Video: The Everyday Bikes From The Whistler Bike Park

Aug 3, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

There's no shortage of unique bikes in the Whistler Bike Park and Christina Chappetta was out and about hunting them down.

0:00 - Intro
0:54 - Custom Bike
3:03 - Trek Session
4:36 - Commencal Clash
6:23 - Specialized Stumpjumper
7:14 - B1 Woodbumble
8:56 - Specialized Demo
9:53 - Santa Cruz V10


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 If anyone from NS Billet is reading this, give that guy a raise, and produce that bike
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 There's a full run down on the other other site
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 he forgot to mention the bottle holder
which DH bike does have that today?
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 There's a whole article about the bikes he built here -
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 Call it the "Weeslah"
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 @dreamlink87 they're not Voldemort, you can say NSMB. Smile

I think we'll have to head over to NSB and do a full 'Inside NSB' video piece. So much cool stuff going on in there these days.
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 @brianpark: THE SITE THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED. I figured, I just couldn't remember in the moment if it was NSMB, so I wanted to give myself some leeway
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flag dancingwithmyself (Aug 3, 2021 at 16:10) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: They’re definitely not Voldemort. Wonder which outdoor media group you’d cast in that role? Feel bad for all the employees of PB taking heat over the sale to Outside, but you’ve got to be more careful with your metaphors these days. Y’all keeping working hard and prove all of ours fears unwarranted (btw, I’m happy to pay a little for content; I’m worried about Outside effecting culture and ultimately content).
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 looks like an atherton dh!
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 if content == video: complain that there are no photos
if content == photos: complain that there is no video
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 If (true==true) then complain(about paywall)
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 while (commentSection.isAvailable()) {
} else {
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 @lefthandohvhater: While(3>2)Complain about paywall
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 Pick a media format and be a dick about it!
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 please can we have this in video format next time
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 stevie wonders if we can get some braille next time, too.
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 Are you referring to the timestamps laid out in the article area?
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 Love the energy of the ladies at the end, they're a riot
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 They should be pinkbike presenters. They have a bit of the Tippie infectious stoke about them.
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 Yewwwww! Thanks homie
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 Yep more shredding ladies content all the way.
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 I so agree and came here to say the same thing. They were so much fun to watch I couldn’t help but smile. I imagine they would be freakin’ awesome to ride with!
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 That V10 looks so sick
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 Chef's kiss for the single-speed setup. Truly perfection in a dedicated park bike.
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 @big-red: I finally settled on a single speed setup after the last time my SRAM derailleur committed suicide. Who needs gears when you’re going dh anyways? Lol
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 More of this Custom Bike for a long time
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 Now I want a Spooky Motorhead or a Karpiel Armageddon or a Ralph Nolan Designs polished rig or a Rotec or a Storm H2 DH...
Or maybe that Trek Session 10 with the giant porthole in the rear..... the Kings of Whistler with their gold forks and jorts still roam the place? I've not seen an article or mention of them in a long time.
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 Rotec, and then Storm? Let me guess - your first DH race had no berms on the track? (as God intended)
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 @iamamodel: raced that kind of track this weekend at Sugar. Gotta say I almost forgot how much fun no berms and off camber gooning could be.

When you get to take turns by told by and getting to told by a World Cup racer to "get the Fokk out the way" cause ain't nobody upright.... that's a DH track.

To use your words "as God intended" Beer
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 Mangled that sentence.
Trying again:
When you get told by a World Cup racer "Get the Fokk out the way" one lap & the next lap you get to tell the same WC racer to "Get the Fokk out the way" ...that's a fun ass DH track. Hah Big Grin
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 Completely custom bike and it still looks like a Session!
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 Looks like an Atherton
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  this Bike Kills the Session in all Points
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 love these videos. these people are us.
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 That fully custom bike FTW. For what its worth I've never seen single speed applied to a DH bike, so that was a unique touch.
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 I want to go to whistler soo bad. Sick bikes!
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 Stoke level is off the charts! That was great.
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 Totally. All these riders live the Neff Directive: Have fun riding bikes!
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 I automatically have a huge amount of respect to anyone who builds their own custom bike, I have done it and I know its not easy. But I have to ask, why go to all the trouble if you aren't going to make something significantly different from what you can get on the market. If its primarily a passion project with a touch of special geometry sprinkled in, that's still dope! But man I would have wanted to play with the fundamentals of the suspension or drivetrain or something. Looks beautiful though, glad he didn't paint the aluminum.
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 @ChristinaChappetta, please find the two ladies at the end of the video and take some footage of you three making laps. They were so much fun at the bottom of the hill that I want to see their stoke on the trails! Ladies, keep ripping and doing you!
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 LOTS more on that NS Billet custom bike, please! That thing was a beauty, and that dude definitely deserves a raise.
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 That B1 though... From what I remember, it would be outgunned by any current a-bit-more-than-short-travel (ok, ok, downcountry) bike.
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 Hilarious, I worked on that stumpjumper a few months back and spotted that V10 in the parking lot yesterday. Sea to sky is a small place.
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 Cas(sp?) aka the lady in the grey seems super chill, I want to shred some laps with her!
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 I’m here is whis when ever for shreds homie!
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 Those 2 Sheilas were Fuggin gold.
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 The bloke with the 'custom' bike sounds Australian, or, perhaps he's a Dastardly Kiwi - but no, he's intelligible so perhaps not a Kiwi. If he rides at all hard, I see a torn off head tube in his future................
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 Especially with the 'undercutting' of the weld on this frame at the head tube that is show on NSMB's site. Good grief, I'm in my 7th decade (and over 5 of those making frames) , with crap eyesight and 'the shakes', and still TIG better, and safer, than that.
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 best intro ever
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 Ride what you got, but I'm not sure if I could get used to two different brakes. I'd still do it if it meant riding at Whistler!
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 PB needs to do an "mtv cribs" style review in the parking lot of sprinter vans. could be good!
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 Where are all the knolly podiums ?
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 He forgot to mention his front triangle is STEEL!
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 There must be some RM7s or Bullits hidden somewhere...
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 when you come hunting again? I will bring my bike
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 I want photos!
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 Commencal Clash! YAS!
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 everybody says this but would have been waayyy better as photos. interviews were pretty cringe
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