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Video: Testing 27.5 vs 29er with Ben Cathro

Apr 24, 2019
by Ben Cathro  

This is a question I have been asking myself for a long time. What is better for racing? 29" or 27.5"? I was confident I knew the answer but it's up to the clock to decide.

I couldn't fit everything into the video as I felt it would drag out for far too long. If anyone is left with any questions drop them down into the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them all.

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 f*ck all y’all.....26 for life!
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 Fun Factor for the win! YES to 26! If I just want fast, I'll drive my car.
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 Ha, I honestly laughed out loud. Well done 11
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 2014 topic?

He should compare F29 R27.5 vs F27.5 R29
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 Some people are in front of me, some people are behind me. One thing they all have in common is their wheels are bigger than mine. 26 till my frame cracks... and even then, I know a welder.
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 @ridintrials: aren't you guys dead yet??
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flag DragRider (Apr 25, 2019 at 4:58) (Below Threshold)
 yep bring it on 26'' 4 life bby... ! will there be a 32'' soon it will be tooooo GAY....if 29 is just a gay... Razz
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 @bohns1: @bohns1: I have 4 bikes. 3 on 26" and one on 27.5" - frankly there is still a lot of stuff for 26" which makes hard to justify buying something newer just bc of wheel size
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 @Grmasterd: depends how u look at I guess.. I'm 6'3..26 was never a good fit and I was always on top of the bike like a circus bear.. 29 just works for me.. Not only that...Some of us just like new bike day every few years..
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 @bohns1: I did finally retire my 03' .243 hardtail this year....I have been seriously looking at the Ibis DV9. high likelihood I'll end up with 26", 27.5" and 29" by end of year
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 I'm rolling on 16" wheelset, took it off my kid's Woom bike. It rips! Wink
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 After trying some 29ers recently I’m really starting to see the appeal in 26 inch wheels.
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 This test is worthless. 26'' is obviously best. MTB industry has merged with monsanto.
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 Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere

Any love for the Santa Cruz Hoody? Dad jokes for the win!
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 I told my mum I was going to make a bicycle out of spaghetti..... she didn't believe me, until I rode pasta !
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 What's yellow and smells like bananas?

Monkey sick!

Stupid jokes ftw...
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 i went to a zoo once, but they only had one animal. It was a Shih Tzu.
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 Thats a good joke. Here's mine;

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 Whats the difference between Mick Jagger and a Scottish shephard? One says "Hey! You! Get off o' my cloud!" and the other says "Hey! McCloud! Get off o' my ewe!"
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 Two wind powered generators were standing on the ridge of a hill. The first one asks “So what kinda music do you like?” The second replies “I’m a heavy metal fan.”
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 I’m biased as I grew up loving heavy metal, but thanks for the laugh!
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 I hate to be that guy, but Vestas actually use carbon fibre for the blades.
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 But what about both? That seems to be the real question on everyone's minds these days.
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 Yes, do the 29 front, 27.5 rear. Used to run 27.5 front, 26 rear and the cornering grip was amazing, didn't time it to see was it faster thou.
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 We'll be answering that for you soon. Smile
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 @brianpark: won't be science until we have data for 27.5 front 29 rear Smile
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 @brigand: I've had the same combo. Would do it again. And just might.
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 @brianpark: Pretty sure the only who can answer that is Mike V., the creator of the Foes Mixer. He's got the most experience on mixing wheels.
Word is the guys down in SoCo plan to launch something they've been working on for 3 years pretty soon.
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 The day has come people... Mullets are in fashion...
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 @LoneRider444: guess you haven't heard of liteville then mate
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 @LoneRider444: he didn’t create it he concept of mixed wheels. I know because I know Mike and remember the Interbike he and another buddy working at Procycling laughed at the suggestion of mixed wheel sizes as I was riding a Carver and also had a Trek 69er. I told them both to go ride the Moots and Ventanna bikes with mixed wheels at the dirt demo them talk to me about how much the idea sucked.

