Video: Testing Prototype Revel Bikes in Western Colorado

Sep 25, 2019
by Revel Bikes  
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We spent a couple of years prototyping the Rascal and the Rail before we introduced them to the world. Luckily we have an amazing proving ground right here in Western Colorado. We enlisted the help of our friend Carl Zoch to document a small glimpse of the development process. You may notice some unusual paint schemes and some other interesting difference between what was tested and what finally went to production.

It was a lot of work but also a whole lot of fun! Riding daily in our Carbondale, CO backyard is not a burden.

Give us a call or shoot us a DM on Instagram if you are ever in the Carbondale area and would like to take a bike for a spin. We are always down to ride!

Learn more about our bikes at


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 Serious question. How it's any different from all the others brands. I mean there's Intense, Yeti ... New companies are growing like mushrooms after the rain. They are maybe not the same but similar enough to say that choosing one makes almost no difference.

And there's price ... I'm really disappointed. And please don't say that if you cannot afford it don't buy it or that the small production size justifies the price. I want to see innovation and more companies that will really disrupt the market like Guerrilla, not like Intense and alike that just make frames in China and even don't have a proper customer service (at least in Europe it's shitty).
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 So, how is this brand different? They wrote: "...some unusual paint schemes and some other interesting difference..." Smile Smile
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 CBF: Canfield Balance Formula
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 @feldmana: Agreed. But where's new and refreshed balance I'm asking?
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 I demoed both these bikes and will tell you they are very much different then the rest, for some. Some people can ride anything and it all feels the same to them. Then there are people who are very intone to what their bike ( a tool ) is doing and how they can improve it. I would have to say these were some of the best and most capable bikes I ever rode. Some bikes you can really tell the differences in wheel size These bikes did not diplsay that behavior. Im not a 29er fan but couldn't tell the difference on this bike. The bike didn't feel big and awkward. Decented trail like a DH bike ( I have ridden and raced DH bikes for almost 20 years now ) And these bikes out climbed my dedicated XC bike. I have demoed as many bikes as I can over the years and gotta say these Revel's blow them all away.
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 @goroncy: They only took the canfield design and tweaked it to better it. Only its concept not a clone. Isn't really the same animal. Bike feels much different.
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 @Diesel2007: I agree. But it's suspension design ( isn't much different from the others. Not anything that cannot be adjusted with a damper. Not saying it's bad. Just saying it's nothing so much different. Is the axle path maybe so much better? I don't think so.
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 Guerrilla has a simple linkage and you say they’ve disrupted the market? How? Price?
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 @goroncy: The CBF is more about the movement of the IC and less about the wheelpath. I had a Canfield Balance and Canfield Riot and can say the suspension works amazing. I wish these guys well because more brands is a good thing imo. The way you're speaking it sounds like everyone should just not bother starting a new company because theres already brands that exist.
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 House made carbon frames in the US for way cheaper then everyone else that’s importing from overseas. @ezryder33:
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 There are a lot of things that Revel is doing right, and it’s an impressive company. That said, I’m a little disappointed that they aren’t following more of what Canfield was doing. I wish they kept the super short chainstays, cupped headsets, and before their-time modern geometry. It would be awesome to have a carbon replica of the Toir, if a little updated.
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 @Diesel2007: I have no idea why so many people down voted you. A very mtb experienced friend of mine also demo'd the Revel 29er and echoed the same things you have listed here. The CBF suspension platform was great and the traction was very noticeable to him.
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 @Diesel2007: You have the wrong dedicated XC bike, you meant to say "downcountry"?
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 You could say this about pretty much all MTB companies though. The innovators are developing new manufacturing processes like GG and Pole, or they have radical geometry, which isn't necessarily a good thing (like Nicolai and Pole). In terms of suspension single pivot, twin-link, and their variants are as old as the hills, and "new" concepts like Naild's design haven't been well received.

Takeaway: find a company you like and buy their bikes.
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 @Diesel2007: To clarify, you're saying this bike is "different"...but then you say it descends like a DH bike and climbs like an XC bike? Even the PB bike reviews pre-empting of that cliche' has become a cliche!
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 @ezryder33: Revved carbon, 300% stronger to impact than the rest; Wouldn´t you call that some carbon market disruption?
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 @AnibalR: Would be nice to have in my new Intense Tracer which I destroyed in 3 months of riding. Simple rock strike. They demanded more than 500$ + all the taxes to Europe (in sum it was around 900 US dollars :/) for a front triangle. Very very poor crash replacement policy. Up yours Intense.
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 @Diesel2007: I demoed both of these Revel bikes and I wouldn't go as far as saying it blows the competition away.
-They accelerate quick
-The climbing is comparable to Ibis bikes.

