victorei," etc, for all of the roundabouts he should be going through and that I knew where we were, his face went ghost white. He immediately turned on the radio, shut his mouth, and didn't say a word until we got to the airport (the correct way). It's actually sad how much certain individuals (they aren't all bad apples) try to take advantage of tourists.
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 In a pre-lockdown world I was travelling up to twice a week from UK to Europe for business to various countries and yes this was a challenge i faced weekly. Checking the route on google maps and showing the correct way to the driver if you have a suspicion has worked for me and also using Uber also helps to make sure you are going the correct direction. If you have a concern you were taken the long way by Uber you can flag it with them and sometimes get a refund. Discoursing with a foreign driver is less important these days with the great addition of Uber. For me a bigger challenge was public transport and making sure i was on the correct train because each European country has a slightly different system and it gets mighty confusing.
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 Evan is the most likeable dude and unless your on podiums that's probably the most important thing for a pro mtber to be in a world of youtube and insta
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 Evan is also ridiculously fast!
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 Funny looking four-wheeled bikes in this one...
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 The ebike industry has gone too far!
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 Most ridiculous "reality" show ever, yet I look forward to it every week, a race to the bottom!
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 Eventhough this show has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me, I'm still puzzled about the format.
Shouldn't potential pro riders be judged on their ability to ride a bike?
Some objectless judging has led to the premature elimination of promising contestants, whilst some candidates look very out of place this far in the competition.
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 Total Bs on eliminator. I do not think I want to even watch anymore. Complete idiocy. You get rid of one of the best prospects because they tighten a stem bolt and spoke in the car. I feel like I am back in Catholic grade school. I have Jason and the judges as nuns. They say "you spoke out of turn. you are eliminated" completely stupid. It feels like it is more about making sure the sponsors of this thing are highlighted than an actual competition. Did I already say stupid?
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 Evan Wall is truly the dude they make him out to be on this show. Absolute stand up dude, positive energy and an serious ripper. Wish him all the best in the rest of the competition!
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 "I have some words to say to some people". I'm making this my go-to phrase at work. Linguistic level up, @jasonlucas, well done.
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 Imagine competing to be a pro mountain biker and you lost the chance because you left the window open, talked in the car and double checked bolts. I understand they broke the rules but seriously it’s so weak. If they do another season of this show they need to put a lot more thought into it. Make it more about ability, not random lame rules.
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 Watched all 6 so far. 6 episodes in and I think if one of the remaining 4 competitors had flown into Kelowna and bought a Walmart bike for this they still could be in the running. I know riding ability isn't everything, but it's gotta be worth more than they are letting on. Or maybe the pros aren't actually much faster than me, they just drive with their windows up more than I do!
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 This episode was total BS. I agree with the sentiment that for a show that's supposed to be about enduro mtb racing there's barely any actual racing.

Ben, Addison, Evan, Vlad...y'all are fast dudes. After this weak attempt of a show that "simulates" being a pro racer is over, please, please please do some proper enduro stages against each other so that the PB community can have some justice.
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 Forgot to say, ladies too. Julia and Nicole got jypped before any actual display of talent could be shown in a multi-stage enduro race.
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 @steflund: thank you. “Gypsy” is a slur.
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 @owl-X: better cancel Borat.
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 I always thought an Academy was a place for learning and honing a set of skills... Comparing it to other reality shows; where are the master classes, training, tutoring etc.? I would have loved for this show to follow the contestants progression and the hard work that goes into racing.
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 I’d be curious to see this page visit count to video play count compared.
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 This contest was RIGGED ! Long live the King !
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 Heck, one of them could be a hockey player for all we know. When are we going to see skill and proper racing. I could be a great person teamplayer etc.. and have zero skill and still win.
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 Pinkbike is doing something right here because my wife is asking me each week If the new episode is out. I do wish there was more actual riding but my wife being stoked about mountain bikes?! I'll take it.
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 They should nix the whole elimination format. Just have a group of mtbers where they meet up with trainers, current pros etc to better their riding and prepare them for a possible pro contract. Then at the end have a big challenge/final exam or something that determines who is best. You know, kind of like an Academy. They can have fewer riders to start with. It’d be far more interesting.
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 Evan="Cool Hand Luke" today.
  • 7 2
 Man... This is so bogus. How did Vlad and Addison wind up being the ones leaving...
  • 7 1
 Um... They were the ones leaving because they completely failed the challenge? It's funny because it was actually an easy one and they had the strongest team. All they needed was some basic reading and listening comprehension.

It looked something like this:

Jason: "the challenge is to follow the rules and show good teamwork, not to be the first to finish"