Mike ended up buying a carver and the other guy a Moots 69er The week after.

All Mike did was convince Foes to make the frames. Which is pretty rad. But it isn’t “new” or unique to him.
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 I wondered the same thing...so I went and built one on a Commencal Supreme DH v4.2 27.5 2018 with a Boxxer at 190mm and a 29er front. First rides this weekend at Downhilll Southeast #2.
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 @piersgritten: I have, but it wasn't designed from the ground up around asym.
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 I love telling dad jokes! Sometimes he laughs
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 Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted.
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 ((Disclaimer: I'm a 29r guy (cause I'm old and my buddies ride 29r's)but I've owned 27.5 and 26)): Having said that there is consistent feedback from racers they feel slower on a 29r, but the stopwatch says they are faster. Having said that, I'm looking at a 27.5 bike for jibbing, jumping, and riding with my kids. Are you a racer? Or are you a freerider? N+1 BABY!!!!
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 The reason why i like to ride a hardtail: i'm as slow as always, but it feels faster Smile
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 A priest, a rabbi, and a monk walk into a bar...and the bartender says "what, is this a joke?"
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 What’s red and smells like blue paint?
Red paint
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 27.5 soled at bargain, the majority of the clients in the market as fashion victims follow the 29" hype, in case you are short of cash and humble you can enjoy 27.5 just as much. Unfortunately we are not Greg Minnar and few second will not make any difference as long as we ride and having fun out on the trails.
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 You all need to try the new 6 fingered gloves , they say the grip you get is far superior to the old 5 fingered gloves ?
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 I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?
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 @ridintrials: My name is Inigo Minaar . . .
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 What's interesting is this same exact debate was going on about 20 years ago except the wheel sizes were 26 vs 24 or a combo of 26in front and 24in rear. That being said, I asked my bike if it wanted to go for a ride and it said no because it was two-tired.
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 Would be interesting to see the NEW 27.5 V10 against the 29er, rather than last gen 27.5 V10 vs new 29er.
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 Wouldn't matter, its an irrelevant test when the rider is 6 foot something. Same test on a 5'5" rider and things would change. A 10 year can ride his Dads ole 26" bike but would do better on a 24"
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 @H3RESQ: Possibly. The new large V10 27.5 is bigger than the last gen XL, so I think the majority of riders would be fine on the 27.5 V10. I just think the test would have been more fair to compare current gen bikes to each other. Of course the newest bike will be faster than the last one. I just think it would be interesting to see how the new 27.5 V10 compares, as I have heard next to nothing about it other than it's new. I'm just exicted because mine is supposed to ship out this week, and I'm itching to hear more about it before I get to ride it.
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 @leon-forfar: I thought they had stopped making the 275 to be honest
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 @leon-forfar: I was talking about wheel size, not bike size. If the rider is 6'5" he will be faster on the 29" if both bikes fit correctly. If he is 5'4" there is a chance he could be faster on 27.5. I'm interested to see if Danny Hart can make the switch to 29" I think his wild and aggressive style is challenged with a 29" (especially in the rear, as it just gets in the way) at his height.
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 @H3RESQ: he is riding a halfy halfy this weekend
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 @jaame: As I said, especially in the rear as it gets in the way. I think anyone under 5'11" will eventually lean towards Mullet bikes.
And yes MULLET is correct as its Business up front (29", Smooth, speed) and party in the back (27.5, playful, quick)
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 @H3RESQ: GREAT SCOTT!!!! THIS MAN IS ONTO SOMETHING!!! You heard it here first folks... Mark the date in your calender, April 25th 2019, the phrase "Mullet bike" has been officially coined!!!
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 No need to do a video about it. It's just physics, 29ers have less rolling resistance and better rollover. So they should be faster period. So f**ing what? I am not a racer and i DON'T GIVE A SHIT!
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 Me too. But there's one more thing. Given the same rim and tyre the torsional moment of a 29" ist 15% higher than a 27.5". This is a disadvantage on trails where one has to brake and engage very often.
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 @yoobee: Shhh! This can't be mentioned in wheelsize comparisons. It doesn't go in the 29ers favor, so we agree to ignore it. Ok?
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 Actually, 29er would have more rolling resistance. A larger contact patch would create more grip therefore, more rolling resistance. SCIENCE.
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 @gdawg: Would it though, I see your theory... and it's a great theory, but the leverage ratio of the radius from tire to bearing would be greater, thus offsetting the friction cause by the bearing seals. SCIENCE. ????
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 Same, I just want to have fun. I like the feeling of being on the edge and feeling fast. Which I didn't feel when I was on the 29er.
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 I get and follow the view of "ride what is more fun", but a lot of people just want an easy quantifiable answer and faster is the metric they choose.
