Video: Brendan Howey & Quinn Hanley Explore 'The Other Side'

Dec 28, 2018
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Mountain biking can take you to some beautiful places, and there is no equivalent elsewhere to what you can experience in British Columbia, Canada.

With the buzz of the bike park typically in the limelight, Brendan Howey and Quinn Hanley show you The Other Side.

Vast mountain ranges, century-old trees, and gorgeous fall colours in Kootenay, BC.



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 Sorry i'm not a chameleon and I cant look at multiple scenes at once. Fuck this pretentious artsy shite.
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 Yeah man, different and creative stuff is lame.
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 Stopped watching after a minute for this reason. A shame, great riding and footage ruined with silly editing.
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flag bmxRC009 (Dec 28, 2018 at 13:30) (Below Threshold)
 Really guys? Wasn’t that hard to follow. Cool concept
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 @bmxRC009: too distracting imo
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 I always look forward to a good Brendan Howey video. But this one felt like 3 people trying to show me clips on their phones at the same time.
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 Ahhh BC. Ahhh ugly clear cut!
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 Most of clearings and debris you see in this edit are actually avalanche tracks. There was a big one up there that took out several trails and stands of trees
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 I thought it was great, great shots. I like that double berm slash shot. Good job!
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 ‘Kootenay BC’ aka 100% shot at Retallack
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 it should have been called "not another retallack edit"
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 Sick, sick, sick. I love watching a good banger edit as much as the next dude but, they are everywhere, and sometimes riding is also about slowing down and soaking it all in. That was one of the best vids I watched in ages. Like watching a scrap book of radness. The artsy stuff isn’t for everyone but sure enjoy it.
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 I started having seizures and ended up cross eyed after watching this. This hasn’t happened since the first time I heard dubstep music. Thanks
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 To many different frames playing. Can’t watch them all. Not a fan of this kind of edit
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 yeah Quinn! I remember you rippin around Canmore on your Shonky back in the day, looks like you are shredding harder then ever now!
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 Thought the other side was dark side.
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 Not sure why you got downvoted. I was also expecting Darkside.
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 @KennyWatson: Dark Side is urban myth. It doesn't actually exist Wink
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 It’s upside-down world. This was on NSMB like 10 days ago and now it’s here. Usually it’s flipped.
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 Non-denominational holiday food comas. Frown
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 I loved this......great job
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 Yeah Quinn!!
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 yes sir
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