Video: The Build Begins for Darkfest 2021

May 3, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAfter a year of Covid19 wrecking events and competitions everywhere, it's about time there was some good news!

I'm super excited to announce that I'm out here in Stellenbosch South Africa for darkfest 2021! The first event on the fest series freeride calendar build is underway, as we rebuild the worlds biggest mtb downhill dirt jumps! Let's check out the course, find out what needs to be done and get building!
Sam Reynolds


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 I've been riding Banhoek trails across the valley the last couple of months and each time I look over and see the Hellsend compound I'm blown away by the sheer size of these jumps. I can't wait for this event to happen and I am hoping there will be some form of spectatorship allowed...shhh don't tell...
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 Wanna see that riders list . Brage, Brage, Brage............
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 He was there last year.
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 good soize !
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 NICE looking forward.....Always awsome to seeeeeeeeee...... But why is everone staying at home, just Proriders and Youtubers travel the world during covid.....
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 Maybe because it's their job... working is allowed Big Grin should have picked a better profession
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These are Gump thoughts
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 so sick. The darkfest 2020 video got me into mtb and made me want to start downhilling
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 This type of content makes PB Rad!!!!
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 Fest Series all day compared to Rampage! Looking forward to the next 2 weeks of sneaker video clips
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 Awesome. Go Sam!
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 This makes me SO stoked to watch dude
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 Great job covering them up. That's going to save so much work getting them back up and running.
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 If they don't start hosting the event at night to reflect the name, I will boycott it like it's hot.
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 that would be sick....Except for when someone nose cases and dies
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 Can't wait until we can all travel abroad again.
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 Looks like it takes a while for nature to cover these giants.
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 Ya love to see it
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 Mother nature can be a bitch
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 wait are those the same jumps or new ones, they look the same
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