The rule list: * states rules *

Addison: "Imma ignore that strange piece of paper with some words on it, shout down my teammate and get to that finish line ASAP"
  • 7 1
  • 5 3
 Noooooo Vladison... They jokingly made the grim donut and now they jokingly try to do a reality show.... or wait is this supposed to be seriuous? I wish this was based on tru shredding not these silly games. We have litterally seen almost no actual riding footage... are we to assume they are all equal " quality" riders and they need to be picked on soft skills like how fast they can stuff a bike in a small sedan, not speed on dirt road and follow some silly written instuctions? I've said I am done almost every week but you suck me back in...Saddly not really much interest in the final 4 riders for me, the 2 men are boring and although likely better riders then me the women don't seem to be pro-grade shreders from what little we have been shown.
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 Bring it home Evan Wall????
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 Feels like being eliminated at a music contest because you have no plumbing skills Frown
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 I thought this show was going to be more jersey shore-esque with some drama and more interactions among the contestants. Either that, or skills challenges that are more interesting to watch. I get that th is challenge is supposed to mimic random-ass rules that racers are unfamiliar with at an international venue, but damn maybe let them ride their bikes and follow random rules? or have more drama. Either way, this episode was shit lol
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 What utter bullshit this "show" is. Actually disrespectful of any MTB pro athlete who has put his/her time in. Not dissing the riders involved in this but much rather the process of elimination. I did enjoy the YT Young Talent Camp as it seemed to be based on actual talent and riding a bike rather than being able to not talk during a drive or roll up your windows.
Next on the Pinkbike Academy, it's potato salad day, who will make the best potato salad??? Who will come up with the good accoutrements??
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 this is the first episode I have watched and 1: I think it's different and therefor interesting but I am glad most races aren't like this and 2: am I the only person who wants one of those solar-powered dancing dashboard figures in the shape of the trailforks guy? I want one!
  • 5 4
 After reading several comments I can tell I'm of the minority.

I actually really like how the challenges are. Episode 6 wasn't about who the fastest was but about following directions and being a team player. I don't care how awesome you are in any sport or profession. If you don't follow directions well and you're not a team player you won't get far.

These challenges are also a breath of fresh air and in my humble opinion very clever.

Overall, I've been enjoying every episode but still gutted Julia was booted off ;(
  • 1 0
 Hopefully they'll have a bigger budget next year. I'd love to see them do this Amazing Race style, traveling to different zones and completing challenges/races. IMO the contestants need to spend more time on their bikes in each episode. Maybe that wouldn't make very good TV, I donno, but I watch just as much Nate Hills and Trail Peek, so :shrug:
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 If you wanted to simulate "real-world racing conditions" then the challenge should have been: you will drive 4 hours to a specified location to participate in a race. There is only enough gas in the tank to get you there. You getting home is dependent upon claiming any prize money from the race.
  • 4 2
 Have any of you put a thought on maybe the elimination follows a process to actually get a person that Orbea is looking for and not just what we think should be?
  • 2 2
 Saw the video banner. I can relate to the corporate shill in a dumb muppet costume watching people shred. That guy is probably thinking that all this marketing nonsense and irrelevant contests to sell product is not a great use of my time when I should be riding bikes and finding meaning in it.
  • 6 3
 Omg do people watch this crap? I was curious so I tried, but seriously, it s just so shite.....
  • 1 0
 I kinda ask myself why I keep watching this show. The challenges know... strange. Riding abilites are'nt even the main point of emphasis in there and in general there has been far too less riding in it.
  • 1 0
 Dang! Didn’t want any team eliminated. Thought Addison had a serious shot of going the distance. You can’t teach that kind of power output, and had a great personality as well.
  • 2 0
 PinkBike Summer Camp 2020. Why don't they do a beanbag race next time? Maybe capture the flag? That should vet out the real riders from the kooks.
  • 2 1
 'Teamwork makes the Dreamwork'

That is sage advice, definitely one to write on nice paper and put beside your desk at work or home Beer
  • 5 1
  • 2 0
 Yeah what the hell was that?
  • 7 3
 ben carried
  • 6 0
 DoucheBen vs Evan. This will be the final two.
  • 6 1
 @jaydawg69: I can't imagine for one moment they would allow an all male final.
  • 3 0
 Also, no spoilers, but I did not see that coming.
  • 3 0
 Damn, did not expect that to happen
  • 1 2
 Many seem to be mssing a key point: Addison may be the best representative to a specific target market, but is he the best available outside of this contest? There are many riders better than him if [insert bike brand here] wants to go after 20-something white males who already bike, but maybe the'd be better served with a perhaps less talented rider who let's them get at a new market segment. Counter-intuitively new riders often prefer someone more normal than the god-level pros we see all the time. This is why some look at Seth or other you-tubers and say "they suck!" while millions love them, as they see a path towards realistic improvement for themselves.

Is this show booting superior riders? sometimes. Are they focused on finding the best "spokes-model mountain bike influencer"? Absolutely. For every Remy on YT there is 10's of genuine but not that great amateurs.
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 Oh no, not again
  • 2 0
 This whole thread is Soooo Enduro!
  • 9 9
 Im gonna come here and spread hate without watching it. Oh no forget that, im gonna watch it. Thanks PB
  • 2 1
 I like Angie but I think Evan will win it
  • 1 0
 I think @brianpark definitely has a future as smarmy reality show host.
  • 1 0
 D'oh! Brain fart. @jasonlucas. I meant Jason Lucas.
  • 2 0
 @TheR: they do sound similar tho. I'll give ya that
  • 2 2
 All those contestants that lost must have not have purchased PRO version for $69.42 before they jacked the price to $420.69
  • 4 4
 This now has to be the stupidest show. Come on you can't tell me Addison wasn't a top contender.
  • 1 0
 Vlad: redouble your efforts now, this is your shot!
  • 1 0
 I wonder if they get to keep their bikes?
  • 1 2
 Poor kid getting eliminated. He was the best Imo. But I do like the show. Its a fresh break from all the shredding stuff. Love it.
  • 1 0
 Tom's gone and now Addison...I am so annoyed
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