Video: 10 Years of the Serlin Trail Jam

Dec 2, 2019
by Peythieu maxime  

Serlin Trail is a mountain bike park born in 2006, close to Grenoble, France. For the 4th time, the annual jam takes place to end the season. 160 riders were there, shredding the tracks from the morning till night. Santa Cruz Bicycles supported the event, giving 10€ to the association per each registration at the jam in order to help the spot grow up and build new tracks.

Good vibes only.

Red vs Black

Bar and restaurant under the step up step down, cool no?
Raffle time, with more than 50 prizes to win... helmets, goggles, jersey, beers and tools.

After lunch, the best trick/style/whip took place on the big final step up. One hour session to determinate winners. Also, the best kid, the best girl and the best crash were rewarded.

Best kid Thomas Berhault (13years old) showing his style, like pro freeride mountain biker Olivier Cuvet
To finish the day, all the riders went back to the start for the mega train, in tribute to Mathieu Beauchet - Boboche - who died in a paragliding accident in august. He was one of the first to join the association in 2010.

Riders found a few big hands to check with the back wheel down the track

Maxime, one of the pioneers of Serlin Trail and also the organizer of the jam, enjoying laps with his Santa Cruz V10
The team would thank all the people involved in the organisation, all the partners, and all the riders who made this beautiful meeting!

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A quick history about the trail...

Morgan & Maxime started to dig a kind of dirt jump line back in the days, when they were teenagers, in 2006. They didn't have any authorisation.
Then, in 2009 they decided to create an association to keep their spot safe and got insurance for the riders who wanted to be part of the team and ride there.

Big jumps for little boys, back in 2008
The 2 first real tracks "super Geugré" and "guez" (in reference of the merguez from the barbecue) - double black - have been shaped between 2010 and 2013. Freeride trail, all made by the hands, mixing drops, jumps until 10 meters long, skinny and corners. Only a few riders were able to ride these tracks top to bottom, cause it was very technical.

In 2015, the team included around 15 members. They decided to rent an excavator, to create a new kind of track. Easier to allow riders who are not very comfortable in the air, to progress and enjoy! This is how the Full Serlin is born (in reference of Full Nelson, Squamish). A super flowy red track with many safe jumps, and a lot of variants.

More and more riders came as it was easier and funnier. The full run is around 1min and the way up not more than 5 min, so riders can do many runs in a day.

Seeing the attendance, the team was so much motivated to go bigger and build some new tracks.

So, they build the "Godzilla" (black) in 2017 and then the "350 Magnum" in 2019, after successful crown funding in 2018.

With the help of Cyril Querin, excavator driver
Now the spot is open all year long, and members just had to pay 30€ to register for the year.

You can follow the news on Instagram @serlintrail or Facebook @serlintrail

Photo Credit : Cyril Querin
Video Credit : Global Visual Media


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 This is wholesome! Great job
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 Great job !!! Trails look fun. Are there Merguez all year long or just for the jam :-) ?
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 Depend on which week-end, but most of the time the BBQ is ON, of course !!
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 this is an awesome story
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 yeah !
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