Video: The Final Practice Session at Red Bull Rampage

Oct 15, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRed Bull Rampage is considered the ultimate mountain bike show on Earth for a reason. The mind-blowing action in the desert only lasts for a week each year, but it takes a lifetime to prepare yourself to drop in.Red Bull Bike


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 Video of the final practise session, featuring riders who've taken themselves out in subsequent practice sessions.
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 Watching the Big drops without being tricked really gives a good sense of the size of them, and the amount of air/fall time. Scary stuff, can't wait for the final show (a mate managed to convince our local bar to show it on their big screen - happy days).
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 Watching Brage ride that line would have been so special. I hope he's able to return to Rampage.
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 Agreed, but assuming that they don't come back to this venue AGAIN it would be rad to see him use it in his X-Games part next year!
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 What happened to Brage?
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 Hopefully he is an wild card invite next year. It would be awesome to see him come back another time, even if not during the competition, and stomp that line. I feel like we only got a little taste.
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 @maxwellington: Came up short on his 47 ft vertical drop and ragdolled to the flat bottom. Looks like a collarbone or dislocated shoulder. You should see the ground though... Didn't fair as well.
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 @leon-forfar: I hear that next year Brendog is considering backflipping the canyon Brage's crash created.
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 F brage is out. Rampage got robbed!!!!!
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 Is it already sure that he won`t compete?
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 Brage and Andreu out... Seriously don’t know if I’m even gonna watch this thing. I’m so gutted.
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 A. Chase, what a Legend ! Good to see him doing some stuff in Rampage.
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 Can't believe Brage is out. Not to mention Andreu and Storch. Damn it. We got robbed!
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 Right, @brianpark, I've had enough of PB staff calling us commenters out for our wildly ill-informed "it's just slopestyle" comments. I propose a definitive test, in the style of witch-tests of olde.

You say Rampage lines aren't groomed slopestyle runs, I say prove it: You ride the winning line from this year's Rampage, if you ragdoll down the hill you will have definitely proven your point, and we will all stop calling it slopestyle. However, if you make it, you have apologies to all us sensitive pinkers and give us free outside plus subscriptions.

Seriously though, if we aren't getting how tough these lines are (which of course we are really), then how about doing some "real person at Rampage site" video content to help us understand how gnarly it really is? Get creative with the graphics and CGI like on Cathro's skills sessions. Put it in context for us. Get @mikelevy up there trying to ride some tiny segment of something. Show us the terror!
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 Storch….it’s a slopestyle contest……PB editors have aneurysm
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 This is probably the best perspective i've gotten on any of this...
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 Chase still milking it for all it's worth. He really should do a class on how to make a living riding mtbikes. I'll shut up now... He really is a legend in the sport.
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- Semenuk wins with some insane single crown action
- Brage “gets robbed” after nailing his Rampage c.2005 line
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 Wasn't Brage like 6 years old in 05? lol
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 @Ricky702: yeah something like that lol
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 Freeride + Slopestyle = Freestyle
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 brage making big mountain great again.
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 When is rampage? There's fifty zillion articles but none say when.
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 Check redbull tv for local times.

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