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 if you're gonna bother to time laps get a sportcount. It's a stopwatch that is designed to put on your finger for swimming, so its waterproof and fits perfect on your bar. 25 bucks on amazon.
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 I've got a DRC X Monitor. I don't know if it's still available. Great tool though.
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 @jaame: +1 for DMC. Had to buy mine from Canadia tho.
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 @fartymarty: how do you fix it on? I use velcro on the top tube. Any other ideas?
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 @jaame: get a friend to hold it.
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 Damn. We’re still having this discussion...
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 I bike and also backcountry powder ski. On my bike I seem to get the most enjoyment when I push my speed limit. Not so with skiing powder. Skiing powder is fun at almost any speed. As I age (49), Id like to find more enjoyment in the downhill that is not dependent on being at the edge of control. I would also like to have a little less insecurity about not riding the latest and greatest equipment. Its shallow.
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 so, @granite it sounds like you need a bike project to give you some pride of ownership. if your're over 5'9 or so, find a used 29" frame/fork. and build it up specing some new, and some recycled parts. make it your own rig. and you'll have the freedom to run 29/27.5 when you want. I run 27.5/26 on steeper down days, but I'm 5'5, so it's a sweet fit.
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 so for a big guy like cathro its about 0.5% faster, thats basically nothing. from my experience flat chunky trails feel quite a lot faster on 29 wheels. on a real dh track i ride different but wth not much timedifference. i guess its about what feels best for you.even more if you do not race
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 Been running the 29F/27R on an old hardtail and it is so fun. Interested to see how riders will go on this weekend.
I wouldn't run it on a longer hilly up and down ride 29F/R is better but for ripping in woods and hardtail DHing it's really good.
Did for an experiment but I'm gonna leave it like that coz it's the bike I pick first now just for fun element. I'm not a pro DHer so I can live with the fact it's maybe not th fastest setup.
If you ain't a pro look at what 50/01 do. Don't you wanna enjoy every ride like that? Just pick the setup you find the funnest and get out there.
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 Putting the science aside (because we all know that the math says 29 IS faster). What if the main reason you put down better times on the 29 was purely mental? You mentioned in the video that you FELT slower therefore you could push harder. Combine this with the knowledge that you have better traction (due to the larger contact patch of the 29 whell) and you have a recipe that your brain just naturally allows you to push harder. I like to see somebody do a study from this angle.
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 I’d be much more interested in a 27.5 v 29 hardtail video. I think the benefits of each wheelsize matter more on a hardtail than a full sus. Plus this shit has been done to death... hardtails don’t get the time they deserve.
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 I've seen similar comparisons where people test carbon wheels vs aluminum and shave similar times off.... The 27.5 had aluminum and the 29 had carbon if I'm not mistaken... Might have skewed the results a bit.
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 Two variables in an experiment? That’s different.
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 One tracks better, one has less rotating mass (maybe). Which one do you think is better for racing? IDK?
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 @ninjatarian: far more than 2 variables... But the one I mentioned could alone be the reason the 29er times were better.
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 @GOrtho: I would think carbon would be better unless there was a failure. Correct me if I'm wrong (and I totally could be) but don't carbon wheels corner and accelerate better and deflect less/hold a line better due to their stiffness? I thought the only real negatives are a potentially harsh ride if they are overly stiff and more potential for catastrophic failures. The test track looked pedally in sections which would favor the carbon wheels.
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 @climbingbubba: it’s the other way round. They don’t track as well because instead of flexing and moving around when you hit a root or something they don’t budge and instead they wash out.
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 @thenotoriousmic: @climbingbubba: exactly alu wheels don't deflect as much because they flex instead of pinging you out of trajectory. Same goes with frame stiffness, too much of it isn't good, especially for average riders. Might be one of the reason why so many DH racers are still on alloy wheels. And considering the fact that rim width influence lateral rigidity, that might also be a reason why the rider are using 25mm rather than fashionable 35mm rims, all this probably to compensate for more than enough rigidity on the frame. I remember back in the days Nicolas Vouilloz reducing spoke tension for that very reason, increased traction, especially since he isn't a tank. Even at my small level I remember riding a local DH track back to back with a Meta V4 (flexible AF) and a Summum. Despite more travel on the Summum it was much easier to keep lines in the chop and off cambers with the Meta v4 whereas that the Summum was punishing every single mistake I did making it super tiring.
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 @Balgaroth: I’m totally in agreement also you have to run your tyres a lot harder to stop the rims from tearing the tyre or cracking on a rock which doesn’t help ether.
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 Thanks for doing this Mr Cathro!

