Video: The Hunt for World Cup Glory Continues - Fast Life Season 3 Episode 2

Feb 10, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesFollow Kate Courtney, Loïc Bruni and Finn Iles as they attack the tracks of Fort William, Leogang and Nove Mesto. Will Kate be able to deliver once again? Will Finn be able to catch up to Loic? Find out and enjoy! Red Bull


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 These vids are spot on! All the stoke on high for the upcoming season.
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 "People that complain are never the ones winning these races" Brosnan dropping some truth bombs (although I think Loic does complain a little, but he also wins... there's always outliers)
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 Gotta love Kate! She brought real heat to an already pretty big fire. At that point she was tearing up what might be the most competitive class in elite world cup racing as a rookie, with brilliant mental/strategic racing skills! Usually that’s gained by experience but she’s got it from somewhere else it seems.
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 Now i know it's about cake I feel I have a strong game. Courtney you don't stand a chance you whippet, Bruni your gonna wobble like a fromage frei against my Pro double sex veteran café skills. I'm gonna be stacking it up like afternoon tea.
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 Red Bull does production so well.

It would be nice if they were completely agnostic and give more attention to riders sponsored by other brands - but they do give some. Their competitors wouldn’t do the same.
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 it will be this year 2020 that Finn iles win at mont ste-anne, no one can replace Stevie Smith #longlivechainsaw but a canadian win at mont ste anne would be Epic
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 All season is available in red bull TV ????
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 Finn will beat Loic when he stops going for broke on every run and starts to find a comfortable pace, then slowly get faster.
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 Loic was the same before this season though
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 Kate has a very good chance to win again this year. Two of her main competitors are already out due to injury for at least the first few races.
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 That's the reason you think she has a good chance? I think she has a good chance with the complete field, period.
As for Pauline and Jolanda being out - I doubt they will miss the first race in Nove Mesto. They probably won't be where they would like to be fitness-wise, but I believe they will be able to race.
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 Troy Brosnan coming in hot with the track diss/ world champ line!
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 Nicely done!
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 Mullet for the WIN! ha

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