Video: 'The Engine Inside' - Anthill Films' Documentary on the Uplifting Power of Cycling

Dec 9, 2023
by Anthill Films  

"The Engine Inside" Revs Up on Red Bull TV.

After captivating audiences in theatres around the world with its story-driven testament to the uplifting power of cycling, our latest feature-length documentary The Engine Inside is now streaming on Red Bull TV.

Danny Macaskill for The Engine Inside by Dave Mackison

Acclaimed as the bicycle’s ode in film, this documentary weaves the narratives of six diverse cyclists, showcasing the bicycle's profound ability to transform lives. This cinematic journey takes viewers from the urban landscapes of America to rural Africa, the Alaskan wilderness to the bustle of Cairo, celebrating the indomitable spirit of cyclists who surmount formidable challenges, ignite hope, and drive positive change.

Since its debut on World Bicycle Day in Amsterdam last June, The Engine Inside has toured over 130 cities in 10 countries, packing theaters from New York to Wanaka. The film has also been featured in 30 film festivals in 14 countries, garnering accolades including: Best Feature Film at the Better Cities Film Festival, Best Documentary at the Boden International Film Festival, and the Audience Choice Award at YoFiFest.

The Engine Inside photo by Dave Mackison

Produced over two years of non-stop shooting and editing, The Engine Inside is one the most challenging and emotionally rewarding films the Anthill Films crew has ever created. As director Darcy Wittenburg shares, "Amidst a sea of documentaries painting a grim portrait of our world, we aimed to pedal in the opposite direction. Our vision was to craft an enlightening narrative that merged humanity’s inventive spirit with physical endurance to champion a brighter future."

A huge part of that vision was creating a film for everyone who believes in the power of bikes could share and use to inspire others to ride more often. And having the film available worldwide, for free on Red Bull TV makes this very easy to do. So if you' enjoy the film, please share! Everytime we get on a bike we’re building a happier, healthier and cleaner world.

Presented by Shimano, Pon.Bike, and PeopleForBikes, and narrated by the iconic voice of cycling Phil Liggett, The Engine Inside features compelling stories from individuals like Jay Bearhead and Nouran Salah, alongside cycling notables Danny MacAskill and Robert Gesink.

Learn more about the film:

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 "It doesn't matter what bike I'm on, just that I'm on a bike... that's it"

- said no one in the PB comments section
  • 14 1
 The engine inside is not the Least Awful Word That Means 'Not An E-Bike' but i nevertheless look forward to watching.
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 I was lucky enough to see this at a screening last year. It’s pretty great. It’s an actual like… documentary film, and it’s pretty impactful.
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 Yeah, loved it too. Was at the world premiere (even got to have a chat with Darcy afterwards) and brought my daughter to a screening at the university a few months later. It is not about jaw dropping riding. It is about riding bikes and inspirational people. Someone had to make a movie like this and it is well done.
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 I agree, this was a great documentary, and it was about biking. 10/10 in my book, it left me feeling inspired.
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 Absolutely loved the film, but I'm a bit upset that most of the promo material I've seen for this, including both images in this particular post, are from Danny Macaskill. Yet he has like a 5 minute part where they don't even talk to him... On the other hand at least i'm happy that they included Trials at all!
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 I was lucky to premiere this movie in my town. The Town Jay Bearhead a good friend of mine grew up with and worked together in the bike industry. This movie speaks volumes. I have seen it twice now.
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 This is a must see movie. Congrats to Jay Bearhead on an amazing segment.
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 Love this !gave me Life cycles vibes with it's passion for the bike and the rider surviving in the world
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 I love this movie. Inspiring and awesome on many fronts.
  • 2 0
 An awesome documentary! A must watch for anyone who loves bikes!
  • 2 1
 Was worried it was an E Bike movie. Damn, maybe it is?
  • 1 2
 The group in the video may not be the same group as in this video. But how is this in any way positive?
  • 9 12
 I haven't watched the film, but why include those wheelie guys? Overall those guys are huge ass holes that do more harm than good.
  • 4 6
 Edit: I just watched their segment. I get that they have a passion for bikes, but they are going about it the wrong way IMO.
  • 5 4
 @rhamej: who are you to judge ...? They've brought together a community of people from many different backgrounds unified by the bike.
  • 3 1
 What harm are you referring to?
  • 12 4
 Tell me you can't wheelie without telling me you can't wheelie
  • 4 0
 @TheHartsHorn: I think he’s probably talking about the wheelie kids who weave in and out of traffic, go against traffic and cause wrecks and/or damage vehicles as a result of their riding. But that’s certainly not all wheelie culture.
  • 1 2
 I feel the relationship between car drives and cyclists in the US is a bit stressed so it seems these riders are acting up against the power they feel drivers have. Plus of course as he says, embracing kids in this group may save them from ending up in trouble. I feel the relationship here (in The Netherlands) is much more mellow as nearly all drives are cyclists too and they know what they rode like back when they were kids. And they know it is their responsibility to anticipate on anything (wrong) a cyclist could likely do and avoid anyone gets hurt. It is a different mindset.

What's currently is creating more conflict is the rise of overclocked bikes with pedal assist as they appear to take less care of others than car drivers do. I feel it has had its peak though. My bike mechanic said that she sees more people going back to unassisted bikes. They're not making people as happy as they were expecting to be, they're not gaining time (they just end up stuffing their schedule even tighter) and the inherently repair costs are definitely putting them off. Plus of course there are some pretty refined unassisted bikes that allow you to easily get up to the speed where an assisted bike would shut off the assistance. I got a bike last week with an Alfine 11sp hub and belt drive. It's pretty sweet and it doesn't take much to overtake an assisted bike (unless it is overclocked, obviously).
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 The movie isn't catered around your personal experience or ignorance. It's okay not to understand cultures but that's about where it ends.
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 @TheHartsHorn: colonizers have a hard time with things they don't understand.
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 @rhamej, so those wheelie guys give bikes to kids that can't otherwise afford them. You should watch the film before passing judgment.
  • 1 0
 @Hogfly: Yes, this.
  • 1 0
 @TheHartsHorn: Here is what I think of when I see the wheelie boys. Swerving in and out of traffic and pedestrians.
  • 2 0
 @lovetoridebikes: Hey kids, here is a bike. Go play in traffic and be a dick to people driving and pedestrians. Not really the type of role model I'd like the biking community to represent.
  • 2 0
 @rhamej: I watched it, I don't agree with you, I just don't think you like them as a group. The lad filming stopped in front of people with a baby apologize moved out the way before doing his thing again, he was actually surprisingly soft spoken to everyone
  • 2 1
 @rhamej: I think the reaction is also due to the fact that cars occupy a huge part of the public space as if it were supposed to be like that. What they're doing is reclaim a piece of public space for play and for other means of transport than motorized. If you've seen the full video, it isn't too different to what happened for instance in The Netherlands back in the 70s.
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 @vinay: have you read the book "two wheels good" by Jody Rosen ? I really recommend that to anyone who loves bikes
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 I can say the same about all the white people on ebikes.
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 @matadorCE: People in the NY section of the movie were of all colors.

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