I'm curious, what are you smaller riders doing to make 29" work on steep descents? I really liked some of the big wheel benefits (traction and less fatigue), but I couldn't keep my bean bag off the rear tire on the steeps. So far, too scary to ride my own 29". Did a lot of you guys adjust your position/technique to make the 29 worth while?

the older I get, the more tempting the big wheels get. When I rode two similar bikes 170mm 27.5 and 160mm 29 with the same shock/fork, I found the 29 just be "easier" to ride. On the 29" every section of trail took less effort to ride at same or faster pace. But any bigger compressions in the steeps and I was grazing knobs frequently and couldn't adjust my body enough to feel right.

For those reasons, the mixed wheel size is pretty tempting.
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 My girlfriend thinks that I'm a stalker. Well, she's not exactly my girlfriend, yet.
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 The farmer was out-standing in his field...
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 Ben is a GIANT,
Are the results applicable for midgets?
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 Im glad some still are on 26, 5'4" riders do better with 26, 27.5 to 29 for taller riders so better keep making 26 wheels so everyone will be happy riders!
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 How does the butcher introduce his wife?...me(a)t Patty!
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 Times are improving by an average of 0.9125sec per run, which means the run corrected times are:
______ 27.5 ___ 29 ___ Difference
Run 1 2m34.41 2m33.90 -0.51
Run 2 2m33.52 2m33.41 -0.11
Run 3 2m35.45 2m32.86 -2.59
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 Man, seeing people half arse some 'science' is such a tease, it makes me want to tear my face off. The bikes were there, so close and yet so far: no real timing, no separate track sections, no statistical significance, no multiple days etc.
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 Us Slobs: I don’t care about wheel size...BUT they should have done a 29/27.5 comparison. Industry: Bingo!
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 All wheel sizes are fast. Just depends on the motor. And, as always, pick a wheel size, then be a dick about it.
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 Have you thought of running a LitPro for timing?


Would make timing much more accurate and easier to compare.
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 Fast and fun are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes I race, if I do well I'm pumped. If I get a PR or high on the leaderboard on Strava I'm pumped.
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 I am still undecided what to buy. My V10
Is 26 and this evolution or progression in bikes definetly making me crazy.
Hoodie giveaway
My name is Bond James Bond!! The Spanish guy says: My name is Olo Man Olo. The
  • 3 1
 Maybe try it with someone who's not really fucking tall.
  • 5 3
 the 27.5 definitely looks better
  • 3 4
 No offense but the sections you rode aren't chunky enough to fully appreciate the angle of attack of the bigger wheels. Square edge hits with 29 wheels are smoother. Especially if you're climbing.
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 Hoodie Comp:

