Video: The Building Begins for Red Bull Rampage 2021

Oct 10, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBigger, faster and more trickable. That's what the athletes have been saying as they got to look at the 2021 Red Bull Rampage site for the first time.

Red Bull Rampage has been raising the bar in freeride mountain biking year after year for the past two decades. After a one-year hiatus, the 2021 event will be no different as the riders return to the hallowed grounds of Virgin, Utah, and to a venue that was last used for the competition in 2017.

The site of the 2016/17 event is steep, raw and exposed, with a true big mountain top section. Some of the riders are already looking to revisit sections or the same lines they ran at those Rampage contests. Others are changing things up:

"This year I have zero expectations because I have a line I did well on back in 2016 and used it again in 2017, so I think I’m just trying to change my game plan here," said Carson Storch. "I just want to go faster and kind of have it more big-mountain, so I’m going with a whole new line this year.
Red Bull Bike


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 How is this not co sponsored by a life insurance company by now?
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 Nobody likes losing moneyWink
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 They've tried to... The answer was "no"
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 I was thinking Intermountain Life Flight, Intermountain Medical Center, related local orthopedic surgeons might wanna sponsor it seems they're the ones likely to receive these folks if things go awry (Cosmos forbid, we pray, amen).
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 T Macs ridge from his 2017 line is so gnarly.
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 Rampage > Christmas
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 i agree
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 Brage looking around thinking about all that mud and water he has to deal with back home!
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 What's the Chance's Brage wins the People's choice award
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 @wheelsmith: the chuck norris of freeride
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 @wheelsmith: Him and Riddle are gonna be the two big contenders
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 I just hope Brage doesn't get sun stroke before the event!
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 Arguably the building bit is more interesting than the big day
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 Can we please have the qualifiers saved this year, Rebull?
I miss the live event every year and the highlights get cut to death.

Why, when the whole thing is recorded, do we only get a small part of the comp? Just release it unedited on your channel ffs. The qualifiers often contain the most original lines and it's honestly a disservice to the riders and fans not to let people see their runs.

For a comp that only comes around once every year or two I want to be able to see the whole thing and go back and watch it again later.
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 Dude you have to put in for the day off from work. I do each year. Grab some beers and hang out for a few hours watching. The year I got pulled into the office I hid in an empty training room and projected the comp on the big screen.
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 What qualifiers? I usually watch the replay too and the entire event is always available to re-watch on Redbull TV.
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 "Stop editing your landings" - Bender
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 Really disappointed to see it's in an old site, looks like a slopestyle course with all these hard pack smooth lips and chutes
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 Agree. Keep Rampage raw!!
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 Sounds like they had planned on a new site, but didn’t get permitting (or something like that in time).
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 @charmingbob: heard thy changed it due to rider input
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 go ride it then
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 nah...bring back the woodwork
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 @NoahJ: I’m just going by what Tyler McCaul said on the Vital podcast. He starts talking about Rampage around 25 minutes in. It’s worth a listen just to hear his insights on judging and the direction he thinks Rampage is going:,3297
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 Yet check out the last shot in the vid. All those chutes off the front of the cliff. In person these would be terrifyingly technical. Sometimes I think lines like these get overlooked because the riders hit them so easily with such precision and confidence.
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 I get sick of people saying stuff like this. I was there in 2016 so I know this site well and every one of these dudes is a modern day gladiator.....go ride it and post a video for us all to see.
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 @oldmanhucking: I certainly don't disagree with that, but I'm just more excited to watch the chute line than someone spinning off a drop.
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 @tremeer023: You will see gnarly chutes AND spins off cliffs. Nothing wrong with the skill level being beyond just riding chutes.
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 Best event of the year?
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 You spelled exclamation mark wrong
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 I have 3 extra tickets for Rampage. Face value, $75 plus $20 for the name transfer fee stride events charges. IM me if youre interested.
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 still have them?
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 Gutted Brendog's not competing, hope he's on the mend!
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 Yeah I'm gutted there's no Brit's this year with both him and Gee healing from bad injuries. They added something a little different to the comp.
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 Stoked on the weather this year. Gna rain Tues and be cool temps and sun after.
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 We have smoothen the chute -> WTF, that's what was so special.
It won't make it more interesting this way.

PEF, Zink and Strait own the place
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 Brage is the man
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 Semenuk looks a bit like Cristian Bale in The Machinist with that facial hair.
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 There's gna be alot of 'let's go Brandon' cheers out there! Gna be fun
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 Dear sponsors: please buy your athlete a belt.
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 Like the soundtrack, really has some "the Dead South" vibes.
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 Hell yeah, I love the Dead South, and introducing people to them. Check out Gangsta Grass if you haven't heard of them.
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 ,,..................................the chute.
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