Video: High Octane GoPro Highlights From Rampage

Nov 15, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesMassive moments from Red Bull Rampage with the GoPro familyGoPro


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 I think if you are actually 360ing off a 50 ft cliff the GoPro footage is pretty cool
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 Everybody commenting that rampage is a slope style contest are fully unaware of what Freeride actually is. Do you know who Bender is? Ever see him huck fifty foot cliffs ? How many did he land? Groomed landings are necessary!! And I think you forget that these are the best free riders and slopestyle guys on the planet. And this is their interpretation of Freeride. I love this contest and the progression it has undergone. All the props to all the riders and builders!!!! This videos gives a very tiny taste of what these amazing riders are doing and it is super gnarly!!! Crankworkx has nothing on rampage!! Take your “rampage is slopestyle” comments and eat them like all the dirt and rocks you would get smashed down your throats if you even tried to ride this terrain.
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 The commentator's just a soundboard at this point, right?
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 So many dumb cliches...
"Wise beyond his years"
"Steely focus and determination"
"Hes unapologetic"
Its f*cking nauseating! Came rad though, super excited and actually knows what his talking about.
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 Who says that Rampage is slopestyle, has never done slopestyle and freeride. Respect for the freeriders and the slopstylers.
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 I've said it serveral times but what the hell do I know! These guys will decide whatever freeride is nad I'll buy it.
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 Brendan Fairclough insane!!!
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 2 things- Mute your speakers the stupid music sounds like a drunken Japanese sushi chef found a midi-keyboard And Boggs gap was freaking insane.
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 My ears are bleeding but I'm crying from the beauty of their riding.... The experiences only an official GoPro edit can give you.
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 This video underlies the main flaw in the GoPro stack for the average consumer: editing. This was brilliant with the cuts, slow mo, and commentary overlay. Sadly will take the average Joe too many hours to do something similar with some footage from a day in the bike park which just discourages me from bringing it out on the next ride. They've made some progress with the highlights, but it's still a ways away from easy.

Lets be honest, Red Bull Media should just buy GoPro.
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 “GoPro’s lack of editing is the sole reason I don’t post my 3’s off 50’ers. Stupid cameras.” - Average Joe.
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 I'd still watch GoPro footage of a 360'd 50 footer if it was edited by a potato
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 Maybe not everyone and their dog can have top level footage and edits and that's just how it is? That stuff takes skill. To assume it can be compressed down to the push of a button is maybe diminishing the craft a bit. I don't mind watching un-edited footage anyway, as long as the topic is good.
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 I guess Semenuk is not sponsored by go pro
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 Semenuk pretty much never wears a GoPro.
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 Bienvenido Aguado's run was actually 100x gnarlier than I thought, his entire course preview is on his yt channel. shame he couldn't put a run down.
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 hIGh OcTaNe
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 People talk about how Rampage has become a slopestyle contest... I agree, but these hits are HUGE!!!!! WOW
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 rest in peace brendan's first bike
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 GoPro with their notorious crap music
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 ya it would be a lot better with matthew good band instead. lol
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 BRENDAN FAIRCLOUGH, the steeziest, raddest ride down the mountain ever!!
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 So there it is lads, if you want to overcome GoPro effect making everything look less gnarly, just backflip a 50ft canyon.
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 Bad music. Great edit.
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 Wish I could upvote 999 times
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 @ 2:36 is there a reason these guys would ride with tubes vs tubeless?
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 Just a guess, but I would say it's because they don't want a big old burp upon impact after sending hits that big. There may be a higher chance of a big burp than running a tube and having the tire roll right off. Bummer for Carson that actually happened. I'm still impressed his tube didn't blow up when the tire rolled off.
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 H U G E !

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