We all know what size she prefers...
  • 2 0
 I have both and prefer the 27.5 for fun.
  • 1 0
 Yeah, I've always honestly been pretty slow, and not overly competitive. One thing I think about competition is there's billions of people, like I'm not going to race a billion people, or whatever, just be happy with what works. (also I take interest in uniqueness, you know, everybody's special solutions to problems)
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 Makes sense if you think about it.
  • 1 1
 If you had like a kilometer diameter wheel, and you barely move it, you would with a kilometer race.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 did you guys hear about the the dwarf physic who is wanted for murder? He's a short medium at large.
  • 1 1
 Can any heavier riders (260 LBS +) chime in and tell me if 29ers are more suitable for bigger riders?
  • 1 0
 Yes they are totally suitable. Once boost came out the rear wheels didn't feel like awful wet noodles anymore. I haven't ridden with dh or super boost rear spacing but I bet it feels even better on the 29ers.
  • 1 0
 How tall is this rider, and what sizes are the frames he rode?
  • 2 1
 How about who cares and ride the wheel size you like the most.
  • 1 0
 I can use a tape measure, but this time I'll use a ruler.
  • 4 3
 28.25 / 4 LIFE
  • 2 0
 You sir, are a master wheelbuilder.
  • 1 0
 30 un (31") is the way to go! Although I have been thinking about bypassing the 30s and going straight to the 40s but I have also invented super ultra boost max to improve wheel stiffness. I can guarantee no pedal strikes on rocks although you might get some on low branches.
  • 6 6
 now we need 27.5 front and 29er rear because, well, yeah why not...
  • 3 4
 Lol....don’t give the industry any more crazy ideas!
  • 10 13
 So what, three years from now when everybody has gone to 29" they can start pushing the next wheel size and start thr whole thing over again? This time 29 v whatever?. People are such sheep.
  • 15 7
 Are they though? This is progression of sport. Reality is the Pros have everything at their disposal, and the majority of riders choose to be on on 29" wheels. I can honestly say by personal experiance as I have both, I feel 29 is definitely faster.
I for one am accepting of new ideas that will better the sport.
  • 6 12
flag WasatchEnduro (Apr 24, 2019 at 18:08) (Below Threshold)
 We’re such sheep for putting up with 26 for decades and not demanding the industry progress and give us some options.
  • 11 9
Dude, i think you are missing the point here. Of course a 29" wheel will be faster, it's simple geometry/physics. The whole wheel size thing is pure marketing. Progression can happen but within limits. You dont see the NHL making the hockey sticks bigger to keep up with the "progession" of the players do you? So why do i have to buy a new bike every 2 years to keep up the current progression of the sport?
  • 5 1
 I don't like eggplant
  • 9 3
 @makkman: Nobody said you had to do anything. You kind of just solidified my statement. One way or another companies will push the evolution of what's available. Inevitably your bike that's two years old will be outdated. Wheel size really has nothing to do with it. This isnt saying there is anything wrong with your bike; however if your looking to have a leg up on the competition, you really only have one option. Quite simply evolve or become obsolete. This concept isnt new. You say it doesnt happen in hockey, your wrong. Yes the sticks dont get bigger, but they get better. There is no performance advantage to bigger sticks, but new flex profiles, carbon layups and even self healing carbon is something that's used in hockey. What about cell phones. I'm sure the one your reading this response on will be antiquated in a matter of months. One way or another this is the reality to progression and evolution. That shiney new whatever, will eventually become a memory while we all make way for better, faster and stronger.
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 @freerabbit: I like eggplant. Choose a vegetable and be a dick about it! (I downvoted you, repay the favorSmile
  • 12 3
 @jomacba: Pros ride what they are paid to ride
  • 3 2
 @Darknut: Correct, and rider feedback coupled with the millions companies spend on R&D, engineering, and manufacturing costs are all in place to give each pro an advantage. There is a reason 26" wheels arent seen in racing.
It's all correlated. Companies pay riders to not only ride their product, but also to try and win on it. 29" wheels arent a new concept. Technology in manufacturing has been the only thing standing in the way of making it reality.
  • 3 1
 @makkman: Google the evolution of Hockey sticks and then come back...

