Video: Tech Tricks on the Trail Bike in Eastern Canada

Nov 4, 2021
by Knolly Bikes  
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Rider: Jeremy Menduni

Story behind the edit:

Jeremy Menduni loves being able to bring some of his tech tricks to his trail bike! This is a brief summary of some of the best sessions he's had from the season. Filmed at a few different spots around Ottawa and the Wolf bike park in l’Estrie Quebec. He had a lot of fun making the edit and pushing his creative side. Big thanks to everyone who held the camera to help him put this film project together!

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 Y'all know there's like another 4 provinces east of Quebec right? LOL the real Eastern Canada Wink
Come hit up New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland Labrador. We have some sick trails that really put the bikes to the test.
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 Shhhh stay quite, you don't want the Torontonians hearing about something east of Quebec, sheds will start selling for $1.2M.
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 @Jmoser419: Yeah straight up. Lots of Ontario money around my area right now, house prices are ridiculous.
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 @Jmoser419: too late, they’re already here and prices have skyrocketed lol
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 Maritimes: PEI, NS, NB
Atlantic Canada: Maritimes + NL
Eastern Canada: Atlantic Canada + QC + ON
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 @pourquois-pas: yup.
Historically eastern Canada has been parts east of thunder Bay.
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 Quebec wants sovereignty until they want to be considered Eastern it seems.... Pour moi, le Quebec est le Quebec - toujours. Ce n'est pas une province du cote Est. Merci et bonne journee
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 This guy clearly has a BMX background
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 Stop calling Quebec Eastern Canada. The real East is offering lots of new trail networks and huge growth in the sport. Come visit sometime!
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 That would make QC and ON what? Central Canada? That would be stealing from MB… Complex situation right there
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 Honestly except for Sugarloaf, which is amazing, I'd never tell anyone to visit the Maritimes for MTB.
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 @mnorris122: you haven't been out on your bike much recently I assume. From McIntosh to Keppoch to White Rock to Brookvale to Rock Wood to Beaumont to ........... the list is long. go ride some new spots!
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 I hope he was properly rewarded for advertising the bike brand "the Rise" in the form of a permament tattoo on his hand...
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 The Rise is more of a crew than a brand. Shout out to Lhomel, Parappa and Croutz...
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 I heard they gave him 25k to do it
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 I feel this guy would benefit from an air shock based on the smooth trails and well sculped jumps he rides.
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 Plenty of people ride coil sprung bikes on flow and jump trails and prefer it, it's pretty easy to set up either type of shock for the terrain at hand. Besides most of the trails around Ottawa/Gatineau are actually pretty darn rough and raw.
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 Petawawa Bike Park (The Construction Yard) nice to see my local bike park also the brose farm in there!!
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 That drop at 1:45 looked pretty sizeable, nice edit!
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 Pretty original tricks in there, interesting stuff
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 Riding is great. That song is not to my liking.
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 Nice job Jeremy!
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 This guy shreds.
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 Upper and lower Canada

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