Video: The Best Things About Riding with Thomas Vanderham & Squamish Locals in 'Lazer, Focused on Mountain Biking'

Apr 3, 2021
by Lazer sport  

Riding a mountain bike has to be one of the best feelings in the world. It is so universal that anyone will find something they love about it. Freedom, confidence, fun, friends… Listing it all would take years.

At Lazer, we truly believe that mountain biking should be accessible to anyone, from hardcore freeriders to young kids. We strive to contribute to a society where any cyclist can enjoy riding in safety and are committed to making your riding experience as fun as possible. Whoever you are, you will find the perfect mountain biking helmet for you in our product range, bringing you freedom, initiative, style, enjoyment & confidence. But what does that really mean? Check it out!

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Thomas Vanderham with Lazer Helmets in Pemberton BC

Thomas Vanderham with Lazer Helmets in Pemberton BC
Freeride mountain biking legend Thomas Vanderham led his friends on a sick day of MTB riding on their home trails of Squamish, Canada .

Jakob Murray with Lazer Helmets in Squamish BC
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Jakob Murray with Lazer Helmets in Squamish BC
Jakob Murray shreds it with the Lazer Jackal, our ultimate MTB helmet.

Ben and Courtney Wittenburg with Lazer Helmets in Squamish BC
Courtney Wittenburg and her son Ben make the most of their Lazer Jackal and Coyote helmets on their MTB rides.

Lucy Van Eesteren with Lazer Helmets in Squamish BC
Lucy Van Eesteren shows us how it's done.


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 The funniest thing about Squamish edits is when you see a normal-looking neighbourhood and then realize all those houses are worth 1.5 - 3 mil. But you still won't catch me moving anytime soon.
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 Yeah Canada's real estate prices jumped even more during the pandemic.
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 “The best thing about riding with Thomas Vanderham?” Well, in the late 90’s at Whistler as teenage racers, the best part about riding / practicing / racing with him was getting to watch his continuous flow and style. That same style is still evident in his riding today...but watching his high-intensity yet effortlessly fluid and powerful flow down the hill, in person, was amazing.
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 I met him at Trans Cascadia 2019. He and Matt Hunter were just getting to the meetup point and came up and introduced themselves while we were putting bikes together and getting our gear ready to load in to vans. "Hi, I'm Matt. That's Tom. How's it going?" Both were very cool/down to earth. I think I managed to pretend I didn't know who either of them were while shaking hands.
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 Was riding in Sun Valley, and come along Thomas Vanderham. Best thing about riding with Thomas, is he is one of the nicest guys. Really likes riding his bike and supporting other riders. Nothing but Respect.
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 did someone say squamish? How long before we get a remy/steve/yoann/vanderham edit?
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 Don't sleep on Matt Bolton Wink
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 This is so cheesy but still put a smile on my face.
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 Great edit. Best thing about riding with Thomas...watching him carve up the Aline super booter.
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 So sick!! Captures Squamish perfectly. Lucy is the coolest
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 What's the drop that Lucy does just before Rupert?
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 Different trail in a different part of town. It's new. You'll find it
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 Is this what living in Squamish is really like? Everyone rides?
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 LAZER for the suburban rider
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 Laser freedom syrup
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