(hint for those that are too lazy to googe, they have gotten longer, wider, taller, etc.)

Admitidly there will always be "part" of the equation that is just people/companies/industry trying to come up with a new idea to make sales. BUT, there is no denying how for mountain biking has progressed for the better since it's inception
  • 2 0
 @makkman: the NHL has limits on the length of a stick's shaft and blade. You're canadian?
  • 1 0
 @stiingya: I wonder what the next evolutionary step will be. Will we see companies pushing halfy halfies in two or three years? Will we see 30" wheels?
  • 6 1
 The industry will push a 26" resurgance and the mountain bike media will rave about quick handling characteristics and cornering ability
  • 1 1
 @rh00p: But those limits have changed and evolved over time from people trying to make a better hockey stick.

  • 1 0
 @stiingya: To which the exact same applies to bikes.
  • 4 3
 @DirtMcGuirk: there’s absolutely no proof that 29’ers are faster overall. It’s swings and roundabouts bigger wheels gain in places and lose in others and the reality is there is hardly any difference between the two and it’s really not going to effect you at all unless your on the pointy end at a race where fractions of a second matter. Just buy what will work best for what you mainly ride and don’t make such a big deal out of it because it isn’t going to make your riding any better.
  • 2 3
 @DirtMcGuirk: there’s definitely a 26 resurgence on its way. They’ve already tried it once with 26+. Soon as 29’er hype dies and it pretty much already has they’ll have to think of something new to sell.
  • 2 1
 @thenotoriousmic: You're right, while some state "Maths says 29ers are just faster", actual statistics don't show this at all. From what I can see there is almost no statistical signifcance in race results over the last 2-3 years in either EWS or DH World Cup racing to say a rider on a 29er is faster than a comparative rider on 27.5. If 29ers were faster they'd all be at the front with the supposed mutli-second gains made, with riders on 27.5 behind them. Yet how did that pan out on straight line track like Mont St Anne last year? 1-2-3 on 27.5.
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 @NickB01: yep they all have their differences and strengths. Nobody can argue that 29’ers are good in the turns and a 26 is never going to smash the straights like a 29er. Pick a bike that’s going to suit your style and trails.
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 I'm sure these riders must have done their own testing against the clock. I doubt they are using 29ers because they read in the comments they are faster.
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 @jaame: I think a large part of it is marketing the latest and greatest, I know of one rider in our region who was told he *had* to ride the 29er version, and it's no secret Specialized and Loic had some disagreements on which bike he should be riding last year. The original 29r DH testing Commencal did threw out wild claims like '7 seconds faster per run', yet their first year on the 29er was a train wreck with most riders switching back to 27.5 (along with Danny Hart). Amaury had a great year last year, but I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with wheelsize - as we saw with Bryceland once they get in a groove great things happen...
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 @NickB01: I thought Bruni insisted on them making him a 29er because he thought that's what he needed to be competitive
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 And Danny Hart said the 29er was definitely faster, but that it was more difficult to feel the limit. I think he would have stayed with it if he didn't have that rotten luck with the weather in the first two rounds.
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 @jaame: obviously not or he’d be riding one.
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 @jomacba: Yes, that was the point. Someone said you don't see hockey sticks changing, BUT...
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 @stiingya: Agreed. I was simply reinforcing your statement.
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 @jomacba: gotcha, my bad!
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 There was an American, a Québécois and a Mexican stuck all in a boat. They all asked where is the Newphie
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 Size matters
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 Claudio? Is that you??
You sound more welsh for some reason?
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 36ers yo!
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 69 for life.
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