-One of the demo bikes I tested had a creaking noise coming from the rear triangle bearings. Even after adjustments it couldn't be fixed.
- Although it takes drops, and jumps really well, it does use all the travel on the shock even for small drops. (hard to notice unless you paid attention to that)

Will demo these bikes again on Bentonville Outerbike 2019 and let you know if I noticed any difference (maybe a bad shock adjustment, like it happened to me once with the Kona Process 153)
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 @ezryder33: Modular frame design (swap seatstays to make any of their frames), dual reach positions, etc.
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 I find that a lot of the bikes differ in secondary aspects quite a bit (like water bottle compatibility, threaded bb, integrated headset, single piece chainstays), and when you are looking for a specific geometry, plus these features, you end up with a much smaller selection.

Also, the bike comes with an EVOC bag, which tbh is a nice touch.
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 @Diesel2007: So you're very in tune with the bikes you ride, and are not a 29er fan, but you can't tell the difference on these bikes?
Sounds like somebody might not be that in tune with his bike after all...I dunno, I think all bikes are great, so, maybe I'm missing something.
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 1. Hucking air, CHECK
2. Slo-mo, CHECK
3. Square edge descent, CHECK
4. Lush alpine meadow, CHECK
5. Full-face and half-shell clad riders, CHECK

Yep, looks like another mtb marketing video.

Judgement aside, I see no issue with all these small bike brands popping up like "mushrooms after the rain" @goroncy . If we wait for for entrepreneurs to have a HUGE innovation before starting something new, the bike industry will stagnate and get completely taken over by the big-name brands. Competition breeds innovation and innovation leads to progress. From a consumer standpoint, having 4 options of bikes with near identical geometry and hard-to-differentiate riding characteristics means you can add more emotion to a purchase. Love that Intense but hate the groupset? Stoked on a new Yeti but hate the color turquoise? In the end, large purchases usually lead to buyers remorse unless there is an emotional stake. A gut feeling that says "I like all the other options, but THIS one is the bee's-knees". Its the reason we care about the industrial design of a frame. Its the reason you test-ride a bike instead of trusting all the numbers and math to tell you how good it is.

Does Revel "do it" for me? Not really. Even if I recognize much of the riding terrain in the video and like the colors, something just isn't on par with my taste. That's fine. I hope they find success because that means I can have more heated debates in the comments defending my subjective opinions.
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 I wouldn't mind to see even more companies. But I would love each one of them to bring something new. Now I read more about Canfield way of doing suspension. So maybe these guys are cooler than I thought.
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 I like those Revel bikes. They look awesome.
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 Framesets (according to Feb article) are $2600. Most carbon framesets are $3k and up, right? That’s over 10% less. That kind of price difference doesn’t make it a selling point per se, but it should mean PBers should dial back the complain-o-meter. Surprised to see so many grumbling about price...
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 Decals applied the the U S.
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 Wait, this is nothing to do with Semenuk?
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 Yep, because that’s a different pinkbike article.

(Did they have the links swapped or something?)
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 Rode the Rail at Nembafest and really liked it even not having it fully dialed in. Picks up super easy for manuals and whatnot, and going down hill it felt planted to the ground and I was trying to get squirrelly with it.
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 There are just too many good bikes out there and new ones keep coming out. I already have one of the best (Yeti SB150), but would love to try the Forbidden Bike Druid or these Revels (all the other Yetis bikes, a few Santa Cruz, ....). It's like choosing a bike is NOT choosing all the others ;-(
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 Bike commercials are the only commercials worth watching.
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 Trek just introduced an ebike called the Rail. Unless ebikes are a whole new category when it comes to registered names, somebodies got a problem.
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 Got to demo the Rascal in June. Bike absolutely rips!! Expensive though. If I had unlimited funds it would be in my garage.
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 For those who are interested.. I posted a relatively through 250 mile review of the Revel Rail on MTBR:
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 From February Article if you missed it..
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 I'm loving my rascal. Amazing feel for a 130 bike. Agreeable geometry for me. Racing it next weekend
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 Who owns Revel?
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 Adam Miller. The same dude that owns Why Cycles, and the same dude that started Borealis.
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 My boy Sammy Jimmy!
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 What is the disruption and difference that make these bike ride separate from the rest? They sure look main stream.
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 I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. These bikes look great. There are a lot of disrupting bikes out there that are either fugly or gimmicky. I put these bikes in the same category as Pivot and Ibis. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the price. Wish they offered an Aluminum version.
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 Is the scandi-flick to pending-contact-with-tree a feature?
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 Looks better then a session
  • 1 1 bike announcement tomorrow?...
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 Pb spotted it on the trails at 6am today and revel jumped into action and produced this, had it posted by 9
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 Not tomorrow...
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 Makes no sense to me that you'll didn't spec your bikes with DVO...pike=weak... I'll look elsewhere.
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 We definitely wish we could stock all the fork options. Hopefully some day as we grow. We are still just 8 friends in a tiny little warehouse. Cheers!
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 Meh, isn’t revel a rebranded company?

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