Video: World Championship Racing With Connor Fearon

Oct 14, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  

The Big One - Kona at the 2014 MTB World Championships from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.

We follow the Kona Team through the trials and tribulations of the biggest race of the year, the 2014 Mountain Bike World Championships in Hafjell, Norway. Starring rising Men's Elite DH ripper Connor Fearon, and one of the fastest XCO racers in North America, Spencer Paxson, we go behind the scenes to witness what goes into facing the world's best: from instant coffee to Vegemite, and all the hard miles in between.

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 Kona videos are always top-notch.
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 much agreed!
  • + 19
 Get well soon Connor!
And pleeaaaase make some more awesome edits this winter (or whatever you call it down there)
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  • + 16
 Shut up, don't get me angry.
  • + 22
 Australia's version of winter is just slightly cooler summer, and it rains once.
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 Come on guys, let's throw this dude to Antarctica!
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 Obligatory Slow-Motion Hot Chicks
  • + 1
 dem girls.
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 Spencer makes an excellent point. We simply don't have XCO-style racing in North America. People say they want to develop the next generation of world class racers, but our course design doesn't reflect that, at all.

While I appreciate a race that goes through "epic" terrain, I don't notice any of that when I'm crosseyed and drooling on my stem. If you're taking the time to stop and smell the proverbial roses along the way, why even bother toeing the line?

The days of single or two lap, 3hr long World Cup XC races are over, and course design should reflect that. Additionally, by having significantly smaller courses, you can move them closer to urban centers, making them more accessible to both racers and spectators.
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 What kind of courses do you think they're running for the XCTs? There's plenty of XC racing to be had in the US, just not the level of interest.
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 what happened to kona? Seriously, from Europe it seems to me it was a major brand when I was younger. In this video that's not what I see, looks more like semi-privateer (absolutely no offense, never). It wasn't? It's not anymore? What happened?
  • + 3
 in the 90ies they had so lovely steel hardtails...i always lusted after the green explosif
  • + 7
 Aggy and Connor need to get together and do a 'recovering from injury followed by blasting trails downunder' edit. Make it happen Kona!
  • + 1
 That would be RAD
  • + 6
 I have always supported Connor and I still believe it will come to the podium.
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 One of best riding styles outhere. I wish all to best to this guy. Get well soon!!
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 That xc dude should stay away from my Bike with his power washer skills;-)
Any Way cool to see whats going on on such a big raceday.
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 When you're sponsored it's more important that your bike looks brand new than your bearings lasting forever.
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 I wish that during this not so needed brake in WC (as a fan that is), the UCI or who ever is in charge now would build a timetable for 5-6 races of the VETERANS in the southern hemisphere. Just for us to watch
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 make urban dh a series!
  • + 3
 What about a southern hemisphere, off-season, veteran urban downhill series?
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 Nooooooooooo not vegemite!
  • + 1
 ...Aaah, you just don't know how to eat it!
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 Dude you left your camera on inside the bag!!
  • + 2
 why the f*ck do xc guys not use droppers?!
Absolute madness, I cringe every time they try and go downhill
  • + 3
 now if only next season was closer.
  • + 3
 I want to see your broken helmet Connor
  • + 2
 Seen it! It's not nice! It shows a serious impact! Lucky he is ok from it!
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 That video made me want to watch the live feed of the XC race next year
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 excellent video! wishing connor the best for next season
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 Cracking video!
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 MMMM vegemite.

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